The White Sausage Salad And The Enchanting Bavarian Cuisine

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Although the Weißwurst is a typical highlight at the Oktoberfest and is traditionally part of its menu, we would like to remind you, our readers, of this wonderful tradition in terms of the cosiness of Christmas.

The world is currently switching to vegan food. Nevertheless, many people are looking forward to finally being able to taste something home-made and traditional at Christmas. Undoubtedly, the traditional dishes taste best if you could get just as good ingredients (as they did then). And if you let yourself be persuaded to eat meat, this meat should be as pure and delicious as it was then.

Many people today place a high value on where you buy your food. Some even move to the countryside to be closer to the source of your food. We, fresh ideas stay in the city and, as always, are looking for short distances and good opportunities that can also lead us to a good quality of life.

white sausage salad bavarian cuisine

The nutritious white sausage salad goes well with the festive menu

In today’s case, we went in search of good Bavarian white sausages and came across even a very delicious recipe that fits well on any festive menu. One usually eats the white sausages with lions mustard to a beer, but there are also more elegant ways to eat this Bavarian delicacy, for example, as white sausage salad.

Anyone who is immediately enthusiastic about the idea can make the recipe for the idea White sausage salad in our guest post on Find. If you still want to spend some time, you can learn a bit more about the traditional Bavarian popularity.

white sausage salad bavarian cuisine radishes

Bavarian cuisine is known around the world for its delicious food and drink. The Bavarian specialties seem simple at first glance and do not immediately convince with external beauty. But once you have eaten it, the enjoyment of the precisely composed flavors will be remembered forever.

white sausage salad a pair of sausages
white sausage salad bavarian cuisine idea

What is white sausage made of and why is it white?

No butcher voluntarily makes his recipe, but by and large the veal and pork veal sausages are prepared, but there is plenty of bacon and rind. Salt and pepper are a duty, but not everything. For example, Munich white sausage is still seasoned with ginger and mace, but fresh parsley and onion should also be present in the sausage.

The rather light gray color of the sausages is created during the preparation of the sausage meat and is due to the use of normal cooking salt.

white sausage salad bavarian cuisine

How do you eat white sausages?

Maintaining an old tradition can only ever be valuable. In Bavaria, everything seems to be geared to the old customs, which is why the country is also such a popular destination.

The sausages, which are traditionally prepared, are still to be eaten traditionally. Just like every boiled sausage, the white sausages are brewed briefly in hot water and are then ready to serve. Pale and spiced you can use the salad or if you prefer the Bavarian style, you should learn to quickly zuzeln and enjoy with sweet mustard and pretzels the good sausage.

In this sense we wish a good appetite and contemplative time!

white sausage salad bavarian cuisine zuzeln instruction

white sausage salad bavarian cuisine close

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