Art Hotel In Marseille Offers Rooms With Split Design

Editor   December 11, 2013   Comments Off on Art Hotel In Marseille Offers Rooms With Split Design

art hotel room split into two half

Art hotel au Vieux Panier in Marseille and its rooms with exceptional design

Do you fancy Interior and original design of the rooms? If so, then it would kind of hotel au Vieux Panier in Marseille, France the right choice for you. Every room is unique. Some of them are calm with an aesthetic comfort and give you a good night’s sleep, others you will fascinate and invite you to extraordinary dreams. In every room at this type of hotel, an artist, graphic designer or artist has presented his art and work. Today we welcome the latest, fully finished room, not for nothing called Panic Room.

The project is one of the graffiti artists tilt and was carried out in the full color spectrum with spray cans colors. With the help of two friends, the artist has given a cool, fashionable look room by sprayed one room side in color, while the other is completely untouched. This almost surreal contrast more extreme acts by the precise line between the bright white and the bright, colourful area. Because this line itself visually divides the bed, the dressing table and other items into two half, the room gets a split design. That makes the bizarre and arouses the curiosity of guests.

Would you try maybe this room at art hotel?

art hotel urban art room design

A successful combination of two dimensions

art hotel of the panic room

Perfect line divides the room into two

art hotel rooms with colorful graffiti

Even the round mirror is visually divided

art hotel room design with two sides of

The attention to detail

art graffiti design In room

The eccentric graffiti artists themselves

art hotel contemporary wall art

Professional help is always in demand

art hotel the artists

The creative process of the work

art urban hotel design interior

Be resourceful and hard-working

art hotel graffiti room design

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