55 Recycle Wedding Cases For An Unforgettable Celebration

They want to get married soon. Much still remains. Wedding dress must be perfect, the guest gifts are not yet made and the invitations… In addition, of course, the wedding decoration. This must in any case be right and exactly match your taste. How often have seen too lush or boring decoration variants and hold nothing of it. It is also important for you to reduce your ecological footprint at the same time. How does that work? Best to create it through clever recycling or upcycling wedding occasions. Especially these among you, the Vintage weddings Can benefit from it. Here, old objects and valuable antiques can appear in their splendid splendor. Gilded picture frames, retro typewriters, record players and shining candlesticks are just some of the many possibilities.

However, there are also many other items that you can easily incorporate as pretty decoration elements into your wedding decoration. Used Einweckgläser are absolute classics. From this, windmills, vases and containers for sweets can be made child-friendly. You just need a bit of lace, cloth strips, jute or yarn and wire. On some of the pictures below you can see exactly how you can proceed.

Gorgeous wedding cases with snaps

Wedding sundresses recyclingideen vasernelfinkeln lace yarn summer flowers

Tin cans are further quite popular Upcycling items , You can turn them into chic vases or turn them into supercups for succulents. The napkin technique proves to be very recommendable or you can decorate the cans with color. This is why gold and silver accents are set, or soft pastel colors are introduced into the decoration.

Do not throw away your used bike!

Wedding rings recycling decoides wedding decoration old bicycle tulle pillow pillowcases flowers

Europaletten, wooden boxes, cable drums, broken bicycles, wooden doors, ladder, old books and cases – there is almost nothing that does not exist. Do not forget the good old paper and the already read newspapers! These offer extensive craft material. Not only beautiful garlands and flower arrangements can be produced, but also original bridal bouquets.

Be unconventional and marry you sustainably!

Wedding ideas
Wedding sydays recycling paper flowers old newspapers diy ideas bastelideen crafthubs

Depending on taste and preferences, you can let your imagination run wild. It is important that the whole concept is right and a pleasant, balanced atmosphere is created, right?

Environmentally friendly wedding decoration

Wedding siding recycling ideas beer keg wooden boxes wooden glass cores wedding decoration baselides upcycling

Stylish DIY wedding kisses


Customize a couple of adorable DIY vases!

Wedding siding recycling ideas table decoration diy bastelideen vases self making gold pink spray
Wedding siding recycling sustainable decoration staircase table decoration windlass vases
Recycling upcycling diy ideas jars jute old keys wedding decoration
Wedding rings recycling upcycling wedding glasses windlight candlestick self-made wedding decoration
Recycling wedding decoration glass jars white lace cloth loop

You can also use tin cans with a beautiful design simply as vases

Wedding siding recycling old tin cans vases peonies

Glass bottles are the classics in floral vases and table decoration

Recycling sustainable table decoration wine bottle white top

You can also decorate them with natural materials

Recycling dekoideen wedding decoration glass bottles jute

It can be as simple as that

Wedding sydays recycling dekoideen table decoration succulent hearts
Wedding siding recycling dekoideen wedding decoration suitcase chest of drawers upcycling ideas
Recycling ideas diy deco cork bastelides
Wedding siding recycling dekoideen table decoration cork wooden boxes snapshots

Recycling dekoideen wedding decoration itself make old woodcutters

Wedding anniversary recycling wedding decoration old sound recordings wind play

Decorate with old books

Recycling table decoration old books porcelain racks
Recycling ideas vintage wedding table decoration dekoideen old books wrought glasses

Light bulbs as vases

Wedding siding recycling decoding table decoration old light bulb wedding decoration
Recycling ideas fendsterdekorato bulb vases self-made wedding decoration
Wedding rings recycling ideas cabbage trombone self-made wedding cake

Wedding anniversary recycling ideas europalettes old chestnut wedding decoration

Wedding siding recycling sustainable dekoideen side tables wine bottles
Recycling sustainable decoration wooden log tinslots windlight beer barrel
Wedding anniversary recycling ideas wedding decoration old glass bottles europalettes espaciosustentable
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Note paper and old magazines are miraculous

Wedding rings recycling ideas girly heart making old note paper
Recycling sustainable old newspapers flowers self tinkering
wedding ideas recycling sustainably-brautstrauß-note paper-glitersteine-pearl etsy
Wedding diy recycling turquoise old newspapers papierkranz diy bastelidee hochzeitsdeko
Wedding sundries recycling paper decoration paper heart garlands window decoration
Recycling sustainable decayed old suitcase
Wedding anniversary vintage wedding decoration old typewriter roses vases
Recycling sustainable vintage wedding decoration blinder frame wine vases hortensia
Recycling sustainable diy ideas tables themselves making cable drums
Wedding siding recycling dekoideen europalette blumengestecken tin cans
Wedding sydays recycling dekoideen brown groom diy wedding decoration