10 Decorating Ideas – Furniture From Natural Wood In Bright Colors

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living room design light color wood natural idea soft carpet

10 tips for your home – natural wood furniture in vibrant colors

Did you know that the natural wood is perfectly suited to monochrome surfaces? It looks really very attractive and sexy. Can you achieve this effect at home with interior decoration? We show you some examples that we have ordered extra for you. You need just a Cabinet or another piece of furniture, the basis of which is made of natural wood. Then you have to paint the doors in a different color. A gem can arise in so easily! You can also simply place the solid wood furniture in the vicinity of monochrome walls. There are really many possibilities and options to combine the natural wood with the Interior in saturated colors. And most of them look really noteworthy. You can enjoy a few original ideas and examples.

Stylish combination – natural wood furniture in bright colors – purple walls

combined furniture wall Naturzholz vibrant colors from purple

The dining table with bench by Ilmari Tapiovaara combined honey-tinted pine with a cabinet by Lambert, who is veneered with ebony. This delicate combination looks just gorgeous with purple background.

Fuchsia credenza, bright yellow wall and a stool in the same color one at that

furniture from natural wood vibrant colors Blau Weiß wall

The sideboard by Zweed is made of birch. It makes an interesting and fresh impression with the bright blue color.

Comfortable yellow Chair combined with soft carpet in a clever way

combined furniture from Naturzholz soft pastel carpet

The CH07 Chair by Carl Hansen & son has a natural wooden base, which is combined with warm beige color.

Bright wooden elements – beige wall and designer wall clock

furniture from natural wood Chair shelves books wall clock

The Studio Wall shelves of Ferme living are made of smoked oak and the back is painted in monochrome colour.

Dining furniture oak by various designers

combination grass green wall hanging paper dining table chairs

Furniture made of oak from different manufacturers combined with walls that are painted in olive green color.

White, low dresser in cherry wood, elegant white hanging lamp

furniture from natural wood hanging plastic white chest of drawers flooring

Alba sideboard by Pinch Design is made of cherry wood and has white doors.

Simple dark bed with a large headboard – monochrome page table yet

wood grey upholstered bed headboard white minimalist wall floor

A simple bed of period produced from American walnut with dark grey head.

Brightly colored floor lamp and chairs around the simple, wooden table

garishly colorful decoration items soft carpet table natural wood green yellow floor lamp

Rustic table by Eden living from teak wood with patina in Nice combination with Maui chairs by Kartell in strident, modern colors.

Classic designer Chair in a room with pink walls – interesting Wall shelves in the form of squares

classic furniture from natural wood shelves colorfully garish combines Pink Wall decoration motifs

Chair by Knoll from walnut-tree and wall in pink and retro colors.

Pastel coloured walls and stylish Wall shelves – sideboard by CDY is veneered with teak wood. Features funny drawers in pastel shades.

combined furniture from Naturzholz delicate white desk

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