Porcelain Dishes: The Best Cleaning And Care Tips

So you should maintain your China Dinnerware

“White gold” pur! Not for nothing, the bone China porcelain was so called many decades ago. To this day still applies this material as noble and high-quality and is preferred by many of us, especially on special festive occasions, as important complement of the table decoration. Porcelain dish it has in itself. Not just visually effect refined plates, cups or bowls made of porcelain, but also when touching yourself, you can feel the difference immediately. The world of porcelain is diverse and exciting. Long, the Chinese have strictly guarded the secret of its manufacture. The name actually comes from the Italian word Porcella – a type of shell that looks like porcelain. Marco Polo has named the material as porcelain for the first time, because he believed that the Chinese produced it from it. Later in 1748, the so-called bone China reported by Thomas Frey as a patent. It consists of kaolin, feldspar and quartz sand and verglühter bone ash. Although bone China is one of the soft porcelain and even slightly transparent looks, it is actually quite Hardy and has a high edge impact strength. Finer and nobler the so-called fine China is China, which is a further development of high-quality vitro porcelain with rustic flair by Villeroy & Boch. Hard porcelain, however, characterized by increased impact resistance and optimal resistance to Ritz.

Porcelain dishes of the highest quality

blue Bowl cups white porcelain tableware

Despite different properties and variations of the manufacturing process all kinds of porcelain tableware at one point are United: the timeless elegance and noble broadcasting, which exudes from each piece. Real gems such as these should also properly keep and maintain as long as possible to enjoy it.

Here we have listed just the main cleaning and care tips for you.

Porcelain wash dishes by hand

Especially if it is of fine heirloom or antique stores, caution is advised. Dishwashers are a more recent invention, which was not known to Grandma’s. Therefore, older porcelain dishes certainly not for your dishwasher is suitable. It is therefore strongly advised to rinse the good pieces always entirely by hand. Use only soft washing-up liquid in and definitely not scouring agents or similar. Lukewarm water, soft sponges and lint-free drying cloths are ideal here. In newer tableware made of porcelain look especially with colored decors on the washing label. You get detailed information directly from retailers such as for Rosenthal. In principle almost every modern porcelain is considered dishwasher without any decoration dishwasher. Nevertheless, always nice look!

Timeless elegance and simple aesthetics in China

porcelain tableware tea pots bowls cups sugar bowl

Off in the dishwasher!

If you have already verified that your China may see dishes your dishwasher from the inside, you can make it very relaxed also therein. Here you should provide for sufficient distance but always nice. So the water can circulate unverhindert between them and prevent any shocks. Here goes: use mild detergent and set the dishwasher on a gentle wash cycle. You may use no high temperatures during drying. It is also advisable to open the dishwasher so that the steam does not unnecessarily burdened the porcelain surface after drying. In addition special porcelain cleaner to help to get stubborn coverings, lime stains and wear of metals through the cutlery.

Extra tip: If your porcelain tableware is provided with silver, gold or other metal decors, always applies: wash by hand! Just the beauty of the container will get longer.

Always carefully store your China Dinnerware and never directly stack plates and bowls, but put the best soft napkins or a piece of paper between them.

Colorful porcelain tableware from John Lewis

porcelain tableware colorful plates coffee cups teapot john lewis

Editor’s choice:

“Touch” is the beautiful porcelain innovation by KAHLA. Its velvety-soft surface is 100% dishwasher safe.


Fine porcelain Dinnerware be missing on any dinner table. Whether this material is always a high dose of luxury and soothing aesthetics artful heirlooms or modern design. Visit Meißen about Rosenthal Versace to KPM Berlin a wide and diverse range of high-quality products, which put the finishing touches to your dishes and drinks.

You will find these gorgeous beauties in gold at Jonathan Adler

porcelain tableware of gold fire plate jonathan adler

Filigree pattern with rustic touch

porcelain floral Dinnerware blue pattern

Discreetly in white on the table

porcelain crockery table decorative flowers white plate sparkling fruits

Elegant heirlooms with floral motifs

porcelain Dinnerware vintage heirlooms collectibles kaffeeservice coffee cups

High quality porcelain in white for sleek, minimalist taste

white porcelain Dinnerware sevierplatte plate Crystal glasses

“Touch” – the innovation of porcelain by KAHLA

porcelain tableware kahla touch table decoration plates cups bowls

porcelain tableware kahla leaf of gold gold band

tableware kahla touch kaffeeservice plate

kahla porcelain tableware touch kitchen crockery Plates bowls juicer lemon avocado

porcelain tableware kahla touch plate bowls of tea

RAK porcelain tableware, designed by Gemma Bernal

porcelain tableware of rak plate table decoration-healthy eating gemma Ariel

High class made of porcelain by Stefano Ricci

porcelain tableware Plates bowls cups luxury stefano ricci

Porcelain intricacies of Villeroy & Boch – the ALTHEA Nova collection

porcelain crockery table decoration plate tea pot sugar bowl villeroy Nicholas althea nova

Audun collection with a rustic overtones

porcelain Dinnerware of collection villeroy Jamil audun

A touch of the Provence

porcelain tableware villeroy balmor mugs Lavender table decoration

Festive table decoration for real purists

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Your Easter table could look!

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