Panel Curtains – 40 Examples Of Effective Sun And Privacy Protection

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Textiles make the home cozy and pleasant. That’s why you should not do without carpets, throw pillows, blankets and curtains when furnishing your modern home. But extra time you have to take for their selection, because they strongly affect the indoor climate! Some tips for the purchase of carpets and the use of throw pillows, we have already given you in previous articles; That’s why today we want to draw your attention to the window darkening and decoration. But it’s not about curtains, but about a modern alternative of these: the panel curtains!

Panel curtains in fresh color spice up every room

Panel curtains fresh color beautiful texture

Why are sliding curtains so popular in modern interior design?

There are also hot trends in window design. In a room with windows, one is simply forced to think of suitable sun and privacy screens. But the choice is not always easy. In addition to practical curtains and curtains are also decorative elements in the interior design.

For this reason, panel curtains are perfect for any modern space!

A modern space looks much more structured and airy, if you use panel curtains instead of curtains. Panel curtains bring a Japanese flair with them and create a modern and spacious ambience. They do not wrinkle and can replace any decoration. They are statistical but still flexible! For this reason, they are preferred not only in the living room and bedroom, but also in the kitchen or in the office. Sliding curtains can also act as room dividers, either short or to the ground. It can also be used as a sliding door in front of cupboards, shelves or niches. The wide variety of materials and the ability to make them to size make them a particularly popular alternative to windows.

Sliding curtains are a nice alternative even in the bedroom

Panel curtains unusual living ideas sleeping area

Panel curtains in neutral colors beautifully complete the modern interior

Panel curtains opaque beige dekovasen

What should you pay attention to if you want to integrate panel curtains into the interior?

However, a panel curtain is not just window decoration! With panel curtains you provide more comfort in the living area, because you can make this according to your own preferences. Especially panel curtain sets offer many design options. It’s about the different ones Panel curtain techniques , Do you want to move each individual area curtain individually or are you looking for other alternatives? By coupling individual panel wagons through carriers, one ensures more functionality in window design. One does not need to move all the curtains one by one during opening and closing, but only the first one.

Many sliding curtains also own special properties Some are suitable for wet rooms, others are equipped with thermal insulation or have a high flammability, while others are suitable for the screen.

Also take care that you Avoid light gaps have to! The individual surfaces must therefore overlap!

It is also important, how much privacy the panel curtain offers, that is, you have to be careful on the light transmission! Transparent and semi-transparent panel curtains can be perfectly combined with each other to ensure perfect living comfort!

Windows must be protected from the sun and foreign glances. Beautiful window decoration is also announced. That’s why you prefer not to heavy and dark curtains! In order to prevent prying eyes and beautify the window, you simply need opaque panel curtains.

Panel curtains Set with beautiful texture is almost an accessory in the living area

Panel curtains beautiful texture brown color modern look

Short curtains refresh the kitchen

Panel curtains kitchen window blackout yellow kitchen cabinets

Choose the right one for you under the most different colors, structures and motives! Rely on a high quality and stylish window dimming and decoration and enjoy your beautiful home!

Sliding curtains separate the living room from the dining room

Panel curtains room divider living area open plan

Opaque sliding curtains are a functional approach in the modern living room

Area curtains living area areas secrete fresh colored accents

Panel curtain set brings an airy feeling in this room

Panel curtains dining area sun protection window darkening

Modernize the dining room with functional privacy and sun protection

Panel curtains dining area create red accents

Subtle leaves refresh the dining room

Panel curtains dining room darken leaves pattern
Panel curtains window darkening deco floral pattern
Panel curtains fresh blue room divider
Panel curtains workplace window darkening
Panel curtains functional modern beige

Panel curtains with traditional curtains combine for a more beautiful look and more functionality

Panel curtains curtains neutral colors
Panel curtains bright colors many windows living room
Panel curtains hom office separate from the living room
Area curtains small living room leather sofa bright walls
Area curtains modern dining area fresh window decoration

The bathroom window can also be designed by modern sliding curtains

Area curtains modern bathroom white interior
Area curtains modern living minimalist trains
Area curtains modern residential area yellow pattern
Area curtains modern residential area summer
Panel curtains modern interior design beautiful coffee table green accents

Bring a dose of drama into the interior design

Panel curtains room dividers black matte modern look
Area curtains room dividers living room areas secrete
Panel curtains living room fresh pattern
Panel curtains bedroom window darken decorate
Area curtains bedroom light flooring neutral colors

Modern and functional room divider

Panel curtains separate bedroom living room
Panel curtains black modern colored flooring
Panel curtains black red accents light carpet
Panel curtains black beautiful texture open living area
Panel curtains combine different designs

Opaque sliding curtains for the modern living area

Panel curtains how do you work living room
Panel curtains living room decorating decorate simple colors
Panel curtains living room set up neutral colors
Panel blinds living room darken large window
Area curtains living room beautiful views

Protect the dining area from the sun’s rays with modern sliding curtains

Area curtains beautiful dining room large hanging lamp

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