12 Hints For Good Living In The Loft Or Studio

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nice living In the loft or Studio living room original Setup

Customize your loft or Studio according to your needs

You lack storage possibilities? You don’t have a sleeping room? We have collected some ideas here for you, how you can maximize the space and can customize according to your needs, your loft or Studio.

No matter how big, lofts and studios have similar properties. Almost all have enough built-in cupboards as storage space, need custom-made furniture, and last but not least have the bed in the living room. Read the 12 instructions for planning the rooms for maximum comfort, style and flexibility.

Plan a cohesive color scheme – nice living in the loft or Studio

nice living In the loft or Studio sofa living room wall shelving

If you can see your living room just at a glance, then you need necessarily matching colors. A room with harmonious colors look more orderly, clean and integrated out.

Consider the vote of the pieces of furniture. An eclectic look would work if he is deliberately targeted – the strict colour composition helps then. If you are feeling but not sure, then you just stay one style – including the Midcentury. You will have a single room.

Provide lighting systems at different heights

nice living In the loft or Studio table dining room classic establishment

The low hanging pendant lamps give an intimate feel – so use them over the dining table or in the living room. Higher hanging lights are suitable for ‘public’ corners – as for example, corridor or work stations in the kitchen.

Determine the “rooms” with carpets. An old note, but again to say is because he really works. A small rug for the zone is the most common mistake. Ideally such a large carpets choose, fit all their pieces of furniture. On the carpet, you can set a smaller rug for more color and softness. In the dining room, take a enough large carpet so that the Chair pushed backwards while standing up on the carpet.

Consider the possibilities

nice living In the loft or Studio living room original Setup

Closets are never enough in lofts and studios. Install own cabinets on one wall. Set up the entire wall with shelves, cabinets and wardrobes. Although expensive, this effort makes life easier and more comfortable every day, so it’s worth.

Disconnect the space with shelves without splashback

nice living In the loft or Studio shelves on splitter wood decoration

The easiest way you can make a room within a room with the help of a shelf without splashback that is perpendicular to the wall. You can apply this information in larger and smaller rooms. Arrange the books better horizontally and not vertically, put things in baskets that look good from all sides and mixing many decorative elements, such as for example vases, candles and bowls. Everything must be naturally safe – staying with younger children or in a country with earthquake, then you must attach the shelf properly on the wall or on the ground.

Installing the casters for flexibility

nice living In the loft or Studio bookshelves design

The piece of furniture in the picture is library from one side and wardrobe from the others – and with the casters’s can be easily rotated and moved. Great furniture with casters to buy are available on the market, but you can install it to almost every existing piece of furniture. Remember how sent it would be just to be able to move the sofa, bed, or shelf.

Take advantage of innovative, flexible furniture

nice living In the loft or Studio wood solid sliding door

In a tight space, you need smart, space-saving design. Consider fold-out wall beds, disappearing doors, modern pull-out sofas and height adjustable dining and coffee tables.

nice living In the loft or studio space white wall

With his furniture, the Studio in the picture looks slightly and extended – and the bed surface is used for other purposes.

Choose the right scale

nice living In the loft or Studio living room dining room with the correct size of the furniture, the room looks comfortable and convenient, otherwise – awkward. For small spaces, you buy the maximum possible size that leaves enough room for movement around the furniture around. The small pieces of furniture make you feel just uncomfortable. In larger rooms, you can afford larger furniture – but you don’t buy overly large. Some sofas and chairs on the market today are so gigantic that an average man feel as overwhelmed.

Install a Loft bed

To make nice living In the loft or Studio head kitchen compactEine great way to maximize the vertical space and private space, it is important to have a bunk bed. But well, consider whether you want to use every day the head or sacrifice prefer a bit more space and make a comfortable staircase. Otherwise for children or if you do not mind, the ladder is very space-saving solution.

Use curtains to soften the corners and making private space

nice living In the loft or Studio yellow wall cozy

Hang curtains to separate a not existing rooms or to make more private the bedroom and living room. Of course, you can hang high room curtains to window – for more warmth and privacy, including more natural light.

Benefit from the extensive wall surfaces with a gallery wall

nice living In the loft or Studio pictures wall sofa Dresser

With the gallery wall, you can indicate your style better. You must complete the entire wall at once. Start the composition of the middle and with time, you can add more works.Share with us: stay in a loft or Studio? What is the biggest challenge in front of you?

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