33 Opulent Interior Design Ideas – Living Room Design

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flame red paint living room design Red Wall decoration

Red living room furniture

What about the bright red of the Interior? Balance it with white accents. White wall design with a recessed fireplace because, deck bar and coffee table keep the strong red under control.

Living room design, or how can you create a pleasant, cosy atmosphere through various colour and text urkombinationen

living room designing playful pattern green upholstered table

Playful patterns

Grid, Ikatmuster, flower pattern! The trick to mixing patterns is a color scheme to create – red, Brown and blue tones. Solid furniture (brown sofa, red chairs and green cushions)

Bright and airy

ideas design of Planner living room design light airy

In a larger living room, you can make even a dining area. Dining chairs made of acrylic glass, coffee table and unobstructed Windows keep this room from feeling constrained.

White on white

different textures living room design white

A snow white living room is not the best idea that you can get. To avoid the feeling of a hospital room, add different textures and home textiles. Epoxid, sofa and textured carpet add depth to the monochromatic look.

Reading corner

living room figures reading corner white colors

Make a reading corner in your living room, where you can enjoy your reading time. A comfortable chair at a window or next to the Bookshelf and sufficient daylight are everything you need to do this yet.


green back living room design sofa blue pillow

Living room full of old, operational outlines – sofa and side chairs from bamboo in super colors (Ocean Blue and lime green)


play room living room design solid black coffee table

A large coffee table with soft shapes is the modern alternative to the traditional game table. Receive your friends in the living room, where you can enjoy interesting games.

Trendy touches

upholstered coffee table sofa living room design solid

To beautify your living room, you reshape your wardrobe with some new accessories. A great idea don’t you are Aubergine throw, cushion with zebra pattern and metallic table?

Silver accents

accents fireplace living room design silver

Beautiful, metallic touches create a sophisticated atmosphere in the room.  Even the andirons are the mirror of the legs in polished silver.

Inscription on the wall

upholstered Chair coffee table living room design sofas

For a really unique interior design you search topics, song lyrics, or clever sayings, which are definitely beautiful look on the wall in the living room.

Set up Office at home

fireplace basket shelves Desk Office House living room carpet

Beige, feminine atmosphere

drink fresh living room charm of idea of feminine lemon lemonade

Dark blue motifs and upholstery

round coffee table glass dark confidential sofas armchairs

Traditional appearance

cushion leather living room eclectic style grey upholstered

Usual and symmetrically arranged

living room fashion institution traditionally formal

Yellow and vintage

window loading Strip living room yellow wakes curtains

Royal Blue wall decoration and flower pattern

flowers strong flowers home textiles Wohnzimmergemustert

Soft textures and padding

coffee table painting pillows living room

Green Velvet

upholstered living room green couch cushion stool

Comfortable proposal

accent wall living room Grün Muster carpet fireplace wallpaper

Bold colors

living room sofa cushions fireplace wall mirror

Silver and grey combined

furnishing idea painting leather sofa small space living room

Beige shades

living room glass Tischplatteleicht elegant establishment

Refined and meaningful

padding coffee table sofa sea room living room leather

Stripes and Oriental patterns

pattern textures mixing stripes carpet curtains sofa pillow

Living room design – pleasant challenge

wall mirror fireplace Dekoartikelnatürliche items

In the vintage style

brick naturally living room chic pattern fireplace

Comfortable and warm

stripes pattern chimney Cap sofa soft pillows

In harmony with the environment

fireplace reading warm inviting living room

Chair covers back in fashion

living room floor wood interior design

Classic leather chair in Brown

Chair Tradiitonell clean living room set up leather

Striped bed covers

artful loungers Strip living figures balanced

Purple and blue home textiles living room bold colors together connect

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