10 Reasons Why You An Attic Dwelling Set

attic dwelling beams

The secret of the inner balance

Have invented a Rettungsort you, where you get away from the everyday stress. Where is hiding the secret of balance between work and private life? Has the peace of mind a price? Everyone is often such questions. I found the answer for me personally… A beautiful, cosy attic inhabit, may prove to be the key to your inner self.

Below, I’ve collected some fresh ideas for you, so that our morning can offer better prospects.

Why should you inhabit a mansard

attic dwelling floor lamp

attic dwelling diagonal bar

In spite of the limited space, attic flats look always hospitable. Enjoy the peaceful moments with your family. Drinking coffee in front of the window, can turn into a familiar moment. Just try it!

VELUX Window

attic inhabit hell

attic inhabiting flower wallpaper

Generally considered, have apartments VELUX window. This can be a great benefit to you. It has been proven that natural light is essential for our well-being, can improve our services and reduce the stress. Velux window are characterised by their unique style and if you are lucky, you will enjoy a magnificent view!

Remain undisturbed

attic dwelling lounge

To live in an attic bears in addition to this, you remain undisturbed. To have private time, today is assumed as a luxury. Spend quality time with your family!

Especially for freelancers

attic dwelling round table with chairs

attic dwelling workplace

We assume that you are a freelancer! To live in an attic room, gives you the opportunity to develop your creativity. All you need are natural lighting and a comfortable chair.

Combine everything completely

attic inhabiting stained set

Do you remember your favorite curtains? Until now, it was impossible to combine them with the remaining furniture. Now, the problem is solved.

Modular furniture

attic dwelling stairs 2 Bette

attic dwelling purple Bette

In such small spaces, you need to make your personal belongings especially creative. Here are some ideas for storage. And yet this word – modular furniture…


Garret Bewohnenholzdecke

What kind of Idyll! No noise and no risk of flooding!

Comfortable reading area

attic dwelling reading

Sloping walls are perfect for creating a reading corner. Your magic nest can make a warm bookcases, magazine and Chair to add – all.

Romantic effect

attic dwelling white ceiling

attic dwelling in heaven

Give your kids the opportunity directly under the stars to sleep. All their dreams will come true.  Leave a piece of romance to the room and dive together with your partner in the world of love. The Moonlight will caress your eyes… beautiful!

Have you already decided to live in a Garret? I certainly!

Source: Stroitelni.bg