10 Chic Estonians Furnishing Ideas For Closet – End/beginning Of 2013 2014

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furnishing ideas for closet dressing room white furniture

Clothes on the floor, stack with shoes, overloaded clothes rails – all sound familiar?

There are so many bad habits, which are connected with the cabinets and can lead quickly to the above image.

But we understand you, because it’s actually similar to all of us. Because ultimately, it’s not easy to find space for all our stuff. In critical situations, it is usually ready to sacrifice the perfect order for it to get only a pair of shoes in the closet.

This is also the reason why among experts the question with the functional cupboards so hot is. There are already thousands idea books, many of them on this website here.

Because I also know that many people for 2014 did order more, I decided my view for the compilation after 14 best ideas.

Dresser Island (in the first picture)

The designer Elizabeth Munger Stivers has brought this furnishing idea in the world. The white color and the employed levels have been created a fresh and clean look. Here you also much with the principles to do built-in cabinets. These are asked more and more in the in-line and specialized shops as an option.

Stivers warns, you’ll need plenty of space on all four sides for a solution. If this is not the case, the dresser peninsula would be the second-best solution.

Fold-out Ironing BoardInterior design ideas for wall cabinet

furnishing ideas for closet dressing room shelving brackets bed

Imagine one right there, where you need it most – in the closet. That can be successfully implemented in many households.

Shoe boxes

furnishing ideas for closet shoes fan

This is a furnishing idea which drives the women again and again into hysterical delight. Each compartment has enough room for a pair of your favorite shoes.

Furnishing idea for your jewellery Cabinet

furnishing ideas closet dressing jewelry

Here we have an oversized idea by California closets. You can keep objects of various sizes on the shelves and keeping other items also in different drawers.

Men – wall cabinets

furnishing ideas for closet dressing shirts men

Who would not enjoy because its clothing in such a Cabinet dark wood into it to? You have so much space for shirts, hats and shoes!

Hooks for bags

furnishing ideas for closet dressing pockets hook

These halls on the wall are so handy that they prove an always again most popular solution. This spoof on the shoulder of a man. You could do something similar for the clothes, don’t you find?

Shelf Cabinet

furnishing ideas for closet dressing room modern trends

Do you like jeans and pants! Here, then, is the perfect solution for you, where you beautifully arranged can store so many of these! Fascinated? You can insert additional telescopic rods made of the same material.

Display cases

furnishing ideas for closet dressing room upholstery showcases

Many people love to bring their favorite shoes. Lack of space that is however quite difficult. The House Designer Michale fill a mirror included. It includes fold-out seats with hidden Schließkörben.

Open boxes

furnishing ideas for closet dressing room drawers

Many people love this simple solution, which keeps the Lieblingssweater, hats and jeans mobile.

Glass showcases

furnishing ideas for closet dressing room elegant surface flowers

Many people love these transparent doors. You will no longer have to look after this or that shirt or skirt.

Make up chest of drawers

furnishing ideas for closet dressing room dressing table

Avoid the fight before the mirror in the toilet through the installation of another in the closet. You can keep here wonderfully some beauty accessories and jewels.

Drawer divider

furnishing ideas closet clothes storage space area

Avoid the image with the crowded shelves, using such drawer divider as furnishing idea.

All in one Cabinet

furnishing ideas for closet dressing room masculine

We all love our niche storage areas. But we all actually want a wardrobe in the can – accommodate everything from shoes to the traditional t-shirts. You can provide for small touches of luxury, by installing under some leather holder or a built-in refrigerator. Here you have many clothes rails, pull-out drawers, which can be seen and a lot of open shelf space.

Tie rack

furnishing ideas for closet suit

Many people love such pull-out drawers for ties, sunglasses and so on.

Built-in Schließkorb

furnishing ideas for closet dressing room colorful

This is a favourite of many readers On-Line magazine for interior design. The House Designer and architect Laurence Tamaccio has helped come up with this idea. It’s a modular system, so to say “thinking of everything”.

What solution would be suitable in your case?

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