20 Interior Design Ideas For Beautiful Colour Combinations In The Hallway

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art decoration floor yellow walls painting colorful rugs

Colour combinations in the hallway is more important than you think

Have you recently may doubt what colour combinations in the hallway you can select? The disadvantage of most corridor is that they are small and have no Windows. Do not worry, the colors and accessories can help. I’ve prepared 20 images and ideas for you that have helped myself.

Play with the colors and accessories

colorful design ideas In the corridor decoration

Choose the color of coral for your floor in combination with light blue. The two fit together very well.

Wall stickers with photos

colour combinations In the hallway wall decals Grün Baum photos

It is assumed as a great decoration for small rooms wall decals, jewelry need. The photos to create even more drama.

The butterfly

floor design ideas chess flooring image bank

Chess flooring is always a good idea, especially if one has painted in neutral white.


Blackboard corridor design ideas great window

You can always realize creative art decor if you show a little imagination. In this case, it has integrated a Blackboard as a wall decoration. The children are of course totally delighted.

Black and white photo – wall

black and white photo wall floor furnishing ideas

Dramatically and creatively isn’t sees this black and white photo – wall?

Brick wall decoration in the corridor

brick wall In a Hall sideboard mirror

You can make a brick wall for more architectural interest.

Green accents bring flavor in the atmosphere

colour combinations In the Hall green staircase  wall

When I saw this colour scheme in the hallway, it has now turned into a dream come true for me. Lush green looks always gorgeous.

Warm colours in the hallway

luxurious design ideas In a corridor of warm shades sideboard

This compilation of color in addition to the luxurious facility provides warmth and comfort.

Energetic red contrasted to soft yellow

colour combinations In the hallway yellow white door

It is not always reasonable to create contrast. You should watch the color picker. Because red is a strong and energetic color, you can easily combine it with the pastel yellow.

Red attracts

floor design ideas red accents

Look at what is red!

Tender green as the colour combinations in the hallway

floor colors bright green ideas

You can always use this shade of green. It fits very well with yellow.

Chocolate brown looks inviting

floor colors ideas chocolate brown stairs

It is chocolate brown. If I even get into this hallway, I will probably never leave him.

The funniest corridor I’ve ever seen

floor design ideas multi-colored design

This narrow corridor evokes energy, funny appearance and summer feeling.

Ultra pink chairs

floor paints mural pictures pink sideboard

You can get pink accents always in use, but not too much, please!

Spring is coming

green color floor carpet decoration

You could allow fresh colour combinations in the hallway, which invites the spring, perhaps only with green. I can feel the scent of the first flowers.

Yellow inspiration

bright yellow colour scheme In the hallway

The yellow cast of the summer comes after spring. Dress the walls of your hallway with mirth!

Grey color with melons

corridor design color combination melons and grey

Here we see color combined grey with melons. I think it’s quite good.

Great color combination of black and yellow

corridor colours black yellow railing stairs

Black to paint the stairs is brave. Totally cool, I find the yellow railing that perfectly contrasts and refreshes.

Decorating over the black table

Blackboard floor colors hook baskets images

Do you feel inspired? The Hall may be the most fanciest decorated room in the whole House, do you agree?

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