Why It Is Worth Part Of The Slow Food Movement

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The Slow Food movement has emerged as a contrast to fast food. Already the name says a lot about it. It is about escaping the unhealthy diet. Slow Food is a great time to choose and prepare the products. It is important that the finished dishes are also slowly enjoyed. Because the stress is the reason for many diseases and the Slow Food movement wants to avoid this.

History of the Slow Food Movement

1989 is considered the year of the Slow Food movement. This year it was officially registered. But she began a few years earlier in Italy.

Nowadays there are more than 100,000 followers from all over the world. Click here to go to Slow Food Germany along.

The Slow Food movement is aimed at transforming people to the right diet. At the same time, their followers are committed to local culinary traditions.

A changed relationship to consumption and nutrition

The founder of the Movement – Carlo Petrini

Slow food eat healthy healthy fruit sustainable buy carlo petrini

Why is slow food better?

If you follow the philosophy of the Slow Food movement, you will exclude a series of unhealthy products from your menu in a quite natural way. The prohibited ones include practically all those that contain trans fats or fast carbohydrates. These are all types of hamburgers, cheeseburger, potatoes and the various types of semi-finished products.

Of course and wise- the new way of growing

Slow food foodstuffs healthy healthy fruit healthy

The Slow Food philosophy

The basic principles of the Slow Food movement are in the following Manifesto. They provide you with a clear picture of how you should behave in accordance with these principles.

What advantages do you enjoy when you follow the slow food movement?

Finally, we would like to list some of the benefits of a diet based on the principles of innovative movement.

They are constantly discovering new products and are therefore very varied;

Its origin has the movement in Tuscany

Life long lasting healthy healthy-shopping tuscany

All the principles of this movement lead to a healthier life;

All principles lead to weight loss.

You will get to know the products in your environment better;

The Slow Food movement requires that you are better acquainted with topics such as regional products and specialties of national cuisine. That is why it is a movement of great social and cultural importance. They expand your education and make yourself a healthier and more responsible person.

The trade fair in Stuttgart Awaits you and your friends on the current topics and dates.

The conscious way to feed

Slow food lifestyle healthy healthy fruit sustainable shopping

Seasonally and from the regional agriculture

Slow food movement healthy healthy obst sustainable shopping carlo petrini2

Natural and organic

Slow food eat healthy healthy healthy eating healthy

Chefs should serve as a good example for slow food

Slow food eat healthy healthy healthy eating healthy

Locally is the better decision

Movement live healthy healthy obs sustainable shopping local food

The best thing to do for the young generations

Movement live healthy healthy sustainable shopping new generation
Healthy lifestyle healthy fruit slogan

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