20 Ideas For Bathroom Mirrors In Modern Bathrooms

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bathroom mirror bathroom furniture wood

Great ideas for bathroom mirror

Can you imagine a bathroom without a mirror? Few can do it.

Bathroom mirror bring so many benefits. You can check all the details of the face and body exactly and in peace. So, you will ensure that it looks good.

This is even truer if one is at home. As soon as you enter the bathroom, it belongs to one. You have the whole time in the world to look at in the mirror image.

Have you tried going there to make a Selfi?

Fascinated by all the joy, which can bring us in the bathroom mirror, we have decided to publish an article about those. Today’s article is devoted to this. We have tried to show you different variations of the same. Practically, you can consider what would be the best kind of a mirror in the bathroom for you.

Anat Shmariahu

bathroom design bathroom furniture bathroom mirror

A mirror with wooden frame would be best for a bathroom with modern shower and shelves. So can provide a consistent look to the room.

Bathroom with round mirror

bathroom design bathroom mirror washing Cabinet free-standing bathtub

You can purchase as a round shaped bathroom mirror like this one. He looks perfect and fit seamlessly to the frame. Wonderful, we also find the concept of Flankierens with two Windows to the side.

Many mirrors in the bathroom

bathroom design bathroom mirror bathroom furniture wood

Don’t shy away from the use of clerestory Windows. You can place including getting some mirror.

Modern house renovations

bathroom design bathroom mirror mirror

At first glance, you can’t see the mirror. However, this occupies the entire wall!

Parents suite

bathroom design 2 bathroom mirror

What do you think of placing two identical mirrors such as this one?

Tarrytown fluff

bathroom design bathroom furniture bathroom mirror chandelier

Leave enough space above and below the mirror. So, the wall will really get to shine. In this example, you see a very successful design of this type.

Mirror in the shower area

bathroom design bathroom mirrors

Through the looking glass here, you can experience a sunny and clear atmosphere. Like we will concentrate here the otherwise annoying activities, such as the removal of makeup and shaving.

Bayview bath

bathroom bathroom mirror free standing bathtub

These mirrors framed in black brought very suitable to use in this bathroom with marble walls.

Byrans residence

rustic bathroom Bathroom furniture bathroom mirror

Once you’re here, you feel the nature. The mirror on the wood panels reinforce this feeling all the more.

Boiler residence

bathroom design bathroom mirror floating

Look at the hanging mirror. Aren’t you a bit jealous on the idea? A right smart solution, isn’t it?


bathroom design bathroom mirror carpet Tiger pattern

The frame of this mirror are frozen. You can see how adorable the simplicity can be.

Armstrong bathroom

bathroom design bathroom mirror lighting

This bath here was designed by Scott Bunney. The silhouette of the mirror was lit so great! It looks just beautiful!


bathroom design bathroom mirror white

By positioning of large mirrors in small bathrooms appear wider. In this case, this factor also contributes that the selected shading is even stronger.

213 Chaudière

Orange bathroom bathroom mirror bathroom furniture wood

Here you can see a beautiful bathroom in orange with reflective surfaces at the edges.

Hudson River duplex master bedroom

bathroom rustic bathroom mirror bathroom furniture brick wall

Three panels of glass spice on the bathroom, which shows a subtle industrial touch in his character.


bathroom design 2 bathroom mirror round

This round mirror look super cute and fit perfectly to the glass vessel sink.

Modern Miami House

bathroom bath mirror bath furniture privacy glass

Here, we have to do with linear bathroom. This bright mirror is the perfect piece for the interior design.

Downtown penthouse

bathroom bath mirror round freestanding bathtub

A rectangular mirror with a superior round frame seems here to be. Are we wrong or see the same?


bathroom design bathroom mirror lighting

The entire wall on one side of the sink is covered with mirrors. The lights bring more drama with it.

Hampton trace

bathroom Bathroom furniture bathroom mirror lighting decorations

The two mirrors of different sizes look fabulous in this modern bath, which is covered with wallpaper made of bamboo.

Have you noticed the Variatinen in style and form? Could you find yourself in one of these examples into it? Hopefully, this dazzling as a source of inspiration for your own projects of mirror in the bathroom worked!

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