Dream Vacations Caribbean – Visit The Stunning Casa De Campo Resort

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holidays Caribbean collage Casa De Campo

Casa de Campo and your Caribbean dream vacation

The Caribbean is certainly the classic destination for the dream of millions of people around the world.  This is first absolutely not accidental and secondly, certainly deserves.

You can explain why this is so, on the basis of the beautiful resorts which are there. This article is about such a wonderful place. We my Casa de Campo. It is located on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.

Green landscape and beach

This is one of the eternal, unbeatable combinations which you could certainly see the Caribbean. It is a fact here on one side. In addition, but can say that this closeness to nature was recorded also in the modern architecture of the hotel.

Romantic Cove

holiday Caribbean Bay sand sea

Houses are particularly popular where the first floor is displayed as transparent. High glass façade determine the look at this level. The high wooden structures appear floating about nowhere.

You could inhabit exactly these kind of buildings, if you can afford a dream holiday in the Caribbean.

Or you opt for a hotel in a traditional look

holidays Caribbean traditional houses Casa De Campo

Luxury hobbies

No matter, whether you occasionally or regularly afford luxury hobbies, you could practice here free them. Because you have access to excellent golf courses. You are located in the beautiful areas of teeth of the dog (18 holes), dye Forte (27 holes) and the rest – turned to riding based on left.

The golf course from the bird’s eye view

holidays Caribbean Golf field Casa De Campo

Lush green and clear blue

holidays Caribbean golf games sea view

Some people keep enough for dynamic golf. But also other luxury hobbies could of course be exercised during your dream holiday in the Caribbean. You can ride in various exotic areas here. That could happen at the Esquentian Center. You could here continue to visit a Polo Club and shoot at different clay vessels. The complex with the name Esquestrian Center must offer all of this. Are you curious?

The Polo Club in the Esquestrian Center

holidays Caribbean Polo play Casa De Campo

The passion is here uppercase after water sports

You can ask in this case for the fishing excursions, which are organised in the Marina & Yacht Club. The evenings procedures can be filled with relaxing, which takes place at Casa de cambio Spa.

By massages, Spa, swimming pools, you could prepare your senses on an excellent evening meal

holidays Caribbean Massage Spa Resort

It can take place in turn in one of the many restaurants of high class.

Among these, the gourmet on all cases should note is the Beach Club by Le Cirque

dream vacation Caribbean Beach Club Le Cirque

But maybe you want that’s going on more romantic? If Yes, then you could hire maybe a yacht and service on this night. That would be but the fulfilled dream of many women, isn’t it?

Many yachts are available for you

holidays Caribbean Marina Casa De Campo

A magnificent view at the Marina

holidays Caribbean Marina views

Or why on the beach just lie around and do nothing?

But you must feel no obligation to undertake too many things. You don’t want that you need to recover from the holiday, or? The beautiful beaches are everywhere and they are accessible. Treat to it, to enjoy it fully.

Palm trees, Sun and sea

holidays Caribbean Casa De Campo beach

A beautiful white beach

holiday Caribbean white sand Palms

Enjoy a thrilling boat trip!

dream vacation Caribbean Beach Las Minitas boats

Or simply lie by the pool with your favourite book in the hand

holidays Caribbean Casa De Campo pool loungers

Altos de Chavon and sights

Would you even see the sights for a change from other hobbies and the beaches? If however, the also should be not exactly the case, you should visit but the district Altos de Chavon. It looks simply super picturesquely. Just going for a walk there is super fun. At the same time, everyone can enjoy what is dear to him, great. One could look at the boutiques, while others observe people who want to get to know the sights up close.

We have a special tip for both cases. One can visit the Boutique of Emilio Robba.

Others will surely find time for a short stint in the Church of Altos de Chavon

holidays Caribbean Church La Romana Altos de Chavón Iglesia de San Estanislao

Medieval houses in Altos de Chavon

holidays Caribbean Altos De Chavón houses

Taking a bicycle tour through Casa de Campo

dream vacation Caribbean Casa De Campo bicycle driving

Or do you prefer horse riding?

Caribbean dream holiday horse riding Casa De Campo

Traditional interiors in Casa PALAPA

holiday Casa Palapa Casa De Campo Caribbean

Typical colorful building in the Marina

dream vacation houses Marina Casa De Campo Caribbean

Drink a Käffchen in the Sun on the marketplace

holidays Caribbean La Romana Marina Casa De Campo

Beautiful walk in the afternoon

holidays Caribbean La Romana Marina walk

In the evening, a romantic ambience awaits you

holiday Caribbean luxury dinner Palms

Your hotel lobby could look like

holidays Caribbean luxury hotel interior Casa De Campo

Caribbean Dream pur

holidays Caribbean traditional villa Casa De Campo

How to live in paradise

holidays Caribbean luxury villa sea view

Enjoy an exotic cocktail in the shade

holidays Caribbean relax pool afternoon

Stunning in traditional Caribbean style

holidays Caribbean resort traditional building exotic

Chic luxury villa in Bahia Chavon 22

holidays Caribbean traditional architecture of Casa De Campo Bahia Chavon 22

The aquaria residence at Casa de Campo

dream holiday villa Aquaria Casa De Campo Caribbean

10 of the most exclusive luxury real estate resort

holidays Caribbean of top 10 villas Casa de Campo

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