30 Examples Of Außergewönliches Sink Design

sink design round Omvivo

Beautify your bathroom with modern sink design

If you think that sink design is a boring and trivial topic, then you should take your time and take a look at our current collection. We found 30 exceptional sink for your bathroom, will surprise you with its elegance and smarter design. Here you will find a variety of shapes and materials of round about angular oblong and oval sink. They were made from ceramic, marble, glass, wood and Corian. There’s something for every taste. Stay with us and find out what is hidden behind each model of a wash basin.

The splashes of Catalano design

sink design Catalano

Our first find is this magical creation by Catalano. Minimalist design of sanitary ceramics, beautifully decorated with a splash in azure blue. This sink reminds us of the endless ocean and gives the bathroom a Caribbean taste.

The tear by Philip Watts

sink design Philip Watts

We were very impressed by this fabulous, organic form. The sophisticated design fits perfectly to almost any bathroom facilities and is the undisputed catcher.

Sustainable elegance by Roca

sink design Roca

This sophisticated solution is a successful combination of aesthetics, functionality and environmental compatibility for your sink. The sink not only chic looks, but is also connected to the toilet and so consumes the water in an optimal way, love of the environment.

LED drama by Antonio Lupi

sink design Antonio Lupi

This dramatic performance by Antonio Lupi enchants with its almost unreal appearance. Curved shapes, flat profile and a mystical lighting form an admirable composition, which was meant mainly for the minimalist bathroom design.

Multifunctionality of car Granny

sink design car Granny

Here you can see a more sustainable car Grandma’s decision. The smart combination sink and toilet saves not only space, but also precious water. It is also the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms.

Glass and ceramics by Chin Chia Lim

sink design Chin Chia Lim

Perfect design and eco-friendly attachment Chin Chia Lim. The multifunctionality of this sink that is connected with the bathtub, is unfortunately a bit limited. It is for example not very favorable to fill the bathtub with the water when brushing your teeth.

Massive appearance of Cristalplant

sink design Cristal plant

This robust plate in the marble-look is actually created from vegetable raw materials and precious minerals and thus also a proud, sustainable solution for your bathroom. The narrow grille drain unlike the minimalist design of the sink terms of functionally and aesthetically perfect.

Bathtub with integrated washbasin from Desnahemisfera

sink design Desnahemisfera

Surrealist sink of glassworks

sink of design glassworks

This design is particularly enjoyed when you are Salvador Dali style. Sophisticated and of course at the same time illuminates this sink creation in a mystical light and gives a surreal touch to the bathroom ambience.

Minimalism in wood by Julia Kononenko

sink design wood Julia Kononenko

This unusual sink looks more than a wooden map of the country. The grooves have the rational function quickly to lead the water to the drain. Exclusivity and functionality go hand in hand here constantly.

Water, water by Joel Roberts

sink design Joel Roberts

A poetry white ceramic – the wave-shaped sink by Joel Roberts are an extraordinary perfection. The faucet is completely integrated in the profile and the water flows out as from a waterfall, forming a miniature wave.

Oriental design by Kohler

sink design Kohler

The fabulous design by Kohler sink is for this of you who stand on lavish Oriental ambience. Deep and around the ceramic sink was decorated with filigree, floral patterns.

The transparent basin of Lago

sink design Lago

The refined design of Lago is a successful combination of sturdy natural wood and glass. It looks not only great, but it will delight certainly also your little ones.

The wings of LDVC

sink design Ldvc

The sophisticated wing design long stretches the bathroom wall and at the same time offers sufficient space for your toiletries. The top is equipped with a fine light and completes the entire alignment of the sink.

Delicious curves by LG Hausys Hi-Macs

sink of design LG Hausys Hi Macs

The Calla Mastella design

sink design Mastella

This sink is very admirable in a perfect imitation of the Calla flower. Organic shape and optimal functionality have been combined in a refined way.

The futuristic concept of Michael Harboun

sink design Michael Harboun

A sink without faucet

sink design Moab80

Zen mood by Omer Sagiv

sink design Omer Sagiv

Give your bathroom a unique Zen mood with the oval bathroom sink by Omer Sagiv. The armature is hidden in a peculiar pillar of oversized, round stone and the water flows out as from a small waterfall. This design is available in chrome or in Chinese white.

The cutting board by Philips

sink of design Philips

Shell made of wood by PlavisDesign

sink design Plavisdesign

Minimalism in wood by Rapsel

sink design Rapsel wood

The warm texture of larch wood ensures more comfort in the bathroom. This design is a thought-out solution for these of you who stand on minimalism and comfort.

Round sink from the jewels collection by Vitra

sink design round wood Vitra

Waterfall bathroom sink by Sesshu design

sink design Sesshu design

Take a piece of the far East to your home!

Spacious and refined glass of Studio Art

sink Design Studio type

Clear lines by UsTogether

sink design Ustogether

With this design, you can connect your sink in an elegant way with the free-standing bathtub and shower.

The cube by Victor Vasilev

sink design Victor Vasilev

Precarious looking surprised us this transparent cube design, which was placed in a marble cubes at the same time optimally.

A functional Duo by Vitra

sink design Vitra

Exceptional by Yanlu

sink design Yanlu