10 Warm And Precious Rugs To Cuddle Up

rugs Wollewarm cuddly light gray high-quality textiles sofa white round side tableWarm blankets for cold times

Especially now, when it has become wet and cold outside, we crave more and more warmth and coziness. The well-proven rugs help there in any case. Fluffy feeling of security to cuddle up. Not for nothing the wool as nature material more than 5000 years used and highly valued as protection from the cold. Wool has excellent ability, to save heat and regulate and is also undoubtedly superior to other fibres.  Wool but is not equal to wool!

A distinction is mainly sheep and lamb’s wool, wool, cashmere and mohair and alpaca and camel hair. All of these types of wool are excellent warmer and it’s worth quite in a blanket made of these fibers to invest. As you probably already guessed, sheep’s wool is the most common and therefore the cheapest variant for cozy comfort on the couch. Cashmere and mohair are high-quality and more expensive, because they are won in smaller amounts from special types of goats, mainly from Asia. Rugs from these fibers are extremely soft and lightweight. Exactly like this sheep’s wool they must be washed at home, but cleaned in the chemical cleaning.

Alpaca and camel hair are among the noblest types of wool in the world. You can tell not only the high price, but especially when viewing and touching. Heavenly soft and ultra comfortable. Rugs from alpaca also have the advantage that they recommend are especially for people with allergies, because they are free from lanolin (wool FAT).

Rugs in pure wool are high quality and warm

rugs wool natural materials warm cozy residential ceiling

Just wondering, where should you start because when searching for the appropriate rug? There we can assist. We introduce today our 10 Favorites. All are made of precious, pure wool. With their sophisticated patterns and smooth texture, they can enroll in any any institution. Browse on DaWanda, urban Australia and co. with or discover fair trade treasures with the numerous trade online shops such as Contigo and El Puente fair. Give no chance to the cold and give even more cuddly warmth and comfort your loved one and themselves in winter!

Our TOP 10 favourites in terms of rugs:

Arica Alpaca rug at Urbanara.de

rugs of Alpaca blanket rug Plaid Arica grey urban Australia

rugs of Alpaca blanket rug Plaid Arica urban Australia grey bedroom

The cashmere rug Uyuni in Burgundy

rugs cashmere blanket Plaid Uyuni Claret urban ARA retired

rugs Plaid Uyuni Claret geometric pattern way fringe urban ARA

100% pure new wool – the s. rug in light grey

rugs wool Salla urban ARA striped warm white grey

rugs wool Salla model striped fringe

Chic and warm pastel colours – the Winchester blanket wool

rugs wool Winchester multi colored pastel colors bedspread Plaid urban ARA

rugs wool Winchester multi colored pastel colors soft warm Plaid urban ARA

The lovely Miramar from 100% Lambswool in cobalt blue

rugs Lambswool Miramar urban Australia

Lambswool rugs rug Miramar cobalt blue soft urban ARA

Modern India in turquoise – delicate and fair traded from Contigo.de

rugs Plaid modern India turquoise fair trade Contigo

The plaid Orient blazing in red

rugs Plaid Orient blazing red India Fairtrade Contigo

Orient blue Rainbow

rugs wool natural wool Oriental blue India fair trade Contigo

100% Scandinavian wool in natural colors of North Deco shop on DaWanda

rugs new rug Plaid wool DaWanda North Deco shop

Soft wool from Mexico at amodini.com

rugs wool natural Mexico fair Rosa Amodini traded

rugs natural Mexico fair trade vegan Rosa Amidini