20 Ideas For Modern Painted Flooring At Home

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modern painted flooring ideas white modern style

20 ideas for modern painted flooring at home

Today we will look at the diversity of the painted floors! In fact more and more, design enthusiasts choose this option as a way to make interior design personal and quiet full.

According to Elle Décor, painted wooden floors were a hallmark of American homes in the 17th century, with red, white, yellow, and green were the most commonly used color. As then the clear surfaces and the covering with fur increasingly were brought forward, the painted floors of less and less diffused.

Painted floors in a modern style

They are suitable not only for traditional houses… That’s right, painted floors can be seen as a modern solution! The figures below show that solid and patterns painted floors can bring unexpected and delightful elements in the modern interior. If you hire a professional artist with this job, then consult with at least one or two reliable specialists.

There are some very important steps such as priming and the sands, which you should skip on a case. Let alone the fact that if you use to much wear and shortly after the completion of the picturesque jobs drops on the ground, you run the risk, to destroy the fruits of your work.

After that was resolved, we think that you agree, that the painted floors of work and time are really worth, as you can see it down also from the illustrations.

Solid floors

We start with a series of floors, which are painted in solid colors. You are looking for a way how to fill the room with color? Try to paint the floor in the same Fabrnuance as the walls. The overwhelming factor effective for some pallets, this technique is clear and calm down in white, as it is shown below in the eklektishen living room. (by Tara Seawright interior design)

There is no better place for pure range as ocean front bedroom. This boudoir is as refreshing as the sea out there. If the Outlook is so extraordinary, the white on-white color palette performs miracles, by creating a legal and peaceful environment, which does not overcome the blue of the water.

Image: white painted bedroom floor

modern painted flooring ideas blue bedroom sea view

White especially those that attract attention, such as corrugated iron walls and wood trim is ideal for the contemporary spaces. In the cellar and media area at the bottom, modern furniture and interior design decoration form a counterpoint to the white walls and the painted floor covering.  [by Ryan Duebber architect]

Image: painted solid floors

ideas Blau bar kitchen range modern painted flooring

Don’t think that white is the only color that is suitable for painted floors! In the space below we see the power of the grey, especially when grey walls are combined with grey floor. The natural range of this London living and study area allows the bright highlights of the room to come to the fore. Take note the fiery red desk lamp and the aquamarine blue table. Ryan Duebber Architect

Image: grey on Grey painted London home office with a painted bottom

modern painted flooring ideas Blue Classic style living room

In an other grey on grey space, see more minimalist and contemporary results thanks to the elegant designs of furniture. The gray, white and silver range is intensified by the painted wooden floor. The carpet with black texture makes the whole thing interesting without covering a large area of the wooden floor.

Photo: Contemporary bedroom with a gray painted floor

modern painted flooring ideas Blau Holz plate grey bedroom

Now we are moving thanks to a series of floors in more vivid color to a more colorful territory. Are you not sure whether you should paint the whole room Red?

Red soil? Why not?  In the Amsterdam kitchen below, the floor of a contemporary artwork is komplemeniert. Red and black are perfect counterparts, don’t you think?

Image: red-painted kitchen floor

painted floor covering ideas red kitchen countertop

I bet you that you didn’t expect the following hue. No, you don’t cheat your eyes – that is yellow! What you can’t see is that the same yellow color in the exterior of the House can also be seen. We love the way how the Interior has contributed to an unexpected swing on the painted solid wood floor. Contemporary, stylish, and fun!

Image: contemporary kitchen with painted yellow soil

modern painted flooring ideas yellow bright Moss wood Chair

Use better glasses for this next figure! This contemporary San Francisco Home Office has a limegrünen floor. This is the perfect Farbenschock with adding to the natural elements of the room, how about the intentionally not completed walls. The forest-green forms at the door are a lovely pendant.

Image: limegrüner fixed shelf

modern painted flooring ideas Blue Classic seating place

When we talk of rustic and modern cuisine from the Green, below, you must say that this has a large can of green flair, thanks to the weathered green ground. This area, which was designed by Jennifer Clapp, will receive simple and chic light with the help of the white walls, furniture, and the contrasts over the dining table. [by Mary Prince photography]

Image: kitchen with weathered green ground

painted floor covering ideas Blue Classic rustic kitchen dining room

Actually, the nostalgic look is a popular method for floor painting. The white painted plates including give this dining room more personality and depth.

The earthy, worn out effect that blends well with the sleek contemporary forms, and the result is a captivating contrast.

Image: weathered, white painted floor

modern painted flooring ideas Blau wall shelving books

Now we go to the painted floor, which enriches space, to which he belongs, with artful elements patterned.

The courage may be the exact answer to your design dilemma. Consider the damlatischen spots in the rooms below. Red accents and modern trains are before the hunt ERG round of the spotted range.  [from Freshome via the improvised life]

Image: floors painted with splashes of color

modern painted flooring ideas black patch

Strip? You are elegant and chic, especially in the refreshing minzgrünen kitchen below. Traditional and modern trains connect and create a space that is comforting and chic.

Image: Strips in the kitchen

modern painted flooring ideas kitchen cottage-style

In the next example, we see black and white stripes on the floor of a completely white room, which shows in a striking contrast, which somehow appear wide compact kitchen. The look that comes as a result, is modern, crisp and strong. [from the sweetest digs]

Image: Strip painted kitchen floor

modern painted flooring ideas black white stripes

Another method of strip includes creating a gradation in the space below. Match the striped bedside table too much to the striped ground? No, as soon as the monochromatic look is achieved through blue-on-blue lines.

Image: bedroom painted in stripes

painted floor covering ideas Blau Weiß Strip nurseryDer karrierte flooring is a popular scenic alternative. In the kitchen below, which was styled by Niki Papadopulus, anchor that grey and includes white diamonds to the minzgrünen room, which created stainless steel equipment and seats.

Image: painted floors in a modern kitchen

modern painted flooring kitchen Steuerwagen color diamond

The next floor is partly painted, but its appearance is no less amazing.

Pattern meet in Black diamonds, which of course cover the floor, the modern kitchen.

Shade of red and yellow color accents in the room.

Image: painted floor checkered

modern kitchen painted flooring diamond

Now we go from the diamond to the squares… The color combo for the floor is green and white below that somehow black and white fits Paisly Papiertapette and the peacock-blue accents to the. The result is a modern, elegant look.

Image: modern bedroom with squares

modern painted flooring bedroom square white green

The Fußbiden in the next illustration evokes the colorful charm of the bricks. You can do it through the paintings of Caroline Lizarraga.

This still in marokanischem running room make every little girl to feel like a Princess.

Image: individually painted floors in the bedroom of a girl

modern painted flooring flower pattern colorful playroom

Since we’re talking just about bricks, the next figure such as a roof design is for Greek key patterns.

Red accents are the perfect balance of the black and white motifs. If only every entertainment outdoors… could be so great

Painted roof terrace modern painted flooring outdoor rooftop

The last example is a real audience hit. This painted solid flooring adorns the Interior of a modern garage and storage area in Charleston, South Carolina. The floor is divided into different sections, which are painted in tones like black, green, blue, red and yellow. The look is industrial and color and creates a reference to the cars, which are located in this room.

Image: painted solid floor in a contemporary garage

modern painted flooring pattern room car Grün Blau Schwarz

Come for the floors in your house painting in question? If Yes, then would you use more solid color or pattern? Or maybe prefer the weathered look? Share with your thoughts us by leave a comment below.

written and edited by Radomira

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