18 Living Room Design With Vaulted Ceilings

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living room designs vaulted ceiling white rustic wood flooring

Living room design with vaulted ceilings

Did you think that the vaulted ceilings in cathedrals and Basilicas are? Have wondered why they are so popular. You can thus appear bigger space than it is actually.

Apart from the Visual effect, they also provide for the strength and stability of the overall design. There are several types of arches, which often come in use: ton – cross – cross ridges, Star Vault. In the specialized books for architects and there are art historians 1000 pages of studies on each individual type.

18 images down so deep go into the topic. But they honor their importance by giving a modern context for their use.

House on 34 Street

living room design with vaulted ceilings

Here we see a house in Austin. You can see a sofa in beige and also a rocking chair, classic Windows and doors on the inside. They represent in itself exciting additions. But actually, the vaulted ceiling is this, which make the area quite attractive and illuminate it.


living room design with vaulted ceilings, wood panelling

This room has been completely renovated. Has inserted a maßgearbeiteten Cabinet for TV, integrated a falling screen, and brought many books. It has newly articulated ceiling and wall panels, a Bank and other storage areas. All were also specially designed this.

Apple farm

living room design with vaulted ceilings wood flooring furnishing ideas

At first glance, you can see the curved bar. You have been uncovered for us and so we are able to see the vaulted ceiling. Is it not an artful way to integrate contemporary great items in this decorated room?

Bowen Island

living room design with vaulted ceilings wood glass walls Mallorca

As the ultimate goal, you wanted to achieve a clear and elegant look. It has also reached in this living room. It offers great views of the sea. Also, the floor to ceiling Windows make an extra. Their great black shutters complement the sofa and the floor in a great way.

Chestnut Hill House

living room designs in colonial-style vaulted wooden antique furniture

What do you like most about the pictured House? Us on Freshideen the clerestory. Yes, the room has really many Windows. Why not? The designer wanted, that the home owner benefit indeed.

Christof heels

living room design with vaulted ceilings white wall paint grey large window area

In this House we see an extra high ceilings. The tree will appear right here, don’t you find? In this living room, they brought on joints. Give additional symmetry and height of the room!

Family room in the attic

living room ideas and designs domed ceiling floorboards flooring

What kind of equipment do you want it in your home? She should offer probably air for breathing, suitable light, comfortable seats and convenient storage area, or? All of these tools are in the indicated here to find modern House.

East Mountain

living room designs in white vaulted ceilings wood floors white minimalist rustic

The ceiling and the walls are white and thus introduce a pure and domestic atmosphere to the room. Neutral furniture and similarly shaded fireplace complement the floor made of oak in a great way.

Edward Dart from the middle of the last century modern

living room designs ideas classic elegant wood furniture fireplace ceiling

Captivating fireplace and ceiling treatment complement the sofa in beige and the fabulous floors and carpet in a great way. You see that exactly?

Falling Creek

modern living room design high vaulted ceiling

Here, we have to do with a slate-grey fireplace and exposed beams. What you want for more what? This is such a great combination of Interior and exterior design. With modern materials, to reach is still a classical mood.

Grandin residence

living room designs fireplace pendant luminaires vaulted ceiling in white

Check out the Nelson bead lamps. You and the large hanging lamps have captured the beauty of this white space. I love what has been created from this hearth.

Healdsburg residence

living room designs domed ceiling planks of wood in white

Have you noticed the recycled wood in the background? You kept the refrigerator there. So a great design process.

Jaffa apartment

living Einrischten country style stone walls vaulted ceilings

Has stripped this unit all the superfluous details. Among them was found the real value of the land. You can see the structure of the stone walls, the ceiling of the segment and the arches.  More modern accents complete the look.

Lake Bluss summer residence

living room ideas designs vaulted ceiling wood planks

The living area includes a cathedral ceiling. It shows wall panel and chamfered beams. You can also see a chimney. Great, isn’t it?

Haus am see

architect Wohmzimmer design domed ceiling high

Here, it has treated the old exposed beams in the same manner as the rest of the construction. So reaching a maximum current look despite the historical elements.

Modern country house

high ceiling In the living room wall color white

Rethink renovation is the company that has created this design here. It provided drama and beauty in the vaulted ceiling, which we get to see here.

Morning star residence

living room design ideas, wooden vaulted ceiling

Here you can experience a soft contemporary character. They used abundantly here straight lines and color accents. These are both the ceiling and the furniture.

Orange County family room

living room ideas and designs decorating fireplace designer furniture

Here we have again to do with contemporary style from the middle of the last century. This includes the Saarinen Chair coffee table and Elieen gray with stool, the Noguchi coffee table, as well as the arc floor lamp. The fireplace was made to measure and represents a work of art from India.

It has added sky lights to illuminate the atmosphere.

The list has shown above vaulted ceilings of different shapes and materials us. Some are concrete and others made of brick or even wood. In all cases, they meet exactly their purpose with regard to the form and the function. Now you can decide which of these ideas you would fit well at home.

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