100 Kitchen Examples With An Industrial Look

kitchen brick Heller industrial floor

Kitchen equipment – set up the kitchen in an industrial style

The industrial style fascinated by functionality and affordability in the design. However, this is a set up trend that doesn’t let up. In the kitchen, it finds its place perfectly. That is just in our today’s article. Want to give your kitchen an industrial look? Then take a look at this captivating image gallery with industrial kitchens! You will surely find some cool interior solutions, enrolling in your kitchen.

Bring a modern element in the industrial Interior

kitchen design cool decoration plants industrial

DIY pendant lights in the industrial kitchen

kitchen design white paint of darker ground industrial look

With an industrial look combine contemporary

kitchen design ideas white open Wall shelves kitchen island

Incidentally, industrial kitchens are especially trendy this year. If you to strive for a such kitchen , why not put then this ultimately into action? While some by combining contemporary aesthetics and industrial elements stand out, other kitchen designs remain rather classical.

Shelf system with open shelves and brick wall can appear industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen design open shelf system

Industrial kitchen in light shades

kitchen design industrial brick bright kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen with distinctive industrial look

kitchen design dark Interior black green industrial

Floor and wall decoration

The raw textures in the industrial interior design impress with their beauty. Brick walls, wall tiles and even concrete walls are often to see in industrial kitchens. Obviously, the brick walls are particularly popular and up to date. Steel surfaces and proper flooring design are also of great importance, so that one gives a cool perfect appearance of the kitchen. Many are the ways in which you can choose. Wood flooring and painted floor are some of the options that convey an almost vintage look of the kitchen.

Combined kitchen and dining area

kitchen design black Pendellleucheten plants

Cool ceiling lighting brings natural light into the luxurious kitchen

kitchen design brick wall industrial

Elegant use of wood in the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen island

kitchen design ideas industrial kitchen brick wood

The industrial style complemented with the vintage style

kitchen industrial colour contrast black beige

Equipment and kitchen islands

Have you longed for an industrial kitchen design? But you have always wondered how interior design can be realized so that a fascinating Interior comes about? The right approach is, spice up the space in the correct manner by matching accessories. In addition, everything about it is that one gives the kitchen a distinct individuality, which corresponds to your own taste, rather than to create a monotonous Interior. Through home-made pendant lamps and chairs, a modern kitchen island, shelves and cabinets made of old pieces, they give a kind of feature space.

The industrial kitchen spice it up by plants

kitchen industrial style spacious grey beige

Achieve a contrast in the textures

industrial kitchen Blackboard bar stool

Industrial kitchen with elements from the country house style

kitchen industrial cool equipment floor tiles

Combine aesthetics with ergonomics in the kitchen

kitchen industrial red brick kitchen island bar stool

Modern design

For some people, the industrial look is then possible to find balance between the modern perfection and the eccentric notes. This fusion of the two styles is a great application in the kitchen. The kitchen you can have less or more industrial look, by adding some elements in the time or eliminate. The chic industrial kitchens are characterised by a certain soft radiance and are dominated by shiny chic kitchen cupboards and surfaces. You rely on significant lighting.

A kitchen design that looks classic and contemporary at the same time

kitchen kitchen island Grau Weiß

Stylish application of fresh colors in the industrial kitchen

kitchen modern industrial purple kitchen islands

Combine wood and wall tiles

kitchen industrial functional wood window

Give the kitchen a modern smooth look

kitchen modern industrial kitchens white kitchen island

As regards the colour design of modern industrial kitchen, grey is a great choice for the creation of an industrial chic kitchen. Thus, you can easily create a balance between the modern and the industrial.

Small kitchens

While great kitchens in the industrial style with large Windows, interesting ceilings and expansive Interior impress, there is matching tricks to make industrial kitchen look cool. Efficiency, simplicity and ergonomics are only some of the determining factors that make up the industrial kitchen. Functional shelves and countertops provide an industrial incentive the small kitchen.

Ceiling lighting and white tiles

kitchen small kitchen appliances industrial set up sloping roof

Large pendant lights over the dining table are particularly fashionable in the industrial kitchen

kitchen pendant lights of rustic dining table

Small kitchen with stylish industrial look

kitchen small kitchen set brick wall tiles

Small industrial kitchen with corner shape are extremely interesting, what’s their interior design. Add color and plants and reach a fresh Interior

kitchen industrial kitchen roof recessed

Shelving and storage systems

Another way to let the kitchen happen industrially is to integrate open Wall shelves with them. But forget not immanent raw feel that these shelves should radiate. Kitchen shelves give you the opportunity to exploit the space vertically in the industrial Interior. Along with the vintage transform the existing room shelves and freestanding kitchen cabinets in a magnificent place.

Brick and steel help you to achieve the industrial look easier

industrial kitchen brick wall Pendellleuchten

Decorate your kitchen with the right accessories

kitchen design open shelves dish issue

The Blackboard is a livelier alternative as you design the walls of industrial kitchen

kitchen design kitchen design industrial

Sliding doors made of glass for the open Wall shelves

kitchen design industrial style open shelves

The industrial kitchen seem appealing

kitchen design sheet metal industrial look

Lamp shades made of copper and metallic glow in the kitchen

kitchen design cool kitchen island pendants

Why do you choose not fresher shades for the kitchen design?

green kitchen cabinets red bar stool kitchen design

Industrial style with vintage items

kitchen design of industrial look pendant lights

Bring a fresh touch in the industrial kitchen design

kitchen design white wall tiles cooler floor open racks

Accents in the kitchen

kitchen design brick tulips industrial

Fabulous combination of textures in the industrial kitchen

kitchen design brick walls cool pendant light industrial

Is typical of the industrial kitchen, to exhibit the tableware

kitchen design storage wood industrial

If you want to emphasize the kitchen island, hanging pendant lights over this

kitchen design kitchen island great bar stools good lighting

Kitchen design especially for wine connoisseurs

kitchen design cool kitchen island wine bottles bearing

Cleverly combine colors in the industrial kitchen

kitchen design colors combine industrial look

Through the kitchen pendant lights lend an eclectic look

kitchen design fresh pendants eclectic industrial

Create a colour contrast in the industrial kitchen

kitchen design functional space contrast

Modern kitchen cabinets in grey

kitchen design grey kitchen cabinets white wall tiles

Window refresh the industrial kitchen

kitchen design large Windows tile pendants

Bright kitchen and purple Teepich in the kitchen

bright kitchen cabinets kitchen design carpet white paint

Wooden kitchen island and matching pendant lights make up this industrial kitchen

kitchen design wooden kitchen island pendants

A cool accent wall in the kitchen will be rocking the boat

kitchen design cool wall decoration kitchen island

Ribbed metal gives the kitchen a wonderful look

kitchen design cool wall decoration rustic dining table

Industrial kitchen with large work surface

kitchen design window spacious simple wall decoration

Stylish kitchen with brick walls

kitchen design industrial kitchen island bar stool brick

The real eye-catcher in this kitchen are cool pendant lights

kitchen design industrial kitchen rustic kitchen island

Large Windows let more natural light in the industrial kitchen come in

kitchen design industrial look dining table plants

Wooden surfaces complement the bricks in the industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen design fresh bright decor

Concrete and wood combine great in this industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen design kitchen island bar stool window

Create an industrial-style spacious kitchen

kitchen design industrial white paint

Vintage cool industrial design elements

kitchen design industrial vintage items

Brick walls and dark kitchen cabinets

kitchen design small kitchen functional design

Industrial kitchen with open plan

kitchen design small kitchen industrial look

Applying colors and textures sent in the industrial Interior

kitchen design combination of textures pendants

Blend minimalism with an industrial style

kitchen design minimalist Induatriell at the same time

Spacious kitchen in an industrial style

kitchen design pendant lamps recessed spacious

Industrial kitchen with contemporary kitchen cabinets in white

kitchen design white kitchen cabinets open shelves

The matching lamps contribute to the overall industrial look

kitchen design wall white brick walls cool pendant lights

Connect the industrial style with modern style

kitchen design contemporary industrial combination

Achieve a cool industrial kitchens look

kitchen design industrial accent wall brick dishes

In the industrial kitchen integrated a cool kitchen island

industrial kitchen design cool pendant luminaires fancy kitchen island

Beautiful kitchen island from concrete writes great in the industrial kitchen

industrial kitchen kitchen island kitchen design concrete

Red accents in the white kitchen design black

kitchen design industrial kitchen red accents

Modern chandelier, which shine the kitchen

kitchen design industrial kitchen of chic chandelier plant

Industrial kitchen for the modern home

kitchen design of industrial ergonomic look vintage

Ideas for small industrial kitchen Wall shelves

kitchen of industrial look wall shelving sliding doors

Add some color in the industrial kitchen design

kitchen industrial style colored accents set

Urban kitchen design

industrial kitchen chandelier grey kitchen cabinets

Stylish elements in the industrial kitchen

kitchen industrial modern elements brick

Open Wall shelves, brick walls and wooden kitchen island pendant lights make up the industrial style

industrial kitchen open Wall shelves brick wood

Black accents in the industrial kitchen

kitchen industrial black accents

Red fridge provides the industrial kitchen a vintage touch

kitchen industrial vintage fridge red

Ideas on how you can make the storage space in the small industrial kitchen

kitchen small kitchen storage racks

Small kitchen with cool brick wall

kitchen small kitchen of industrial look Zigelwand

The small kitchen can look great too in the industrial style

kitchen small kitchen brick wall open shelving

Fascinating industrial-style kitchen design

kitchen small space Coller industrial look

Small industrial-style kitchen set

kitchen small space industrial look open WAD shelves

How to you find the industrial style in the kitchen?

kitchen small space open Wall shelves shelving system industrial

Country house style and industrial style match

kitchen combination industrial style country house style

Interesting pendant lamps hang

kitchen kitchen set up industrial style

Join you the dining area in the industrial kitchen

kitchen cuisine dining room industrial look

Choose the right accessories for the decoration of the industrial kitchen

kitchen kitchen island cool wall decoration mural open shelves

Kitchen cabinets made of bamboo provide more comfort kitchen

kitchen kitchen cabinets bamboo heat comfort

Industrial kitchen with inspirational kitchen island

kitchen open shelves pendant lighting kitchen island industrial

Open Wall shelves symbolize the industrial style

kitchen open shelves embodying industrial style

Open shelving systems are perfect for the industrial kitchen

kitchen open shelving systems cool lighting

Pimp the industrial kitchen design cool orange kitchen chairs and coloured pendant luminaires on

kitchen Orange kitchen chairs coloured pendants

Of tubes in the industrial kitchen

kitchen pipes brick industrial look

Create a cool industrial kitchen

kitchen Rostsichere kitchen cabinets great kitchen island black ceiling

A unique kitchen island completed the industrial kitchen design

unique kitchen island kitchen great brick wall

Elegant industrial design

kitchen cool industrial kitchen chic

The industrial kitchen great seem to allow a fancy chandelier

kitchen grey rustic features cool chandelier

The industrial style fits great to the modern kitchen

kitchen industrial kitchen island bar stool open shelves

The dark kitchen spice it up by plants

kitchen chic industrial kitchen plants

Industrial kitchen with grey wall color

kitchen industrial grey wall of kitchen equipment

The ceiling design is an important part of the industrial kitchen

kitchen design roof design green pendant lamps

Attractive exhibit the kitchenware

kitchen design ideas kitchen equipment exhibiting industrial

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