10 Design Ideas For Industrial Trends In The Interior Design

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industrial accents In the interior design rough wall design concrete bedroom

Interior design ideas for industrial trends in the interior design

The structure of a House can have a double stylistic feature. The exposed brick, pipes, metal and other construction elements can provide for the establishment of an industrial style.

This style came out of some factories for mass production in the 19th century, which have become empty and the artists have been made available. There, you have enjoyed the original architecture, the open space and the wonderful acoustics.

Today this industrial style fascinated by much more people than just some owners of creative apartments

industrial trends In the interior design Chevron pattern carpet curtains

Whether you have a more traditional or more modern operation to things, industrial elements can give your design a fancy character.

Today, you can learn about the basic elements of style and integrate them into your home design of different types, such as you.

Weathered wood

industrial trends In the interior design wood plate ball lights

The floor of the old factories shows mostly meaningful signs of exhausting work and is visibly worn out. Many studios now from factories are highly regarded for their rich patina.

You provide more warmth and nostalgia in the room.

How to get the look of the picture:

Rummaging through the flea markets and the workshop for precious pieces of weathered wood and thus enrich your space. Old floors fit perfectly to walls of new panels and kitchen islands. Old window frames and doors can be converted into new pieces for hanging on the wall. Still, you can be attached to headboards, tables and artwork.

Structural systems

industrial trends In the interior design dazzling fridge kitchen

The air conditioners, electrical and piping systems are often uncovered in the old factories. Since the room was purely functional, you had to hide them.

How to get the look from the picture at home:

Exposed air management systems or tubes do not fit together with all kinds of modern facilities. You can present but cool industrial elements in a more subtle manner.

You can issue only a small piece of channel in the area. Still, you could use table as the legs of a DIY galvanized tube. You could do the same with shelves, holders and wardrobes. The secret is always the same: creativity!

Exposed brick

industrial accents In the interior design brick walls Corner sofas Brown pillow

Burnt clay bricks are used for centuries as a building material. This carefully edited material is known for his persistence and stamina. It was to see so many of the industrial factories.

How to get the look of this room

Few are the lucky ones among us who have hidden this jewelry piece behind the wall. If building a wall as an industrial item means you too much, then you might realize this at the rear of the kitchen or around the fireplace.


industrial trends In the interior design workroom home office wall clock

Industrial pendant lighting with enamelled porcelain shapes, square lights made of aluminium, steel glass – or ribbed glass constructions are just a few of the popular lighting types, which brighten up the old power plants.

How to get this look

Today, dozens of modern lighting manufacturers have specialized to achieve this look at their products. Look for the largest pendant that you can afford at all and place them on the dining area, the kitchen island, the entrance or in the hallway. Therefore provide the gain of a subtle industrial look.


industrial trends In the interior design living room kitchen bar stool

This material was widely used in old industrial buildings, mills and workshops. This was used on the ground as well as in the construction.

How to get the look from the picture

Popular and affordable options for the processing of the concrete are polishing and painting. You want to insert this material but not on the ground? Simple accessories such as the concrete planters, table bases and DIY concrete on nuts that look wonderfully can imitate.

Steel – built-in fireplace

industrial accents In the interior design recessed fireplace metal deck

The industrial workshop and the mills had made of stainless steel columns, beams and carrier. Exactly as is the case with the design elements, there was no reason to hide these in any manner with regard to the function of the building

How to get the look from the picture you

Put on a few stylish accessories and furniture to give the atmosphere an industrial feel. The clean lines, the industrial feeling.

Recycled furniture

industrial trends In the interior design hallway table wood plate massive

Transmission, mechanical devices, tiles and work pieces, valves, hardware are only a part of the non-structural elements which remain of old industrial buildings.

Its robust design ensures incredible creative possibilities.

How to get this look at home

Preserved industrial elements and old pieces from the workshop look wonderful when they are mixed with other design styles. Alone, you are also a meaningful focus.

You also have a fondness for the industrial look, but you want to apply it in a subtle manner at home? So, it is also true, in our opinion, because the House must also serve your own taste and be comfortable but also for people with other preferences. I hope we could help up through the tips to achieve this effect.

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