15 Modern Ceiling Lights, Immediately In The Eye Drop

modern ceiling light design

15 modern ceiling lights for your home

Looking for the perfect lighting for your home? Perhaps we could help you today. We have put together a great list for you. It’s about 15 ceiling lights, which will charm you with their beauty.

In this list, we have to do with a simple, contemporary and partly modernised version of the usual lights. So, that sets them apart from the usual lamps that we see on television or anywhere else.

One thing is certain: you are inspired by these lights here, to take the time and to seek out the most inspiring and beautiful light. Even the list starts here! We hope you enjoy viewing!

Agros ceiling lamp with crystals

Modern ceiling design glossy round

Just look, Argos is how adorable. The crystals give more class and upscale character the ceiling lamp. She is quite sure ideal subscribe to contemporary modern houses.

Modern ceiling lights

modern flower ceiling luminaire design light chain form

Think of neon lights in bars and bistros? The light here is of the same kind, but the designers have created more appealing and almost perfectly.


modern ornate ceiling lights design gloss brilliant

Perhaps you’ve seen similar lights like this also in other of our articles. Are you not simply in love in this piece?

Contemporary art force Contessa

ceiling lights design modern lamp shade transparent

The tempting Contessa collection has a magical glow when it is exposed. Here we see the model of a chrome lamp. It shows a black-colored organza Lampshade. Still he has fine pure crystal drops below, which make slightly more elegant traditional style.

Corona light wide Crystal

modern ceiling design Silver accents

This model here includes medallions from clear cut crystals, which depend on the curved chrome model.

CUBOX 3 hanging lamps

modern ceiling design white built a Lampshade

Collection of luminous oral glass cubes we see the CoBox. We continue to see minimalist four-frame tank. You are provided with a layer of industrial silver powder. They also include details in polished chrome.

Directoire installation unit

modern ceiling design compact traditionally

The captivating Pendant here combines the decoration, Regency – and modern style.

Extra long olive leaf lamp

modern ceiling design round Golden effect

Here we see olive leaves and twigs from gold metal. You have dramatic effect in large courtyards and spacious living areas. The lamp is also perfect for large living room.

Morosini flat wall lights

modern house ceiling lights Design Led Weiß light

Here we have a very simple design to do, which will fit perfectly to any room in your home.

OBI ceiling lamp

modern ceiling lights fitted design table lamp

Complete the collection with chrome-covered details. Lampshades and the canopies are made of silk ribbons. You can buy these in ivory or black. They include also hard chrome layers on the surface.

Opla ceiling lights

modern design ceiling lights glowing ball

The metal frame holding together the round glasses. They are simple and pretty enough for contemporary houses or offices.

The forms of nature

modern ceiling design chandelier forest

If you love unusual and different lighting, this is certainly the perfect light for you! It is a small representation in the form of sculpture from trees and root system. She gives oversized forest-like shapes on the wall and the ceiling in the room in which it hangs. So, your room will look scary, but at the same time very interesting.

Galassia 26

ceiling lights modern crystal design

Here we see a round canopy from chrome. He seems to embrace the ceiling. The change consists of Asfour crystal. The whole thing was completed by a rosary made of pearls.

Nenfa lamp

modern ceiling lighting design effect light

This work was inspired by water lilies here. The pendant makes for a beautiful lighting effect in your interior design.

Notch suspension lamp

ceiling lights design black leather modern

This lamp here looks simple and minimalist. If you but turn them on, you can enjoy your interesting and modern lighting effects. Notch plays with the contrasts and combines them into a single form.

Did you find the collection interesting? If Yes, then feel free to draw inspiration from it.