10 Great, Practical Garden Design Ideas

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Garden design ideas for outdoor use

There’s something better than coming home, because in the summer take off your shoes, a cold drink mix is outside and it directly go to the outdoor area of your home? Sitting there in the fresh air is a great way to relax, switch off and again to think over the things of the past day. Here are a few fresh garden design ideas, which will inspire you totally.

Creative exterior design

garden design ideas wood flooring garden furniture pool

I bring a bed of Lake fibres with these moments, with linen-covered chairs and something more elegant and sleeker in conjunction. I would enjoy the best the shadows of an oversized screen. In my hand I imagine a tall glass with an ice cream drink. Do you have a swimming pool?

This would look just as good in the backyard. I would change the seating area with many pots. These would include delicate plants such as lavender, for example.

Area to hang around in the yard

patio eclectic garden design ideas swing

Who says that only children have fun on swing? Use original garden design ideas and make your outdoor area happy with a colourful indoor-outdoor Chair. Add some beautiful plants with interesting leaves and rock your worries away!

Secret reading area

terrace design ideas reading corner bench cushion garden furniture

Is that what the most relaxed you, the “disappearance” with a nice book? A hidden corner is exactly what you need. We see a bench with pillows in the corner of the garden. She will be extra shielded by the hanging authentic shutters and the vines, which fall from the top.

Superior terrace

Familiennhaus terrace design ideas lounge rattan furniture

The front terrace is the perfect place for an afternoon sleep. The fresh air and the nice breeze have a mild effect. At the same time, it is protected through the ceiling if it suddenly starts raining. Any day bed would be fitting to do this, but I think that the hanging version is especially nice for that matter.

Hiding in the backyard

eclectic patio colored decorating carpet garden furniture

Create a simple Pergola in the backyard. Provide for an exotic experience by installing curtains to the whole. Can feel this as an exotic passage through the surrounding white curtains. Place a soft day bed and a couch, which is typical for outdoor use, including. The curtains on the one hand serve as protection for the private sector and at the same time will soften the Sun on very hot days.

Garden design ideas with classic hammock

garden design ideas wood hammock concrete slabs

Beautiful, high trees grow in your backyard? Why not bring it in use? Stretch out a hammock and put an at the beginning of full relaxation. You come back from work, take off your shoes, take something to drink and lie in the backyard. Unfortunately, you have no trees? There are also hammocks with their own supporting structure.

Private dining area

Mediterranean patio garden design ideas table

Maybe you want to eat in the open air, or simply want to drink a glass of wine? On any nice weekend, you will be happy about such a private facilities. Searching for a hidden by the wind. So a corner in the garden such as this one, would be the perfect choice, right? You could achieve more security through fiddling around with plants. As an example, you can serve this image here.

Keep hand in the home a stack of fresh tablecloths, so you quickly can replace them, if one should be dirty.

Tropical retreat

terrace design ideas In the tropical style garden furniture

Lights from recycled wood, mood-generating tropical garden furniture with a deep and dark appearance, as well as such and a hammock on the terrace together make up an extremely appealing image. Here no matter whether this dream idea includes the pouring of cocktails and playing cards with friends, or whether it is enjoying peace and quiet solo, everything that you could want.

Simple bamboo roller blinds

terrace design ideas In the tropical-style wood sofa table bench

Do you have a terrace which gets lots of Sun? If Yes, then curtains and blinds will let the atmosphere seem much more appealing. Do you prefer to achieve a tropical look? Draw simple roller blinds made of bamboo into consideration. What do you think of the one shown here?

Spot on the ceiling

terrace design ideas garden furniture cushion

Pull a cooling zone into consideration. This is of fundamental importance for the inhabitants of the city. Also if your room is small, you should consider a nice spot with a coffee table in recital. You can equip a place to drink coffee from a small side table and a futon, which is covered with a blanket.

The burlap pillow will be appear the whole experience more enjoyable.

Sweet simplicity

garden design ideas garden furniture plants

Sometimes all you need is a place where you can sit just outside. Bring out together a couple of chairs and a small table in a hidden place in the garden. This can be anywhere in the outdoor area. Give to the seating area with native grass species naturally growing. This will feel very much at home with the wind. Also, hang a wind chime that spreads nice sounds to relax. Those were our garden design ideas. Do you feel inspired?