Celebrate Your Wedding – Our Checklist For A Successful Party

Millions of couples in love are impatiently waiting for the day when they will take their vows and start a family together happily. However, the preparations for the most important day of life are always time-consuming and time-consuming. For this reason, we have decided in the editorship of Fresh ideas to present you the following checklist. In this article you will find clever tips that will lead to a successful wedding party. We want to save you a lot of time and effort so that you can celebrate a wonderful wedding. Here you will find great models of wedding dresses and jewelry. Even the outfit of the groom is not disregarded. Every man should feel comfortable and confident on his wedding day. Our ideas for the bridal bouquet and wedding arch go into interesting information about the table decoration at the wedding reception and some DIY ideas for this special day.

Are you ready for the most important day of your life?

elegant modern look wedding celebrations

On the wedding day, it is especially important for the bride and groom to appear in their full glory. In addition, you always put a lot of value on the whole atmosphere of the wedding celebration. At such an event every guest must feel comfortable and have fun. That’s why we want to cover so many aspects of preparing for the celebration and give you lots of clever tips to help you prepare and celebrate a romantic and stylish wedding.

Below you will also find many beautiful pictures that you should continue to inspire for your wedding. Have fun reading and browsing!

“You only see with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes”Antoine de-Saint Exupery

Celebrate your wedding - our checklist for a successful party

Must-Haves in Wedding Fashion – Bridal Gown and Jewelry

We begin our overview of the wedding trends with the favorite theme of most future brides. It’s about wedding dresses and jewelry. Because these are the women who make princesses on this special day and turn the party into a fairytale. This does not change despite the modern bride trends. Only the romance and the classical beauty are interpreted differently.

The simple wedding dresses could radiate a lot of glamor

wedding celebrate wedding dresses modern lace

Artfully interpreted classic looks for 2018

The collections of famous bridal gowns brands will provide insight into the trends of 2018 and 2019. Even if you are planning a wedding this year, you could draw inspiration from it. For the coming months we see classic looks on stage. Mermaid and Princess dresses remain among the most popular. Very current are the models, which are completely sewn from lace. In the sense of a more modern appearance, colors, sleeves and necklaces are original, one can say – artfully interpreted.

Classic models will be updated in 2018 with modern details

Wedding celebrate wedding dress princess

Look ahead to 2019 to be more modern

If you want a modern look, then take a look at the well-known wedding dress trends of 2019. They are something for confident, but at the same time romantic ladies. The lace is replaced by glossy fabrics here. There are many short models, but they are best combined with a lot of necklaces or high collar. By the way, the high-necked dresses are already from 2018 super modern. However, the current models are not necessarily short. Very often the designers do without sleeves or they are interpreted in a very dramatic way. They usually contrast strongly with the strictly classical lines of the clothes.

The lace dominates very much in the bridal fashion of 2018 and 2019

glamorous appearance wedding celebrate wedding dress

The trends in the accessories

Accessories and hair accessories are becoming more and more important at weddings. It can be said that this will peak at the beginning of 2019. Unusual and eye-catching headdress ideas will be super up to date. Provocations with larger embellishments are especially welcome on the more modern models. In connection with these you can even neglect the classical combination rules something. However, we would advise against that if you would rather draw inspiration from the fashion ideas of 2018. Eye-catching trinkets are in vogue even then, but the overall appearance should be less provocative and balanced to a much greater degree.

Learn more about the classic rules of combining jewelry and dresses in the wedding outfits in the following article.

Elegance and natural appearance are combined in the wedding celebrations trends

wedding party fairy look wedding dress

The dramatic handling of the sleeves is typical of the coming seasons

long lace and mermaid cut - wedding party

Metallic shine is very trendy in 2018. Here combined with ethnic ideas.

celebrating silver look wedding

Typical of everyday life, but newly inspired cuts of wedding dresses are always more modern

very modern wedding dress celebrating

Classical cuts are much more up-to-date with such interpretations

Mermaid Modern Interpretation Two Parts Wedding Celebrate

Brilliant fabric and lace – that’s great!

white dress shiny fabric celebrating wedding

Silver dress for a glamorous wedding. Why not?

Celebrate long dress in silver wedding

The contrast between the simple cut and the luxurious fabrics is trendy

celebrating simple golden wedding dress

Maybe the provocative hairstyle could be your main accessory?

modern hairstyle as accessories - wedding party

Wedding party in a pink dress

pink idea wedding celebrate wedding dress

Headdress as of a fairy

accessory for the head wedding gowns celebrating wedding

Romantic dress in silver

glamorous silver fabric celebrating wedding

Provocative model with lace

celebrating lace and extravagance wedding

Semi-sheer fabric for a bridal gown

natural and modern look wedding party

Two-part and very romantic model

Celebrating wedding image in forest

Super sexy look

modern and prvocative dress - wedding party

Complete equipment for the groom

When it comes to the groom’s wedding attire, more and more men choose the traditional look. But in the following points, our editorial staff would like to think”out of the box”and present a selection of beautiful outfits for the groom.

The undisputed fact is that a black tuxedo is considered an absolute classic. The dark color is one of the most popular groom looks and is also referred to as one of the best suit ideas. Alternative colors are growing in popularity and for that reason combining different colors is worthwhile.

The clean lines make a beautiful design

matching color wedding

Choose the right suit

So that nothing goes wrong at the wedding, you should choose the dress code very carefully. Every groom should have a modern outfit in which he feels comfortable. In this context, you should first think of a suit that is made of wool or velvet and then to the color design. Experts recommend the blue tones, because these are classic and can not disappoint you. The clean lines of the blue suit will bring your uncertainty to 0%, because blue always looks stylish and sublime. A perfect choice would be a slim fit suit. So you’ll have a sleeker, more modern look that, along with the blue color palette, will be a hit.

If the wedding style requires you to stick to the formal attire, you can also experiment with the shades of gray. In this case, the vest or suspenders is considered a must. Add a personal touch to your outfit with a beautiful combination of slim-fit tops and bottoms to keep the look stylish. An interesting idea would be to avoid a coat. This step can be described as self-confident.

Put on all the curious glances!

celebrating matching color wedding

Why do accessories play an important role?

The special details often play the decisive role in styling. These include surprising and extravagant extras that should not be overlooked, such as the cufflinks. These accessories with shiny elements enhance the overall outfit of the groom. Choose a matching color that can be elegantly combined with the shirt.

Only then can you choose an intelligent and at the same time stylish handkerchief. After the tie, this deco element is one of the most important accessories of the groom outfit. It is important that you fold the handkerchief very carefully, because it will certainly get many curious glances. Guaranteed! Choose a uniform color combination between the tie and the handkerchief. These two accessories should have at least one common element that personalizes the suit.

Enjoy your wedding in modern outfits

wedding dresscode fits

In the last place remain the so-called little things such as the suspenders, the leather belt and the tie clip. These accessories are among the secondary extras but are also a must for every suit. The key is to create a uniform outfit. So always remember the clever tricks. You will gain a source of inspiration with the following pictures!

Choose light blue tones

Accessories of the groom in mint

The uniform suits are considered a design highlight

Accessories of the groom

Slim fit suit makes for a better look

Blue design wedding party

Put a lot of value on the accessories

celebrating blue outfit wedding

The uniform design plays an important role

Color palette wedding celebrate tips

Shades of gray are also being determined as a trend for 2018

Shades of gray design ideas

Everything depends on the stylish accessories

wedding accessories

Make stylish color combinations

Celebrate your wedding - our checklist for a successful party

Well-coordinated accessories ensure a confident look

Wedding celebrate cool ideas

Dress code in gray and purple? Why not?

Wedding celebrate deco elements ideas

The suit should emphasize your figure and make it look elegant

Celebrate your wedding - our checklist for a successful party

The vest is considered a must.

clear lines celebrate blue tones wedding

The upper and lower parts should be selected perfectly!

Celebrate a slim fit suit

Use our ideas as inspiration

Celebrating ideas wedding

wedding celebrate gray color palette

Put value on the little things!

Celebrate your wedding - our checklist for a successful party

Dark blue is one of the most popular colors for wedding attire

silent wedding ideas

Choose the perfect bridal bouquet: tips and trends

The right bridal bouquet is simply indispensable to the outfit of the modern bride. Since the 16th century, all the brides in front of the altar carry a beautiful bouquet, which accompanies them during the wedding and the subsequent feast. In the past, the wedding bouquet did not only have an aesthetic role as it does today. Above all, he was meant to ward off evil forces from the bride and groom and at the same time to provide a pleasant aroma at the party. That’s why they used fragrant herbs and flowers. Later, the bridal bouquet was rather voluminous and chic and considered by many as a status symbol at weddings. All these roles of the wedding bouquet have been dropped these days. Nonetheless, it is indispensable even at very small wedding parties. The bride may wear it not only in the church, but also in the registry office or at an outdoor wedding.

Wildflowers and medicinal herbs are again preferred by many brides

wedding celebrate wild plants bridal bouquet ideas

Who traditionally worries about the bridal bouquet?

Tradition has it that the groom himself should get the wedding bouquet. Many couples still insist. Often, however, this is too difficult a task for the groom these days, because this is not just a normal bunch of flowers, but a decorative element, which is the focus of the whole wedding decoration. Here, the bride should be advised by an experienced florist and best order in advance the exact bridal bouquet. Then the groom, the maid of honor or a good friend could pick it up on the day of the wedding. In front of the church or the registry office, the wedding bouquet will be handed over by the groom to the bride.

The groom can also give the bride the wedding bouquet earlier in romantic togetherness

wedding celebrate bride and groom bridal bouquet

Which flowers and colors are to be selected?

Depending on the wedding style, wedding dress and wedding decoration you should also choose the flowers and their colors. Usually, the bridal bouquet is similar to the flower decoration on the tables and wedding arch. The bridesmaids and the maid of honor can also wear bouquets, which are a mini version of the bridal bouquet. It would be best to opt for seasonal flowers in the wedding bouquet. Real, timeless classics include roses and peonies, ranunculus and anemone, tulips, vanilla, hydrangea, beach lilac, dahlia and chrysanthemum. Recently, simpler wildflowers and herbs have become popular again. Even succulents in the bridal bouquet and ball thistle are definitely in fashion.

Ball thistle and succulents are very popular in the wedding decoration

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet succulents

Extra tips: When choosing suitable bridal bouquet flowers, keep in mind that some of them may blemish the bridal gown. These are, for example, colored flowers or those with stamens.

In addition, it is important to note whether the bride and groom have any floral or herbal allergies. If so, then you should be well informed in advance, which flowers and plants for the bridal bouquet are out of the question. Also do not forget that flowers have a certain symbolism and let yourself be advised in detail by the florist of your choice.

With the classic roses you are always on the safe side

wedding celebrate vintage wedding bouquet roses

Which binding option should the bridal bouquet have?

It is a matter of taste, which should have the shape and size of the wedding bouquet. Of course, you should of course adapt this to the whole wedding decoration and wedding gowns. In general, the following types of bridal bouquet are some of the best known and most in demand: Biedermeier (in ball shape), an arm-bouquet, a scepter bouquet and a waterfall bouquet. Lately, more casual wedding bouquets are preferred that are not too big. The elaborate waterfall is even almost out.

Small, loosely bound bridal bouquets in the shape of a ball are trendy

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet ideas vintage

When will the bridal bouquet be thrown?

The traditional throwing of the bridal bouquet is one of the most beautiful wedding customs that are still maintained at most weddings today. The bouquet is usually thrown into the crowd of unmarried, female guests after the wedding ceremony, or more often at the wedding reception, by the bride herself. This woman, who will catch the wedding bouquet, will become the next bride after the prophecy. Many brides want to keep their bridal bouquet as a beautiful reminder of the wedding and throw a so-called second bouquet or throwing bouquet.

The second bouquet can also be worn by the maid of honor

wedding celebrate wedding bouquet bouquet maid of honor

Extra tip: If you also want to keep your bridal bouquet, then dry it. It is best not to hold the bouquet in the water right after the wedding, but to tie it upside down with the flowers down, tie it up and hang it in a dark, cool and dry place. So the colors of the flowers are best preserved.

Pink peonies are a must for the vintage bridal bouquet

wedding celebrate peonies bridal bouquet vintage

Beautiful bridal bouquet with roses in pastel colors

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet roses

The ultimate bridal bouquet in a casual”picked look”

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet peonies natural

Mini bridal bouquet of fragrant peonies

Bridal bouquet small from peonies

Subtle bridal bouquet in purist style

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet white roses

A magnificent waterfall bouquet for the summer wedding

wedding celebrate wedding bouquet waterfall

Fine wedding bouquet in ball shape

wedding celebrate roses fresien bridal bouquet

Delicate pink and purple tones are in fashion

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet vintage peonies roses

A true floral frenzy for the summer wedding

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet natural vintage look

A filigree work of art made of delicate flowers for the discreet bride

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet roses peonies fine blue flowers

Magnificent summer flowers in a casually bound bridal bouquet

wedding celebrate wedding bouquet summer wedding peonies

Bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets should be tied from the same flowers

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet bridesmaids wedding bouquet

Create a fairytale wedding atmosphere

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet bridesmaids

Majestic roses and bold color accents

wedding celebrate roses summer wedding shower bouquet

Elegant Biedermeier bouquet of roses in red, pink and cream

wedding celebrate classic bridal bouquet of roses

A true feast of the senses of flowers, fruits and feathers

wedding celebrate bridal bouquet summer wedding

The bridal bouquet looks like freshly picked

wedding celebrate wedding bouquet wildflowers vintage trend

Pure wedding inspiration

wedding celebrate vintage bridal bouquet ideas

Decorate the table – an important aspect of the wedding decoration

Anyone planning a wedding usually has a lot to do. So some things are of prime importance, so that the wedding succeeds well. Like the appropriate table decoration.

A large part of the wedding organization is dedicated to the wedding decoration. Although it is particularly laborious to coordinate all components of the Festdeko so that it will be a nice celebration as a final result. Because decoration always contributes to an event that remains in the memory of the wedding guests.

Decorate the table in fresh colors

wedding celebrate table decorate fresh flowers purple napkins

A modern table decoration creates a fascination, regardless of whether the wedding takes place indoors or outdoors. Depending on the season and the style of the wedding, the bride and groom wishes no limits are set. However, this is a very special day for the bride and groom!

There are some things to consider in advance, considering the wedding table decoration. The wedding location should also be considered when developing the wedding decor concept. How big are the tables and what shape do they have? It would also be good if no single deco element had to be removed from the table when the food was served. The table decoration would not disturb the conversations between the wedding guests.

Yellow peppers the wedding table

wedding celebrate table deco rustic plaid pattern

Pay attention to the details of the wedding table A high quality tablecloth and a blanket are a prerequisite for a successful decoration. These could be beautifully presented by napkins and napkin rings.

Of course, flowers and decorative items should not be missing! Bouquets in small vases, tealights and small stones are a good solution. As candlelight influences the mood romantically, you could also put beautiful candlesticks on the wedding table. Streudeko is another alternative to bring a romantic flair to the table. Just be careful that it is distributed fairly. But do not give up on a central piece of decoration!

Romantic table decoration for the wedding in the garden

wedding celebrate garden wedding table decoration freshness mood

Table and place cards should also be present on the wedding table. You can use it creatively. Individual details such as attractive decorative elements and original gifts make up the beautiful banquet table. Especially personalized party favors are a hot trend.

Personal gifts show attention

wedding celebrate table decorate flowers party favors

Very subtle or more colorful, you decide which color scheme is best suited for your wedding celebration. White, pastel, pink and brown, apricot… you have so many options.

Functionally, you have to design the wedding table, when the wedding is outdoors.

wedding celebrations fresh shades parasols

Set highlights on the basis of beautiful colors and eye-catching shapes and make for a beautiful table board on your wedding celebration! An individual table decoration according to your personal taste is entirely up to you! Maybe you would like to organize a theme wedding?

On a round table could be the eye-catcher in the same form!

wedding celebrate centerpiece table decoration candles flowers romantic

Table decoration for classics

wedding celebrate table decoration small vases romantic

White and orange are a beautiful color duo for the wedding table!

wedding party, table, decoration, gentle shades of orange

Tealights and green leaves provide a fresh feeling

wedding celebrate table decorate table runner fresh floral deco

The table decoration contributes to the festive mood!

Wedding celebrate inside string lights rustic

Wedding table in soft pastel colors

Wedding celebrate elegant table decoration bright colors

Flowers in matching color enhance the neutral table decoration

wedding celebrate table decorate spring

Enchanting table decoration with flowers and candles

wedding celebrate table decorate stylish floral deco white candles

Be creative with the wedding table decoration!

wedding celebrate table decorate vintage style

Consider an appropriate table decoration!

wedding celebrate table decorate white table runner flowers candles

The festive table decoration can be so simple!

wedding celebrate table decorate table number vintage deco

The wedding table has to be inviting

wedding celebrate table decorate romantic gentle colors

Modern table decoration fascinates the wedding guests

Celebrate modern table decoration ideas

Colorful decorate the wedding table

wedding celebrate table decorate blue accents flowers warm colors

Framing the wedding table in natural colors

wedding celebrate table decoration vintage rustic

Wedding arch – ideas and symbolism

The wedding arch has become an important element of every wedding. He symbolizes happiness, prosperity and cloudless family life. For the first time he appeared during the Cleopatra era and later in ancient Rome. For the Greeks, the arch symbolized the heavens because they believed that the sacrament of marriage took place in heaven.

The wedding arch is a valuable decorative element for both outdoor and indoor use. He makes for more romance and festive atmosphere. This is a great backdrop for the wedding photos, can decorate the restaurant entrance, the dessert or bridal couple’s table pretty. And to give you a dose of original inspiration, we have prepared a great picture gallery.

Wedding arch in rustic style

wedding arch rustic wedding wedding ideas wedding celebrations

Wedding arch in a rustic style

If you are planning a rustic wedding, you can choose an interesting base for the wedding arch. Such are z. For example, old doors, unused children’s climbing railings, wooden beams or even old wine barrels. Decorate them with fresh meadow flowers or airy substances. Another gorgeous idea for the outdoor wedding is to decorate a beautiful tree with a curved branch.

Pure romance from the past

wedding outdoor wedding arch wedding celebrate wedding ideas

Tropical exotic for the wedding

wedding ideas wedding arch wedding celebrate beach wedding ideas

A touch of the jungle

Very up to date are the tropical elements for the wedding decoration. The wedding arch adorned with palm leaves and exotic flowers looks very extravagant. The end result is simply gorgeous, but few dare to choose this option.

Traubogen from branches

wall decoration wedding wedding arch wedding celebrate wedding decoration ideas

Wedding arch on the wall

At a wedding in a closed room you do not have to do without a bow. The walls are a great base for that. With the help of green plants you can shape the desired shape and size of an arch. A few flowers, matching decorative elements and candlelight and you have the romantic atmosphere. You even brought nature inside.

Create a magical mood

Wedding Arch Wedding Celebrate Traubogen Wedding Ideas Wedding Decor

Original Traubogen from lanterns

Pure romance by candlelight! This Oriental-style wedding idea will amaze everyone and is perfect for the summer wedding in the open air. For this you should also choose a suitable tree. Grab lanterns and lots of candles and candlesticks. A beautiful string of lights will only complete the whole thing and make it more dreamlike.

Flowers should not be missing

wedding decoration ideas wedding arch wedding celebrate floral deco wedding

The classic variant of the wedding arch

The flower arch is a preferred choice for classics! Here you can use fresh as well as artificial flowers. If you have a favorite flower, this is a great way to integrate it into the wedding decor. But something else you should consider, and that to adapt to the entire decoration.

The wedding arch is a central element of the ceremony. Therefore, this should perfectly register in the entire wedding concept and harmonize with the rest of the decoration.

Combine beautiful roses and white fabric

wedding arch wedding ideas trotting wedding celebrations

The peacock feathers make the wedding arch look even more attractive

wedding bow wedding arch celebrate wedding decor ideas

An original round wedding arch

wedding bow floral deco wedding wedding celebrate wedding decoration

A great combination with chandeliers

wedding ceremony wedding ideas ideas wedding arch celebrate wedding

An original idea also for DIY

vintage wedding wedding arch itself make wedding party

Simple in the topic of desert

wedding outdoor wedding arch wedding celebrate wedding decoration ideas

Hexagonal shape and flowers combine

wedding bow ideas wedding deco wedding celebrations

A variation for those of you who just like it

simple wedding decoration wedding celebrate wedding bow ideas

Chic and easy

rustic wedding arch wedding celebrate wedding ideas deco ideas wedding

Wedding arch made of real climbing roses

rose arch wedding arch deco wedding wedding celebrations

Contrast with flowers in bright colors

red roses wedding celebrate wedding arch floral deco wedding

White flowers and green branches

floral deco wedding wedding arch wedding celebrate wedding ideas

An idea for the autumn wedding

Wedding Decorations Wedding Bow Traubogen Wedding Celebration

Creative, chic and beautiful

wedding celebrate wedding arch creative wedding ideas wedding decoration

White orchids for the Traubogen

flower deco wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, celebrate, celebrate

Decorate stylishly with pampas grass

wedding celebrate pampasgrass wedding arch traubogen wedding deco ideas

A touch of the sea

beach wedding wedding celebrate wedding decorations wedding arch traubogen

Traubogen in boho style

Boho wedding wedding arch wedding celebrate wedding decoration ideas

Balloons are a nice and cheap alternative

Wedding Arch Wedding Party Celebrate Balloon Decoration Wedding Decoration

Make wedding decoration yourself – great ideas for your very special celebration!

Today’s weddings are no longer the weddings known from his parents’ photo albums. These are no longer the weddings you see on TV. Today, a degree of maturity is required to consciously pronounce the responsible words of the yes-saying. You can tell right away that something is different, just by the way you decorate the party. Of course, one can still celebrate big and pompous, but the tendencies betray something else.

Sustainability has spread in every area of ​​life and even affects the organization of big festivals. And since you do not know a bigger party than a wedding party, let’s take a look at how the perception of modern high-end decoration has changed at this time.

DIY wedding decoration can only be made by the best friends

wedding celebrate wedding decoration itself make materials

Decorating means being able to show the love of detail

celebrate wedding decor yourself make flower decoration pie

The style of the wedding decoration does not matter if the heart participates

wedding celebrate wedding decoration yourself make bohemian

With a well-chosen location, the wedding decoration will only complete the perfect moment.

Wedding celebrate wedding decoration itself make decoration

Lucky symbols and positive thoughts are the best complement to the wedding decoration

wedding celebrate wedding decoration yourself make horseshoe

Modern is everything that can be described as sustainable and environmentally friendly. Of course, a festive decoration can never be defined only by reason. What is definitely a leader and important in a wedding, are the emotions that are aroused by colors and fabrics in one. The wedding decoration can become even more emotional if you make it by hand.

Small games entertain society and leave memories behind

Celebrate wedding decoration yourself make kussgloecke

It is wonderful to decorate with natural materials. Seasonal flower varieties, wine corks, wine boxes, wood, recycled paper, moss, sticks and much more can be part of your festive decoration. You do something very important – you waste little and contribute to the general garbage reduction.

Sometimes the decoration is unfortunately not sufficient

wedding celebrate wedding decoration make yourself canvas

What the heart of the spouse desires is legitimate and is considered a successful decoration. Sentimental plays a very important role here.

Wedding decoration Ideas with hearts are always the best

wedding celebrate wedding decoration make ideas yourself

Small but fine considerations that keep you and your guests entertained and leave strong memories are always a successful wedding decoration.

If you are about to marry soon, let your heart make the right decisions about your DIY wedding decoration.

And do not forget it: dreams come true only if you do something for yourself. We wish you a beautiful, unique wedding and a long and happy family life!

Hanging flowers after season can be quite sufficient as a DIY decoration

wedding celebrate wedding decoration itself make hanging flowers

Recordings on the preferences of the bride and groom can be woven into the decoration

wedding celebrate wedding decoration make yourself horn

Natural materials are the better choice in many cases

wedding celebrate wedding decoration itself make ideas trends

A love message in the language of love can be transported perfectly over natural materials

Celebrate Wedding Decorations Make your own materials with moss
make wedding celebrate wedding decoration yourself make of course

The more natural the decoration, the more relaxed and pleasant the atmosphere will be for the guests

wedding celebrate wedding decorations make themselves fruit boxes

The homemade is always much sympathetic

celebrate wedding decor yourself make recycling tinker table arrangement
celebrate wedding decor yourself make recycling tinker

Simple and effective ideas, such as soap bubbles, cheer up the festive mood all the more

wedding celebrate wedding decoration make yourself bubbles

Upcycling ideas for the wedding? – of course

Celebrate Wedding Decorations Make yourself Shabby Chic

Paint stones and place them as a wedding decoration – the best ideas are the simplest

celebrate wedding decor yourself make stones paint
wedding celebrate wedding decoration make yourself tortendeko
make wedding celebrate wedding decoration yourself