Funny Customs That Should Not Be Forgotten During The Wedding Planning

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Traditions in wedding planning

Wedding is a traditional thing in itself. This conclusion is reached sooner or later. Whether you want to reinterpret traditions, reject them in part, or be conservative, you need to know them. So you also make appropriate decisions when you plan the wedding.

As a rule, the preparations for the festivals are already beginning this year. We have now decided that the right moment is to present the real meaning of some important traditions. The manners described below are an extended variant of the custom”something old, something new, something borrowed”.

This custom has recently come to Germany through the entertainment media from the USA

Wedding plan need some blue car

The blue symbolizes the fidelity of marriage

Wedding planning needs something blue

Something old

Why do we have to think of something old in the wedding planning? This symbolizes the marriage of the couple to their families and family histories. For this reason, the mother or grandmother is often given the honor of giving gifts. Traditionally, this is a family heritage that is passed on from one generation to the next generation.

Something new

You must have something new at the wedding. This symbolizes your willingness to look into the future. The”new”also stands for the new union.

Often, the new is well hidden under the wedding dress

Wedding plan need some blue rose

Something Borrowed

A happily married woman lends something to the bride. Thus she gives her a symbol of her own happiness.

Rosemary or myrtle blossoms are regarded as blessing plants in the bridal wreath

Wedding plan rosemary blossom

The bride and groom cut through the wedding cake together

Wedding planning custom cake

The wedding rings are also one of the traditional wedding ceremonies in Europe

Wedding plan rosemary wedding ring

Something blue

The points so far are known to most people. Did you know, however, that you should have something blue at the wedding? This color symbolizes many of the virtues on which marriage is based. It stands for loyalty, purity and loyalty. Blue is subtle enough to be practical in any kind of Wedding decoration To be integrated. Do not forget this custom when planning your wedding!

Loud and colorful one should signal his new way of life

Wedding plan autokorso

After the wedding, there is a rain of rice, confetti or soap bubbles

Wedding plan reiskonfetti

An old custom says that the bridegroom is to saw a tree trunk

Wedding plan need tree trunk saws

Classic, traditional or simply beautiful is the wedding waltz

Wedding planning wedding waltz

Other important traditions

In addition to these symbolic gifts and colors, let us point out the following customs:

Chimney sweep, rice (instead of confetti and rose blossoms), wooden spoon

The bridegroom cuts out a heart in the bedlaken, through which bride and groom go through

Wedding plan heart cut out

Cultivate and cultivate a wedding tree

Wedding plan marriage

The throwing of the bridal bouquet shows which of the young girls will be the next bride

Wedding plan bride bouquet

The bride abduct – a funny and costly custom

Wedding plan bride abduct

Drinking from the silver bridal cup announces the marriage of the lovers at their engagement

Wedding planning bridal cups

All these traditional lucky symbols are also part of the game Planning a traditional wedding ! Did you know that in the English tradition it was a spider at the bridal gown for lucky charms? How do you find this easily frightening idea?

A trellis of standing people is not a tradition but a compulsory event

Wedding plan


The evening of the wedding is celebrated before the wedding ceremony, in which a great deal of porcelain china is broken

Wedding plan wedding shower

It was thought earlier that the Brautschleier protects the bride from evil

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The same is true for wearing the bride over the door threshold

Wedding plan

A honeymoon in the honeymoon gets more and more the outline of a tradition

Wedding planning honeymoon