Vintage Inspirations For A Wedding Outside

“Wedding outside”and”vintage style”are two topics that we try to combine below. As you can see from the inspirational pictures in our article today, both could together make a fabulous result. We give you some concrete ideas for pairing the two aspects. In addition, you will get from us some general tips that affect the celebration in the outdoor area.

The natural backdrop to a forest wedding should determine your dress code

wedding outdoors matching clothes

Wedding outside with matching colors

Nature is a fabulous backdrop for the wedding celebration. This is also one of the main reasons why outdoor celebrations are often preferred. For a perfect, harmonious appearance, your clothes should have access to favorites that are in harmony with the surrounding nature.

In addition to white, green and beige, blue, silver and light pink in different shades are very popular. That fits in wonderfully with the Vintage theme ,

Think of the aesthetic as well as the practical side of the festival!

wedding outside a lot of water

Stylish contrasts

In the picture above we see chairs in white paint for the ceremony. In the midst of nature you can effortlessly achieve wonderful contrasts, which in turn contribute to the solemnity of the Amtosphere. In this case, one is created between the white vintage tones and the green background. So you have achieved a great effect with little effort. By the way, the water bottles on the chairs are also a good tip! In summer and in the middle of nature you need a lot of fluids.

At a wedding outside you should keep things simple!

beautiful scented candles wedding outside

Multifunctional decoration

The ice cream on the tray has a practical and a decorative role during the wedding celebration. You have combined different colors in vintage style. At the same time, guests have an easy way to refresh themselves. That’s what you should always think about at a vintage wedding outside! Even the single-acting metal tray is ideal for this atmosphere!

The umbrellas could have a decorative as well as a practical use

wedding umbrellas outdoors

wedding outside umbrellas

Umbrellas or parasols

Neither the too strong sun nor the rain are excluded at a wedding outside. Prepare for these circumstances with the appropriate umbrellas. At the same time this is a great additional aspect for outdoor decoration. You can clearly see this from our example in the picture above.

The forest wedding is always somehow traditional and nostalgic. The decoration should also be appropriate.

wedding outside tree with pictures

The role of traditions

The celebrations in the outdoor area connects you with old traditions , So imagine a wedding about 1000 years ago! That’s why all the nostalgic aspects of decoration and decor are welcome here. What do you mean? Maybe you would like to be especially beautiful at a vintage wedding outside?

During a forest wedding the wedding can be very noble!

place for the wedding ceremony outside

The shoes for a wedding outside should be nice, but just as comfortable!

log trunk wedding outdoors

The evening blankets are obligatory for an outdoor wedding

wedding outside cover

We recommend that you have more than one effective remedy for insects

wedding outside drinks decoration

Such accessories could make the chairs a lot more stable

wedding outdoors music idea

Vintage accessories and wedding dresses are very popular. They fit wonderfully to an outdoor wedding!

wedding outside lovely deco detail

In front of the natural scenery, everything seems much more solemn and spectacular!

wedding outside beautiful dresses

The little vintage details will make your wedding outside especially charming!

wedding outside great shoes

Another useful and decorative detail from the organization!

exciting deco wedding outside

The ice is still a great idea for refreshment during a garden wedding!

wedding outdoor carriage with flowers

The bright colors are always suitable for the vintage outdoor wedding!

red shoes wedding outside

Two in one: refreshment and expulsion of the insects! Both are important at a wedding outside.

wedding outside old traditions