111 Hochzeitstorte Pictures – Inspiration For Your Own Summer Wedding

Those who already have a wedding behind their backs know that the wedding bouquet takes away all the glances on the festive table! That is why you place so much emphasis on their decoration. Especially when it comes to a summer wedding! Not only typical summer motifs are preferred for a wedding destination, but other simple ideas are also suitable for a summer destination. Because summer is associated with an abundance of colors and motifs and diverse combinations. And whoever has the choice also has the agony! This has prompted us to gather the most beautiful wedding locations for the summer in an exciting picture gallery to offer this inspiration, which this beautiful experience in life is about to…

Stylish and full of humor!

Fancy cakes white wedding cake with stars

Preparing a wedding takes a lot of time and money. Although everyone knows from their own experience that the effort is worth it, one would also be glad about little help with the organization of this happy event. Hopefully we will help you by giving you some ideas through the following wedding pictures!

The Queen of the Feast must be carefully selected!

Romantic atmosphere full of holiday mood

Unusual pies wedding cake with sand

Decorated with fruits

It is recommended to match the wedding décor to the motifs and colors chosen for the party. It is not compulsory for you to consider a wedding nautical motif! Even at first sight simpler designs are great solutions for the summer wedding celebration. For example, a fruit cake is perfect for the festive garden table! Depending on whether it is an early or late summer, you can enjoy a rich selection of fruits…

Wedding stalls with fruits represent a delicious seduction

Wedding cake pictures colorful pie with summer fruits

Wedding cake with figs – an untypical yet true solution for the late summer

Wedding cake pictures fancy cake with figs

Summer wedding with flowers

Do you focus on elegance and style to the last detail on your wedding? Then wedding bouquets with flowers are a great idea for your wedding! They also find their place on the summer festival table! The summer wedding bouquet could be decorated in a very colorful and harmonious way. Plain white multi-storey cakes, for example, are perfectly decorated with summer flowers. They give your party a certain can of refininess! Flowers are however a universal decoration!

The multi-storey cake is decorated with flowers to the wedding

Fancy cakes stylish white wedding cake with flowers

Soft pie decoration for a romantic wedding

Wedding cake pictures white cake with colored flowers

Nautical themes

Let us come to one of the most popular motifs for the summer wedding bouquet: the nautical decoration! If you want to give your party a distinctive summery look and a unique character, you should definitely choose a maritime theme with nautical themes. She would be the eyecatcher at the party! Do not think that nautical wedding stalls are not stylish! But! They are a great way to create a festive atmosphere! And also offer a wide variety of designs…

Cake decoration with rope and anchor

Unusual pies wedding strip with stripes and anchor

Elegant nautical wedding strip with stripes

Wedding pictures nautical thematics

Wedding pavers in the form of an anchor will attract all attention

Unusual pies for wedding anchors

Wedding bouquet with typical summer motifs

The distinctive summer mood can be brought to the wedding celebration by a matching cake! Cake decoration with creatures from the underwater world or with beach motifs are the real proof of this!

Celebrate a summer wedding with a matching cake!

Wedding pictures for summer in blaunuancen

Sand, shells, sea…

Fancy pies wedding hawaii

The summer is definitely one of the best seasons for weddings. The wedding celebration can be arranged in the open and colorful. Also for the wedding storte you have to choose among numerous variants. Take this opportunity to choose the right cake for this special day. Everyone will find something in this confusion of ideas!

Colored wedding stag for festive atmosphere on the garden party

Unusual pies for wedding white cake with fondant

Original ideas for the summer wedding

Fancy cakes wedding names with names

Summer tents can also be quite simple and yet look up!

Wedding picture pictures elegant idea for a summery pie

Colorful and fresh must be the summer destination!

Unusual pies summer wedding storte

Attractive design is a must!

Unusual pastels wedding stalls in bright colors and with nautical decoration

Great summer wedding cake with mini cake

Fancy cakes for wedding remember the summer

Fancy wedding staves with waves in blaunuancen is an excellent choice!

Fancy cakes for wedding waves in bluunuancen
Unusual pies romantic ideas for the wedding storte
Wedding pictures with fruits
Fancy cakes for wedding the beach
Unusual pies for wedding sea and pearls
Unusual pies for wedding with figures from the marine world
Unusual pies for wedding with nautical decoration
Unusual pies for wedding white multi-storey pie with deckchairs
Fancy pies wedding cake in light blue with shells
Fancy pies in romantic pastel shades
Unusual pies wedding stalls with anchor and hearts
Unusual pies sea shells
Wedding cake images fancy cake with summer fruits
Wedding picture decoration with strawberries
Wedding picture decoration with holiday mood
Wedding decoration pictures colorful decoration with flowers
Wedding cake pictures colored cake with summer fruits
Wedding pictures ideas for the summer
Wedding stained pictures multi-storey and colored
Wedding pictures with summer mood
Wedding photo images summer mood with many flowers
Wedding photos pictures summery and fresh
Wedding cake pictures stylish cake with delicate flowers
Wedding cake pictures in orangesuancen
Wedding cake pictures beautiful multi-storey pie with strawberries
Unusual pies for the summer
Unusual pies for a summer wedding party
Fancy cakes for summer wedding with roses
Fancy cakes for summer wedding white cake with colored flowers
Unusual pies with ample decoration for the summer time
Wedding cake pictures elegant cake with flowers
Unusual pies for wedding rustic idea
Wedding decorations pictures
Wedding cake pictures light blue pie with colored flowers
Wedding cake picture white cake with berries
Wedding cake pictures multi-storey cake with strawberries and flowers
Wedding pie pictures multi-storey pie with green decoration
Wedding pictures summery mood with many blossoms
Wedding stahlen elegant wedding stahl in bluunuancen
Wedding stains green pie hawaii
Wedding fancy wedding decorations with orange flowers
Wedding fancy wedding decorations with butterflies
Wedding hawaii decoration
Wedding hawaii summer mood
Fancy cakes for wedding hawaii humor
Wedding stalls with holiday mood
Wedding decorations pineapple decoration summery pie
Wedding fancy bouquet of chocolates decorated with flowers
Wedding stains fancy summer with fruits
Wedding stalls blue cake with many shells
Wedding decorations with shells and pearls
Wedding stained colorful ideas for the summer resort
Wedding stalls for the summer with huge flowers
Wedding stalls for the late summer elegant and impressive
Wedding hawaii wedding stahl with large flowers
Wedding stalls light blue multi-storey pie with large flowers
Wedding stahlen in the hawaiistil sommerparty
Wedding stollen funny idea for the summer wedding storte
Ombre wedding stoves in soft pastel colors

Wedding stripes summer with shells and waves
Wedding naked cake with fruits
Wedding stalls summery pie with flowers romantic and colorful
Wedding stalls in tropical style for summer
Wedding stripes summer flowers with many flowers
Wedding stalls tropical pastel decoration for the summer wedding
Wedding white summer flowers covered with flowers
Wedding stripes summer with butterflies
Wedding stains unusual idea for the summer wedding stahl
Wedding stains blue wedding stahl with flowers
Wedding stained colored cake in hawaiistil
Wedding stalls hawaii wedding storte with colored deco
Wedding stains sea blue and white
Wedding nautical thematics combined with cupcakes
Wedding beach summer wedding
Wedding stalls white cake with colorful deco in hawaiistil
Wedding stalls unusual multi-storey pie with lounge chairs
Wedding stalls summery pie hawaii
Wedding favors hawaii fondant wedding stahl
Wedding stalls two-storey pie hawaii
Fancy cakes for wedding with summer flowers
Wedding stollen fruit pie for the summer wedding
Wedding stalls naked cake with floral decoration
Wedding ombre wedding stahl in orange
Wedding flowers romantic wedding
Wedding white wedding decor elegantly decorated with flowers
Wedding pictures for a summer floral many flowers
Wedding cake pictures simple cake with strawberries
Unusual pies for wedding waves and couple in boat
Wedding stains the colored underwater world
Fancy cakes summery wedding cake with funny figurines
Fancy cakes white wedding cake with fresh decoration in summer mood
Wedding pictures yellow and green with small flowers
Wedding pictures flowers and fruits
Fancy pies beautiful design for summery pie