20 Wonderful Ideas For Staircase

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looping staircase design black white

Unique staircase creates architectural interest

I always get on so many breathtaking staircases. So many look as if you had ignored them until the last moment. This is true but definitely not for the examples shown here.

Want to let us look at along the stairways of our choice?

We begin with a staircase called Ribbon stairs (staircase of the Strip). It was designed by the firm of HŠH architects. They mimic the slightly curved loops. The levels are beautiful, but perhaps also sometimes somewhat intimidating. I would run reluctant to up and down, if I hurry.

Original staircases throughout the world

wooden staircase design ideas levels

The Italian company 14 ora Italiana has a collection with wood grain patterns. You were inspired by the works of Andy Warhol. The Uonuon line can be purchased in fourteen different nuances.

Create innovative staircase

floating staircase light wood railing

The stairs here belongs to the House G, which by Maxwan architects + urbanists was created. Here, an old barn was completely renovated. The plane of the stairs were a part of the Wall shelves. You represent a part of a beautiful building, which also includes a book and kitchen storage space.

Staircase from folded triangular facets

straight staircase from metal glass railing

Here, the Grove Park shows project. It was created by Bell Phillips architects. According to its own description, it is a complex geometry from folded triangular facets which act as easily floating figures in this enclosed space. [via Plastolux]

Stairs to the attic

staircase wooden attic

The one pictured here staircase leads to a bedroom in the attic. It was created by nC2 architecture in Brooklyn, NY. You include extra shelves and levels with different dimensions. The spatial efficiency represents their biggest advantage.

The staircase serves as a bookshelf

staircase wood with storage space

The architects from Atelier SAD have created a different stairwell of this kind. It also serves as a bookshelf.

From grid

metal staircase grille wood floor

This split staircase is a work of designer Rowin Petersma. It was created from the grid. So one can suffuse the maximum amount of light from the upper part of the apartment down.

Staircase with open shelves

wooden staircase In the basement storage area

Here we see a further combination of staircase and Bookshelf. The author of this work is called Kathryn Tyler and she works at Linea Studio. This is their own, Scandinavian-inspired House. It’s called Corkellis House and the kitchen is dispensed on the upper kitchen cabinets. Instead, to use open shelves and these stairs to accommodate all necessary things.

Floating stairs

original design ideas light wood staircase railing

Eco-friendly Blauhaus, designed by Pietr Weijnen from Faro Architecten. It includes all modern nautical touches. The architect built the House for his family on sang country, an artificial island in Amsterdam. The stairs will appear as floating free and you don’t even realize how she supported. Stainless steel cable provide security on both sides.

Wood and metal collected

stairs spiral shape wood metal

The stairwell in house S by Keiji Ashizawa consists of warm wood and metal and extends over two floors. The construction allows light to pass through the airy House and makes for a very interesting visual appearance. [according to designboom]

Rainbow stairs spiral

rainbow colored staircase spiral form

I could not omit just the Rainbow stairs in this post. It was designed by from Rogers design. You remember this from other articles on Freshideen?

Floating stainless steel stairs

floating staircase in black white

Here we see a you also already known floating stainless steel staircase. The design of flat #1 by Ecole is simply gorgeous, and represents a unique expression of minimalism.

Splendid railing

floating Grand wooden staircase railing

This staircase is located in the so-called House of Godzilla by Chae-Pereira Architects in Seoul, Korea. The floating stairs hovers around the curved wall around. It is illuminated through the little window above.


apartment stairwell urban black

Here we see a duplex in the attic. It was created by Charlie Diaz in the downtown of Madrid. There, we see a more unusual staircase. She is a wonderful example how to save space.

Staircase in the metropolitan area

magnificent staircase wood area

This unusually deep staircase and the four floors of the House, which surround them, cost up to $38 million. It’s an apartment in New York City and was designed by Paul Rudolph. Former owners were some celebrities…

Decorative, white stairs

floating white staircase white room stool

The next example was designed by the Italian architectural firms Studioata. It has built a small Studio, which can be achieved by this very simple white floating staircase.

Small steps

small black stairs interior design

Both the House and the stairs are uniquely shaped here. It was designed by Alphaville architects in Kyoto.

Steps made of wood

wide staircase black levels

The next staircase was designed by Castroferro Architectos. It is extra large and the main material is stone. The levels themselves are made of wood. Ensure a seamless transition to the wooden staircase over. Everywhere, there’s enough space so that you can place books on the side.


original staircase designs concrete steps railing

The Betontreppenhaus here is by MO architectes. Think of all the cool colors, otherwise, you can use! [according to Plastolux]

Membrane architecture

original architecture red staircase

You can’t walk on the next steps. Here we see architecture of the designer one piece membrane do Ho Suh. It’s a 1:1 copy of the staircase, which connects his apartment with his landlord. The piece was titled staircase III (staircase III) and is at Tate Modern in London.

Original bookcase stairs

staircase in the library

Want to talk further about the best use of every square centimeter? This bookcase staircase is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Trippy stairs

modern staircase wood

You could from this article certainly not the trippy stairs (bizzare stairs) omit. It is so bizarre, so unique and so…

Spiral staircase

wooden staircase in spiral shape living room

Our last picture shows a spiral staircase. It is just as wonderful as functional. This is one of my favorite examples.

Have you selected already a Lieblingstreppenhaus from our contribution be? Or maybe from other articles? Would you use because at home the ideas of today with him?

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