10 Interesting Geheimtüren, The To Hidden Rooms Run

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mural idea Geheimtüren flooring wood classic equipment

10 interesting Geheimtüren that lead to hidden rooms

In the course of world history, there were always hidden rooms, secret alcoves and passageways. All European castles and palaces have many secret passages and ports, due to the persecution of the Catholic Church. Today, you can discover secret doors in many homes. Most people believe that the Geheimtüren behind bookshelves are hidden. This is not always the case. There are inputs that you did not notice, because they look exactly like the wall, but they also lead to hidden rooms. See some examples of interesting and fascinating and not tell me that you ertäumt have never been a secret room.

10 interesting Geheimtüren that lead to hidden rooms

bookcases wooden secret hidden rooms

Built-in Wall shelves wood – variety of books

secret door wood dark Wall shelves books reading fairy

Exquisite apartment interiors – decorative motifs and elements – wood shelf with a secret door in the Middle

secret door wood shiny surface painted piano play

Creative and clever idea for a secret door home

secret door wood idea light books graffiti wallpaper wall coveringwood flooring wall shelving idea Geheimtüren interesting fairy tale

A hidden room behind the wooden drawers in the children’s area

wood furniture cushions secret door nursery idea horse

Simple wall in grey and a secret door in between

interesting Geheimtüren home flat grey color wall

Creative, chromatic mural – shelf wall, secret door to

mural idea dark room Interior decorative round table secret doorsilver tableware, plate – the wall and the secret door right designed Wall plate chromatic colors secret door metal tableware

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