The Top Trends In The Wedding Menu 2017: Large Wedding Stalls And Tasty Appetizers

Try to remember wedding parties from the past. In your awareness, surely, images of fried pork or salmon, lamb steaks with rosemary-Parmesan crust and similar. Like everything else in modern life, the taste and preferences of bridal couples have changed. Today, let’s take a look at the top trends in the wedding menu for 2017 and highlight the latest tendencies.

The goal of each wedding party is now to provide guests with better opportunities to contact each other. That’s why you do not want a 5-course menu, which ties friends and relatives to the tables. On the contrary: at many wedding parties buffets are provided, where the guests are served friendly, but they can choose their own taste. Instead of creating a whole, long wedding menu, each wedding guest is now offered a rich selection of food and drinks, which means a greater variety in the wedding menu.

Elegance on the wedding table and simplicity in the menu

Wedding occasions practical suggestions for the menu

Simplicity is now the order of the wedding menu

A well-developed rustic flair is in principle seen in many areas of our lives. The wedding parties in vintage style are very popular. With regard to wedding receptions and drinks, however, one turns more and more from the traditional menu. A new trend towards simplicity and simplicity is to be noted.

Naked wedding cakes are no longer announced, instead of these are now oversized wedding stalls in. Tasty appetisers are offered instead of large roast porridge portions. You are now looking for more elegance and refinement, also on the wedding table. Chic, elegant glasses, simple table decoration in white and discreet colors and simple wedding menus make the new top trend on wedding parties.

Elegance and refinement are inevitable in the modern wedding party

Wedding favors for the wedding table elegant decoration with flowers

Modern thinking bride couples are looking for a refined product for snacking. They used to choose naked wedding cakes and pyramids. Now, large, elegant ice-makers are in the forefront and are much in demand. Great wedding stalls are also a great motif for the best wedding photos of the bridal couple and their friends and relatives. The traditional service on wedding parties of the past years is already forgotten. No 3, 4 or 5-course menu more, instead only tasty pretzels, beautifully shaped and sandwiches, appetizing appetizers and freshly baked pizza pieces. These fit perfectly into the new aesthetics of the wedding party. There is always something for every taste.

Raw food and local specialties are currently high on the agenda for wedding parties

Healthy eating is now being written up. Modern bridal couples confirm this trend. They choose more and more organic ingredients for their simple wedding menu, insist on local specialties that taste good and are easy to digest. More and more often, they ask questions such as”Are the products fresh?”Or”Which farm are they from?”

The wedding menu is compiled to include seasonal products

Wedding menu selection of vegetables

Vegan and vegetarian dishes are now popular as never before. They belong to the main menu of each wedding celebration, are not a second choice. The best cooks are therefore happy to prepare vegan dishes in order to meet even the most demanding requirements of the wedding guests.

Fresh cocktails with or without alcohol are included in the wedding menu

As for the drinks at a wedding party, there are also new trends. Often fresh cocktails are offered, with or without alcohol. These are garnished with aromatic herbs and provide freshness and good mood at the party. The absolute favorite among the wedding drinks is a gin-tonic with mint. The spicy taste is increasingly preferred, for example with orange thyme daiquiri or rosemary margarita. Cocktails with herbs are refreshing, taste spicy and are currently trendy.

How do you find these top trends in the wedding menu? Have you already tried over-sized wedding stalls, tasty appetizers and fresh herbal drinks? Then you must fully enjoy this at the next wedding celebration on which you are invited!

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