Beautiful Resorts On The Thailändichen Samui Island

beautiful resorts to the end spans

W Hotel: wonderful spa on Samui island

Are you looking for a paradise place for your next vacation? W Hotel on Samui should then certainly qualify for you. We want to like to enumerate to you its advantages. We want to help you to find a place where you can experience the relaxation in its purest form. Because it is sacred nowadays just for successful people who devote life mainly work.

Beautiful resorts on Samui island

relaxing resorts with swimming pool

This beautiful complex includes a total of 75 luxury villas. Each individual residence features its own swimming pool, very large, stylish terrace, super fast Wi-Fi everywhere.

The latest achievements in the household appliances can be found here. Noble materials and super high quality dominate in all details.

W Hotel room facilities

Resorts hotel room

It has the elegant look of the apartment due to the designer furniture and super harmonic General facilities.

24-hour service of the highest class is at the disposal of the guests.

Exuberant decorative elements

room decoration

Lampshades of silk, flat screens and super chic and modern coffee machines remain of the delightful character of the premises.

Drink cocktails and enjoy the sea views

beautiful seating areas In the water

Broad guest room has been integrated within the Interior. Still, man has a great terrace, which borders directly on the water. Next to the swimming pool, it has super elegant and comfortable seats, from which you can enjoy a great view.

You can sunbathe each day in close proximity to the coast. In the evening, there is no better place to enjoy the wonderful cocktails.

A cozy atmosphere also at dinner

restaurant facility In the resort town of

The cuisine offered by the restaurant, the kitchen table. You can enjoy traditional and international cuisine here every day.

Enjoy your holiday in all forms

spas views from the room

It should get on vacation not out of shape! On the contrary: right now, you have so much time for a long and relaxed trainning. One also finds fitness Hall of modern art within the complex.

Relaxation and cosmetic procedures

spas with recreation room

Also, you can spend your time in the health-care WET Center.

If you are suddenly under pressure of walking, swimming and trainning, then you might be nowhere better than relax in the spa centre. The whole range of relaxation and cosmetic procedures are available here.

Let yourself be pampered in the Spa Center

W Hotel on Samui Island

If you however belong to the people, who are not able to totally switch off from work then you are also right. Within the elegant W of Hall, you can organize at the same time very many meetings and meetings. Seminars in the most fantastic environment can be realized here. The whole thing is divided here into two main zones.

White sand and clear waters invite you to the beach

white sand on the beach

Of course, you have a paradisiacal Beach scene here! You can here otherwise, forget all the worries and problems! Here can keep the time at least for a few weeks…

The outdoor bar at nightoutdoor bar in the Spa

Innenenrichtung from the inner bar in the indoor bar can comfortably spend the cool nights

Bright seat cushions make for a great ambience

interesting bright seat cushions

This sight invites to romantic saving decorative courses

Kuorte night sight

Gorgeous, isn’t it? resorts for a vacation

The swimming pool directly in the bath

W Spa Hotel bathroom facility

Large swimming pool for those of you who don’t want to go to the beach

swimming pool overlooking the sea

For hours on end conversations

seating areas in the nature

Celestial restaurant style

W Hotel dining area