21 Suggestions For Cozy And Comfortable Seating Area By The Window

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seating area by the window many decorative pillows

Seating at the window – original picture gallery

A Bay window is always the perfect place for your seating area by the window, but you can relax with a book in the hand comfortably practically at every window or simply enjoy the views. Keep track of our other tips and you will not regret certainly – here in our picture gallery will find lots of great ideas for your window sill!

Waste not square centimeters! Drawers under the window sill offer usually plenty of storage space available for your everyday items from the kitchen.

Waiting place – a window seat with soft cushion on it seating at the window waiting seat

A window seat with soft cushion on it’s a great place, right there to wait until the water boils, isn’t? You can enjoy your privacy and also a little sunlight to do so. The bright red color makes the seating area to a point of attraction for the whole family.

Cosy and bright Ecksitze

seating area by the window Ecksitze

The configuration in the corner makes the window seat very comfortable for children, where they do their homework and take something for themselves after school. The large seat offers plenty of space for everyone.

Extendable table

sitting area at window pull-out table

If you plan your seating area, take also place for a pull-out table to consider. When an unexpected visit comes, you can equate this table in front of the seating area.

Decorated in a country house style with interesting Kreunleuchter

sitting at the window of country-style white

Give your place a perfect look with small details, such as texture in a country house style, an interesting chandeliers etc.

Double feature

seating at the window double feature

A window seat can hide your plumbing or heating element. You must just be sure, where it is vented properly and you have a light and easy access to your technical units.

Design area seating area by the window design area

Make the most of a long, narrow room through the combination of a window seat and a dining table. This configuration allows you to enough seats for more guests and leaves the Bank empty so that you can enjoy the view.

Comfortable dining area

seating at the window eating zone

This window seat provides extra storage space as well as enough seating at dinner.

Cushions on the seat

seating area by the window cushion seat

Add a soft touch to a storage room next to the kitchen with padded cushions on a bench. The window seat is a great way to add a bit of color in the white room.

Storage shelves and seating furniture – shelves for cookbooks and decorative items seating at the window storage shelves seating

Open construction seating area on the window open construction idea design

A small niche with a compact comfortable window seat

Comfortable window seat

seating at the window more convenient window seat upper wall cabinets

Comfortable, spend the afternoon when relaxing in a comfortable chair by the window. Fill the drawers with your favorite books, prepare yourself a cup of hot tea, and enjoy your time in full calm!

Upholstered furniture for your comfort

upholstered furniture comfort window seat

Place cushions on the seat for more style and comfort!

Comfortable writing corner writing corner seating area window comfortably cozy

This window seat is the perfect place to help your kids there at the Hausaufaben. Install a Wall Sconce above the seat for more light if you want to read late at night.

Drinks range in the window

drinks area window seating area

The window seat here is placed between a wine cabinets and wine cooler – this is the perfect place where you could receive your guests, prepare drinks, and organize Plauderstunden.

Modern living room interior with a window seat for reading

extra long window seat seating

Living room decorated in a rustic style

window seat space storage idea L-shaped seating area by the windowL-shaped Fensterplarz seat corner dining and living areas in a room

sofa Strip dining areas comfortable window seat

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