3 Inspirational Interior Design Ideas For Your Cabin

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Do you have already a garden shed?

Long gone are the days in which the Garden House was used merely as a tool shed. With a stylish décor, suitable to your taste, be remember long the one or the other party, that you have celebrated in or in front of the Garden House or garden use as a comfortable refuge. Before it is however so far, should be chose the style of the institution the corresponding items and materials purchased and attached. We would like to introduce three interior design ideas, that a maximum effect with minimal effort.

The second living room

With just a few pieces of furniture can be from your garden House a comfortable living room create. In addition to a large sofa that is found as a couch, the choice may be in addition on an armchair. For the practical use handle a coffee table in the eye, which fits with the style of the sofa. In the corner or against the wall it is worth to make a small closet, storage space for glasses and cups. For a larger Garden House, a deck can be used in addition to or instead of the Chair. This is especially recommended if it is not a complete wooden house, but can penetrate through increased window areas much light and heat. With some decorative items such as lanterns, pillows and co. you can quickly establish the homely atmosphere. Images can motifs from nature be accessed, that remind you that it is in the middle of nature – E.g. an impressive deer or a forest picture is appropriate. A bookcase for relaxed reading is also not out of place.

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Gazebo with homely benefits

To conjure up an apartment from a Garden House, all connections such as electricity, water and sanitation must be present. What is commonplace in Garden colonies, is not always feasible in the home gardens. Should provide the small house space for occasional, usually short time living, ways to sleep, stop and cooking must be offered. In addition, sanitary rooms are a must-have. Thus, there is the challenge to set up a complete apartment in an area of less than 24 m ². The sleep issue can be settled through a deck surface under the roof, which is equipped with mattresses or even hammocks. A toilet and possibly a small shower should be installed in a separate room. You should install a small kitchenette with refrigerator, wall in the remaining space. So that you can maximize the space, it offers itself to integrate the dining and living area on the first floor under the surface. The decoration of the multi-storey Garden House is economical to choose not also fully the space to let. Who relies on ecological garden building or wants to save just money, can provide the habitable Garden House with solar power and recycled rain water and lighting with LEDs.

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Office in a special atmosphere

Who can argue about is that the Office in the garden is far away from the children and the hustle and bustle of the House and always at hand? You will find always motivation, even during strenuous work aligned with a desk to the Sun. Ideally, the desk of your choice is an open model, which emphasizes the atmosphere of the Garden House. Depending on the model and form the table space for computers and other technology can deliver. The walls can accommodate mostly open filing cabinets. Not too crowded to work, the number and the pitch should be consciously selected and lightened with decoration. Even the area in front of the modern office can be suitable for the relaxation in the fresh air. With long curtains and natural materials in other places the homely atmosphere in the Home Office still not left out. If you have inspired these ideas, you have still not a Garden House, for example, here a selection of beautiful models, which allow plenty of space for your own ideas.

Image sources: © Garden House GmbH

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