Winter Vegetables, Ahoi! – 30 Recipe Ideas With Healthy From The Region

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It is incredibly important to discover and explore unknowns, but the familiar can not be neglected and forgotten. We would like to transfer this idea to regional vegetable cultivation and seasonal cooking and to search for convincing arguments which confirm what has been written.

Why should we prefer winter vegetables from the region?

The term winter vegetables does not come from harvesting the vegetables in the winter. More specifically, these are the vegetable varieties that the farmer harvested in the autumn and which keep fresh throughout the winter. It is said that in every latitude the right thing grows and matures for people. And what we mean by the”right”are all nutrients, which are closely linked to the climatic characteristics and keep the people from the region fit, healthy and strong. Many supermarket chains try to have a corner with regional vegetables, but you can be sure if you shop directly from the farmers in the weekly markets.

How often do you use the winter vegetable stand?

wintergemuese what is typical

What varieties are part of winter vegetables and why should they be good for us?

To the winter vegetables belong (at least in Germany) all the varieties of cabbages, which we know or not quite yet. The good old white cabbage can be enjoyed fresh, steamed and even fried with or without meat. Chinakohl, Rosenkohl, Cabbage, Red Cabbage and also savoy cabbage can be treated just like white cabbage.

All of the listed varieties are nutritious and yet very low in calories, which makes them a popular and healthy meal.

Not every vegetable is harvested in the winter, but for the green cabbage, for example, the frost is to be used

wintergemuese cabbage frost

The second category, which still belongs to winter vegetables, is root vegetables and tubers. All of them have the wonderful ability to keep fresh for an extended period of time and do not lose their taste and health qualities. This group includes the tubers, the carrots, of course the turnip, the beetroot, the black root, and parsnips.

Root vegetables taste raw and cooked well and provide our body with important nutrients that we need in winter

winter vegetables

If you are still looking for fresh salad from the region, you will not be disappointed, because this is also possible thanks to Chicoree and Radicchio. With its unique taste, you could also convince the healthy fennel, which can bring a fresh breeze into your daily menu in fresh salads or as a stew.

Has anyone ever noticed how intense the colors of some winter vegetables are?

wintergemuese red beet

Delicious, fresh and healthy at the Kohlrabi in the winter to crunch is great

wintergemuese kohlrabi

Recipes with winter vegetables- fast, easy and healthy

It remains controversial whether modern man cooks or does not. In our opinion basic needs have nothing to do with fashion, but with a survival instinct and with the great responsibility for the health and well-being of the whole family.

If one cooks with winter vegetables, one can dispense with meat without hesitation

winter vegetable stew

If you are one of those who do not cook for one reason or another, we suggest to try the simplest and fastest recipes with winter vegetables. Whether you make a delicious creme soup with winter vegetables or quickly cut the vegetables on a pizza dough and push into the oven, completely left to you! Start somewhere and remember that cooking is like love and our lives, our thoughts and feelings depend largely on our food.

A fresh leaf chicory tolerates exotic sweetness well

wintergemuese chicoree
winter vegetable cream soup

Winter vegetables provide an important basis for the preparation of clear broths which are highly regarded culinary

wintergemuese base for clear bruehe

Charcoal can be filled with many delicious things

wintergemuese savoy roulades

Fennel stewed in cream, which should be passable seasoned and warm

wintergemuese fennel with tarragon

In winter the body needs iron and the iron is in the green leaves

winter vegetable broccoli healthy

The traditional cuisine is meant to inspire and serve as the basis for new creations

wintergemuese noerddeutsch cooking green cabbage

Fennel and celery have very intense flavor and can only convince solo your palate

winter vegetable fennel
wintergemuese knollensellerie healthy

The little Rosenkohl taste with some nutmeg fantastic

wintergemuese rosary

A hot soup in the winter warmed, delighted and sated

winter vegetable potatoes

Pumpkin and potatoes provide a quick and delicious meal

wintergemuese pumpkin healthy

And can be offered as a soup if need be

winter vegetable soup

Cutting cabbage is a bit painful, but eating it is important and healthy

wintergemuese cabbage healthy

Vegetable soup and soup should be on the table in winter

wintergemuese mix

Do not go past the leek

winter vegetable recipe

The immune system strengthening vegetables is good for hearty quiches and casseroles

wintergemuese mixed quickly and baked

Beans and peas enrich your food not only in taste

wintergemuese recipe ideas
wintergemuese with beans healthy
winter vegetable pan

Guests and family should only get the best

wintergemuese recipe practical

And if you do not know any more, you can always make a vitamin-rich salad from turnips and benefit from winter vegetables

wintergemuese rueben
black and red
wintergemuese topinambur healthy
wintergemuese root vegetables

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