Modern Bauen-the Incredible Amethyst-hotel In China

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modern building China Amethyst room inside

Modern building in China draws inspiration from traditional spirituality

Crystals and gems are, perhaps, the refined and oddest creations of nature. And now an attempt is made by human hand such a precision and aesthetics to imitate. The unique organic design of the building presented today is really quite different than anything you’ve seen so far.

The hotel resembles a cut by Druze, who want to show their glittering, sparkling and elegant interior.

China is slowly, but surely to the countries with the most unusual architecture

The Windows vision for the great Amethyst hotel in China

And the Amethyst hotel on the island of “Ocean flower” from the side shown

modern building China Amethyst room Island

What can be the reason, as an architect and designer to choose a gemstone as a source of inspiration?

The hotel operators want to offer guests relaxing and soothing atmosphere. You want to charge the visitors with the properties of amethysts.

Now you know China with the construction of an unusual hotel, but planning a hotel chain of particular luxury, which is based on Pearl, principles earned first place in the area.

The Amethyst Hotel looks like the gem itself and should supposedly have the effect of amethysts

An excellent nature creation

And the rear view of the hotel

The first Amethyst hotel is according to the plan on the island built Ocean flower, an island that will be built currently North of Hainan.  The passages to the rooms in the outermost region of the building be provided instead of internal gears, while the Windows, which are equipped with Crystal pieces, look towards the central atrium of the building, and even up to the horizon.

The Chinese believe that the Amethyst enhances the positive qualities of the people

And so the hotel should look like, when the project is completed.

modern building China Amethyst room aerial

Initially, the Amethyst was stone to a well-thought-out inspiration of Dutch architect members (NL-Architects) on the basis of his strong spiritual significance. It is that this gemstone has beneficial effect on the human fate and stimulates the development of the intellect believed traditionally in China. As you already noted, modern building means also organic, of course, and even spiritually. The Amethyst hotel, still being built, represents a surprising interest. Its cool design and its unusual shape to correct exactly it alongside other unconventional works on the island.

The Windows of the hotel should be like the crystals of the amethysts

modern building China Amethyst room parking lot

China is the first country in the list of candidates taking part in such a great construction project.  The architect of “NL-Architects” have the ambition to realize a series of such buildings all over the world.

There is now already surprisingly great interest for the hotel

The entrances to the rooms should be located in the outermost region of the building

modern building China Amethyst room planning

We can only look forward all be, like this gem in reality will look

modern building China Amethyst room by Park

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