Unpleasant Embarrassing Situations Should Be Avoided At The Wedding Reception

The biggest day in life, when you give each other the”yes”word, is supposed to be quite romantic and as smooth as possible. That’s what every bride and groom desires, even before it starts planning and organizing the wedding. Ideally, that would be possible, but… nobody is perfect, we all know that very well, right? Hand on heart, here we must admit that at every wedding celebration not everything goes according to plan. Certain changes to the plan are possible here, if they are carried out smoothly. Unfortunately, there are sometimes undesirable surprises and unpleasant situations that might be difficult to foreshadow on a seemingly well-executed wedding reception. There are even mistakes that one of the bridal partners (sometimes even both!) Commits and totally spoils the party mood. In order to dodge mood killers and blunders, we have summarized for you the most typical mistakes that you should best avoid as a bride and groom at their own wedding. Here are these!

Mostly it does not work the way it was planned

Wedding celebration Beware of unpleasant situations mistakes

Errors in the planning and organization of the wedding party

The planning and organization of a wedding party can take months if the bridal couple wants to think through every little detail correctly. Also things that are irrelevant to many people, such as the invitations to the party, the menu at the party, the wedding cake The music and seating arrangements often play a big role at the wedding reception.

It is very unpleasant for the guests when the solemn wedding ceremony in the church or in the registry office is prolonged and the guests are a bit bored. Too long speeches are really tired on this day, because the common goal of all invitees is the good mood and pleasant conversation.

At the wedding party it should be amusing, long speeches are not welcome

Amusing, relaxed, happy atmosphere at the wedding party

Despite perfect planning and organization, there are sometimes unwanted guests at the party who would rather not be there. If there is Zoff between some relatives or friends, then you do not want to invite these people to the celebration, otherwise they spoil the solemn and happy mood by evil words. And that must not happen on a wedding party! Therefore, we only want to advise to check the guest list and think through the seating arrangements of the invitees again. To avoid unpleasant situations at your wedding party.

Check guests’ seating arrangements and avoid embarrassing situations at the wedding reception

Wedding party seating of guests avoiding embarrassing situations

The wedding menu must also include vegetarian dishes and in no case be overloaded

Wedding party wedding menu vegetarian dishes do not be overcharged

The wedding menu must be enough, but not overloaded. It would be best if something specific is provided for every taste. For example, vegetarians among the wedding guests must not be neglected, that would be an unpleasant oversight by the organization. A certain timing in serving the food and drinks is also recommended. Otherwise you would have dissatisfied guests who feel unhappy or neglected. The music at the party must not be too loud, so that the guests undisturbed their conversations lead and if desired also dance. Even before they get drunk and monkeys while dancing!

The music at the wedding party can not be too loud

Wedding party no loud music otherwise disturbed guests

At the wedding party we dance and have fun

Wedding party are dancing, having fun

Our extra tip : Organizing a wedding is not an easy task, so leave it to more experienced and well-tested wedding agencies. You take care of everything, you as a bride and groom enjoy your big day and the party!

Rely on the organizational talents of your wedding planner

Couple decision for wedding planner

Couple decision for wedding planner

Personal mistakes that could be made in the special circumstances of the wedding celebration

It is particularly embarrassing to blame others for misunderstandings, errors, and oversights. So you never run into a fool, especially at your wedding, we want to warn you about such personal mistakes that could ruin everything at once. Try to avoid this, so that you celebrate your anniversary with your partner for many years to come. These could be briefly formulated as follows:

  • Better to drink little alcohol at your wedding party! Beware, drunken wedding guests look funny and embarrassing to the others, but if the bridal couple (or one of the partners!) Drinks too much alcohol at the party, that’s a bad sign. Psychologists and wedding planners point out that this marriage could not last long. So, if you and your loved one long for a life and strive for, then you drink best little wine (or beer instead of wine!) And combine with soft drinks.

Drink less alcohol at your own wedding reception and keep a clear head

Less alcohol wedding party clear mind

  • One partner does not take into account the wishes of the other and is embarrassing ! That could happen, unfortunately! When discussing the wedding menu, one of the bridal partners can insist on vegetarian meals, but the other does not want to miss out on already planned meat specialties. Or another embarrassing and funny situation would be with a surprising selection of the wedding cake. This faux pout is even shown in the following, amusing video (source: countryliving.com )

Be very careful when dancing, so that nothing goes wrong!

Wedding party dance easily embarrassed

  • His ex comes without invitation to your wedding party! That would be the worst part of your wedding party when you see your groom’s ex-girlfriend among the wedding guests. She could just sit there and slowly take her drink. We do not want to prophesy anything bad here, but be prepared for unwanted situations! Think about what you could expect from an abandoned, unhappy woman?! It could only spoil the happy party mood. And nobody wants that!

Your groom’s ex-girlfriend has no business at your wedding

Wedding party Ex girlfriend spoil the party mood

Something unexpected can happen at every wedding celebration

Wedding celebration something unexpected happen

The wedding table must be properly covered and festively decorated

Unpleasant embarrassing situations should be avoided at the wedding reception

Give your bride a lot of attention so she will not get bored

Avoid Embarrassing Situations Wedding Party Bride pay close attention

Keep together in wind and weather as a couple

Keep wedding together in the wind and weather

But do not embarrass yourself at your wedding party!

Wedding party embarrassing itself