39 Home Furnishings Ideas In The Retro Style: Rock And Roll, Hippie, Black And White

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Unusual home furnishings ideas in the retro style: rock and roll, hippie, black and white interior design

Flash, high-contrast colors and nostalgia for the 60s of the 20th century – are the main features of the retro style. But this has very many different pages and aesthetic directions. Within the retro Setup ideas could experience a huge variety.

Home furnishings ideas in retro style with colored accents

residential interior design ideas home ideas living room holzmobel white carpet

In the first place you must not confuse style the retro with vintage. The second is the nostalgia for old times, which is due to the presence of many vintage items.

Ideas – the small living room in retro style set up home furnishings and decorating

home furnishing ideas home ideas living room retro style green carpet dekokissen

Stylish living room with retro flair

residential interior design ideas living room wallpaper coffee table retro style

Retro style involves a broader vision for the design of the premises, affecting some basic principles, as well as the details. The interior decoration is also a distinct and her different style very strongly from this vintage.

History of the retro style

The retro style emerged after the second world war, and more precisely – towards the end of the 50s. He bears the pain, but also the hope of a better future. A new exuberant mood was then throughout Europe and that brought a surplus of Garish colors and a large amount of futuristic shapes in the interior design.

Black leather seats and fancy carpet

home furnishing ideas of retro living room carpet White leather armchair walls

By this time, there are many items of furniture made from non-traditional materials, such as for example glass or plastic. These have usually quite unusual forms, which typically are for the retro style.

Between the 60s and the 80s

The retro style includes characteristics of Interior design and decoration, which are typical for the era of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Usually one is focused on the interior design on one of these decades.

Fresh spice the green carpet cushion pattern

interior living ideas living room dekokissen green carpet hanging lamp

Here is another way: select a topic from one of these eras, and subordinate the Interior this. These could be the following as an example. “Black and white cinema”, “rock and roll”, “Disco”, “Hip”.

Furniture and textiles

The furniture in the Interior in the retro style can be made of wood, plastic, and glass. The materials are not so important. The unusual shapes are more distinctive of this style. For example the sofas in the form of female lips, human hand, large flowers, buds, hemispheres are emblematic examples.

These are very extravagant pieces of furniture, they are therefore mostly in various bars and restaurants in the retro style.

Exotic variants

The apartment interior design ideas in the retro style are exotic. Typical are the polished furniture, the corner shelves, cabinets with several compartments, plastic chairs, chairs with chrome details and backs made of natural leather.

The long and wide sofa made from high-quality materials are also emblematic. Chairs in rounded shapes are preferred. The decoration is reduced as far as possible to the minimum.

With regard to the textiles – retro style you find small and large carpets, cushions and curtains. You have Flash colors and often geometric patterns.

Combine beautiful wall design with bright colors

innendesign ideas living room retro style colored

Retro living room set

eirnichten residential interior design ideas living room ideas retro dekokissen


The colors and combinations of these are right out at the retro style. Rich and Flash traces are used. Red, light green, bright pink, blue, Orange and black are like used in the interior design. The contemporary interpretations continue to close olive, mustard, apricot, purple, turquoise.

Extravagant combination of colors and patterns

Interior dining room cooler carpet fashion orange chairs

You can also very well combine orange and blue.

Here is also an important note: the colours may not be blurry.

Wall and ceiling processing

For the design of the wall, you can use wallpapers with small flower patterns. Still, the use of geometric figures is possible. Black and white horizontal lines can be found in many successful contexts.

Fresh leaf pattern makes cheerful mood in the living room

interior decoration ideas wall decoration wallpaper yellow Chair leaves

The floor can be made with linoleum and wood. The long-haired rugs in different shades are up-to-date.

As regards the ceiling design, the white color and the plaster fit there very well.

You can insert objects and works of art in the House design which remind of events from the concerned decades.

On “Black and white cinema”

The interiors in retro style can be dedicated under a certain theme. The black and white movies can be as one. Integrate scenes and familiar faces in the wall decoration. For a modern and slightly offbeat effect, you can make colored some details.

The retro design is characterized by a specific wall decoration

residential interior design ideas home ideas bedroom retro wanddesign

Topic “Hippie”

Ethno motives and esoteric elements play a very important role in establishing this topic. Statuettes, Mandalas, funny souvenirs, aromatic sticks, etc. happen frequently.

In the retro style individual issues exist

interior of retro bedroom mandala dekoideen hippie style

Rock and roll, disco

Last would we go, a design in the style of rock and roll on the way or to make Disco. Integrate these vinyl discs, posters with garish motifs and old posters of legendary singers and musicians from this period.

Also radio and other devices linked to music and pop culture can be used in interior design.

Wall decoration in the retro style

residential interior design ideas bedroom set retro wanddesign carpet

Design kitchen retro

innendesign ideas cabinets grey stripes rug white metro tiles

Flooring in the retro style for the kitchen

innendesign ideas kitchen set up flooring wall tiles

Small retro kitchen

innendesign ideas kitchen ideas set up retro style dining area make

Fresh accents

innendesign ideas kitchen teppichlaufer white kitchen cabinets

Use red and green as accents in the kitchen

innendesign ideas of retro kitchen green door kitchen island

Kitchen tiles with retro pattern

innendesign ideas of retro kitchen wall tile design pattern floor tiles

Create beautiful ambiance with fresh patterns

innendesign ideas of retro living room nice wallpaper pattern plant

Retro bedroom with floral patterns

innendesign ideas bedroom beautiful wallpaper-blue floral pattern chimney

innendesign ideas home ideas kitchen retro style

innendesign ideas home ideas living room yellow sofa nice wall decoration

innendesign ideas living room set up retro style floor vases bright carpet

innendesign ideas of retro living room of yellow Chair wood-look flooring

interior of retro living room gray sofa light grey carpet

Interior bedroom fashion retro style yellow wallpaper

interior living ideas living room green sofa wall shelf white bodenebelag

interior living room design ideas retro geometric carpet, white walls

white interior design living room furniture beautiful wanddesign cool coffee table

residential interior design ideas green retro style wall color red carpet

home furnishing ideas retro style stripes rug

home furnishing ideas retro style living room grey zebra walls pattern

set home furnishing ideas of retro living room green sofa round rugs

residential interior design ideas bedroom set ideas retro wooden floor

residential interior design ideas bedroom retro style beautiful Dresser plant

residential interior design ideas home ideas living room retro blue carpet open living plan

residential interior design ideas living room retro style

residential interior design ideas living room retro style sofa long curtains

residential interior design ideas living room beautiful wallpaper cool retro carpet white furniture

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