24 Minimalistic Designs For Your Modern Fireplace

fireplace as a kitchen island

The modern fireplace by ESCEA – 24 minimalist designs

To be sure, you want to create a warm, cosy atmosphere in the living room, right? Then you need an indoor fireplace. So, your family and guests can relax on the sofa and enjoy the quiet crackling of the fire while watching TV or while a nice conversation. The Visual warmth of flames provide additional prices comfort.

Choosing your fireplace you should consider themselves very well previously, what size and what design to your room and Interior will fit best. If attach very great importance, to a high quality and contemporary design, you learn about the modern fireplace by ESCEA . The gas fireplace by ESCEA there in many different designs. High-quality materials were very cleverly used such as steel, concrete and granite. Of course, you have also the possibility to order an outdoor fire pit. Especially for urban residents who have a roof terrace, a courtyard or pool, this option is very welcome. It facilitates the original or romantic design their living areas.

You can put the fireplace itself before the panorama window

fire place surface

Or very romantic poolside

fire place on the veranda

A design tip, the interior designers often love to give, when it comes to elegant and sophisticated interiors, is to select always neutral colors for the background. You can rely on then. Normally, the fireplace is the focal point in a room. Contrasting accents and add meaningful furniture and other living items.

Minimalist and ultra-modern

set fire place on smaller level

Elegant with a rustic overtones

fire place from dark-grey granite

Through the stylish colour combination fire pit exudes even more

fire place from Mattglänzendem steel

Retro hint by wallpaper

fireplace double-sided low floral pattern

In combination with the egg Chair by Jacobsen

fire place double-sided and rectangular

In a column in the center of the room

fireplace graphite rectangular column

Modern facilities in the industrial style with stunning views

fire place In the industrial style

Romance can be also modern

fire place In the courtyard

Curtain wall in a brick look

fire place in the grey brick wall

Iconic furniture have delighted the fireplace by ESCEA

fire long and rectangular

If you are on dark wood

fireplace minimalist In the block

In accordance with the winter wonderland outside

fireplace with a wide white border

Neutral colors and purple accents

fire place with pebbles

In combination with other furniture

fireplace with Mattglänzendem part

Summer with wooden boards

fire place with Terrakottafarbenem part

With Feng Shui flair

fire place small and square

Select a smaller size for the corners

fire place on the Bookshelf

Large tiles make for a pleasing structural contrast

fire place covered with dark brown tilesa feeling of lightness

fire place white plaster frame

Bright white and Matt metal gloss

fireplace white wall and shiny steel

Nature optics and rotating TV

fire place curtain wall from silicate

High tech technology

fire place with Smartphone set

How does the heating system

fireplace Wärmesyste channels

As you can see, the hearth of ESCEA is not only elegant and modern, but equipped with the latest technologies. We recommend you this minimalist and functional fireplace and wish you many unforgettable hours.