22 Design Ideas To Life With Natural Stone

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Inviting natural stone as a sustainable building material, good for not only the “green conscience”, but also still too varied, stylish design possibilities. We show here 22 great ideas that you can implement with chic stone indoor and outdoor.

Modern design ideas: less is more!Voltage: natural material meets purist design. An attractive contrast.

Less clear is: the natural stone floor in this space the basis warming, that invites to well-measured emphasis: LeCorbusier sofas with dark leather, chrome and a white wall of fair-faced concrete create a charming contrast.

Design ideas for the living room living with natural stone floor tiles

A Symphony of naturalness that even properly modern therefore comes in: dark slate tiles as the basis for a kitchen design in white. The massive wooden table and single color accents add a charming natural touch to this kitchen.

Purism is especially with slate tiles in the large-format big! Understated anthracite prepares the ground for a living room design, which caresses the eye and invites you to relax. Wall cladding made of natural stone and cleverly integrated wood elements give the finishing touch to this room.

Design ideas to the living with natural stone flooring

Pure well-being: striking slate loves bright colors! This bath makes you want to relaxing hours at the in-house Spa. The typical slate surface feels not only good, but ensures a pleasant warm feeling, especially in combination with underfloor heating even at colder temperatures.

Design ideas for the bathroom to live with natural stone tiles

The cuisine is creative hotspot and communication centre in one. The glossy white kitchen front and very clean residential ensemble get a natural counterpart by the homogeneous colour of this slate tiles.

The Evergreen among the possibilities, is as simple as it is ingenious: the black and white contrast. This bath room lives next to this minimalist design gimmick by the contrasting texture of flat, very velvety limestone and heavily textured slate. The space effect thus visually larger and further.

Design ideas to the live modern bathroom with natural stone

Charm of the seemingly unfinished: industrial styleThis work room with large dark slate tiles has been designed with a clear preference for the United States and spatial generosity. Naturals here correspond with the perfectly imperfect industrial style, which is reminiscent of a loft or a factory floor.

Design ideas to the living with natural stone floor tiles concrete

Nordic bynature: living like in ScandinaviaThis kitchen could come from the device catalogue of a large Scandinavian furniture store: the Scandinavian style of living lives of clear shapes and perfectly mastered the keyboard of design with natural materials. This strongly split slate flooring is the perfect complement to the style of the North.

Design ideas to the living with natural stone outdoor kitchen

Deluxe and extravagant: Classic liveTimeless, particularly high-quality and elegant: the classic style of living is beyond short-lived trends through its timeless look. Especially in combination with the cloudy structure of marble tiles, extravagant dreams come true.

Design ideas to the living with natural stone floor tiles

Dolce Vita: Mediterranean ambience compliant?Vacation in your own four walls made easy! Who has lost his heart to the Mediterranean style of living, finds with just with bright, creamy travertine tiles the optimal “construction material of the South”: a few sunny color accents, Mediterranean plants and rattan furniture finished:

Travertine tiles (FINCA Mallorca)

A flair like in Italy can conjure up is of course also on the terrace: Southern Europe that is particularly popular with an OutdoorDesign modeled after the Roman Association of laying patterns. The sophisticated arrangement of plate formats creates an exciting pattern which transported looseness and joie de vivre:

Design ideas to the living stone ausenbereich make

Some exotic please!A naturally beautiful floor can be an attractive base for the personal Lieblingswohnstil and individual accents.This bath has been designed with light travertine tiles in the Oriental style. Gold items and wood nude duck enhance the natural look and the luminous signal colour on the wall becomes the effective embroidery:

Design ideas to the living with natural stone bathroom tiles

Design ideas for the living room living with natural stone fashion

Rustic love: country house lookA concept that inspires: The rustic tiles and fine old woods of the ceiling panelling and colour go hand in hand on the generous wash basin and emphasise the rustic flair of this Badzimmers.Besonderer eye-catcher: the free-standing wash bowls in solid natural stone. Pur (almost) everything natural is here!

Design ideas to the living stone holzhute floor

It must be a high-altitude hike not always the same! Cottage romance pur is also outdoor for the own garden. Natural travertine slabs and solid wood furniture for outdoor use share the views here on the Austrian Alps. Special design element: the grey joints give a subtle modern twist this very natural color image.

Design ideas to the living stone garden ideas

Of course “climbed on the roof”: roof terraces with natural stoneAlso in the urban, urban space the garden fan and nature lovers do without the own private retreat area. The trend to the roof terrace. Because even at lofty heights, you can stay in wonderful nature.If you like subtle will love the a granite floor in the trend colour grey! This roof terrace boasts a subtle flooring unfolds his character only in conjunction with a decent outdoor furniture and probably used color accents:

Design ideas to the living with natural stone patio design

The good feeling that conveys this rooftop, you can not only see, but feel formal: slate tiles in character dark anthracite contrast stand out against the White House facade and offer a stylish and natural surroundings a fancy planting bed and a decent patio furniture. Here it can withstand well under the awning:

Design ideas to the living with natural stone tiles concrete

The Court make: courtyard and winter garden with a twistWhere Interior and exterior blur together, completely new concepts and exciting ideas emerge. Frames of Rhine gravel rustic travertine slabs frame this winter garden, which playfully combines nature and modern architecture. Glass, stone and clear lines form a unit of harmony.

Design ideas to the living with natural stone Pebble stone

So nice a courtyard can be designed: travertine with a very natural interface, lush blooming flowers in planters, and a modern water feature concrete and shiny steel make a sexy Gesamtsetting that whets the appetite for a little break.

Design ideas to the living stone garden fountain

Immersion: Pools to dreamSun yellow and soft, bright summer tones as a framework for a small, fine dream pool: Pool and garden in a Mediterranean light back this sandstone slabs with their natural character and the light colours in bright pastel colours:

Design ideas to the gartenpool live with natural stone tiles

The own small Finca on Mallorca? Why, when you can easily get this special atmosphere back home in your own garden? This light travertine slabs combine pool and House in Finca style harmoniously with each other and will whet your appetite on long, balmy summer evenings or a pool party in the Garden:

Design ideas to the living stone ausenmobel

Cool off in the great outdoors with a fantastic view: the infinity pool makes it possible! A feeling of spatial distance encompassed here an unobtrusive landscaping with Rhine gravel and geometric shapes of Terrace, garden and covered by light travertine slabs. Chic!

Cozy: fireplace flair with stoneCool days and grubby weather can so beautiful: warm snuggle up with a good cup of tea by the fireplace. Anthracite large slate tiles prove that fireplace in reduced form. Practical: The fireplace tray is also natural stone and stores the warmth of the fireplace as well as the natural stone tiles. Heat all around guaranteed!

Design ideas for the living room living with natural stone fireplace

As you can see: natural stone offers an (almost) unlimited variety of design which allows for design fans, purists and creative in conjunction with other natural materials, industrial materials, and great creativity.

Images courtesy of: www.jonastone.de

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