45 Super Popular Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

ingenious Crimson dark look colors for kitchen cabinets

The painted kitchen cabinets are back in!

The time, in which almost all people have turned off the vintage and retro shades and opted for a more modern approach, not so far behind.

Beige Cream and Brown are always announced

But fashion and interior design have not stopped to surprise us positively. You have at once reset the clock and made cool again and hot vintage.

The colored kitchens are announced quickly again and reached the top of the hottest design trends for 2014.

Do we see the ten hottest trends today? We do!

Beautiful colors for kitchen cabinets

colors for kitchen cabinets purple window

Plush purple shade: Color of the year!

colors for kitchen cabinets Crimson dark kitchen island brick wall

Minimalist sophistication – monotone nuances

colors for kitchen cabinets dark purple

Turquoise kitchen rear wall

colors for kitchen cabinets purple gloss flooring marble

Purple and violet were fashionable in recent years. Every major fashion company and all trendy interior designers predict that these shades will be very popular in the next few years. Purple looks wonderful in any settings and gives the room a visually rich and abundant appearance.

There are many indications that you choose for these kinds of colors for kitchen cabinets . You need to focus specifically on the environment and the right nuances. If you like but the eclectic look, this will be a problem.

If you are of the people who want to like to insert the cupboards in a room well thought out by designer, you should use a cool, neutral shade in the rest of the room. Because too much purple can be stressful. Moderation is a must if you want to integrate this bright and attractive kitchen cabinets.

Fine grey

kitchen cabinet grey marble kitchen rear panel

We are about to leave the area of fashionable grey nuances and we look at the hottest neutral in the world. Have you already felt that gray in your environment is always trendy and fashionable? You rightly noticed that!

Retro furnishings in grey

kitchen set kitchen cabinet grey monotone colors household furniture

Dazzling, contemporary fridge in the retro kitchen

grey neutral kitchen wood dining table chairs kitchen cabinets fridge modern

Monochromatic interiors

grey wood warm cupboard upholstery

Combine glamour and wood

Monochromatisch masculine colors for kitchen cabinets

Many people believe that this gloomy, but this is certainly not the case!

Warm, deep gray colors for kitchen cabinets lend a luxurious style your interior design. But if you really can experience the magic of gray cabinets, you should opt for structured surfaces and trendy patterns, which come the cupboards in elegant surroundings make.

Brilliant blue shades

vintage living turquoise smooth kitchen cabinets colors brick wall

Can imagine all the nuances of blue, which can be used in the House. As you can imagine perhaps, the possibilities are almost endless. A hint of this beautiful color in the kitchen will enliven the entire kitchen area. Think here of aquamarine, turquoise, Robin, Navy, Teal… You could continue this list almost infinitely. The blue kitchen cabinets are a welcome addition to any kitchen, and they are especially good if you want to achieve a coastal or nautical look. In this context we should consider also white. It makes it appear young and fresh the whole thing and fits beautifully with blue.

Kitchen cabinets painted in pastel colours here

contemporary kitchen fresh budget furniture gleaming

Formal arrangement and design

pale blue kitchen cabinets design ideas wood flooring

Shiny dark purple surfaces

blue white color glittering kitchen countertop

A touch of funky Orange

orange colors for kitchen cabinets kitchen island set up hot

Vintage equipment – orange color is bright and sunny

Orange wood furniture household furniture kitchen cabinets flat stove

Remarkable carpet with animal patterns – living and kitchen area in a

gleaming Orange kitchen cabinet dining room animal pattern

Chic kitchen stools with red seats

orange colors for kitchen cabinets white background wood flooring

One often brings this shading with the 70s in relationship. They provide instant playfulness and joy in the kitchen. Thus, you can revive wonderfully a room that is dark and less exciting.

Even a single Cabinet in this shade would achieve this effect. You can integrate very new and current orange accents in the kitchen. Just like purple, orange is also a color using them you have to careful attention to achieving the balance. Integrate these colors for kitchen cabinets in the interior design needs clearly very good moderation. Designers suggest the combination of grey, or even very bright shades of blue.

The purity of white color

Charm kitchen set color kitchen cabinets white open shelves

Ergonomic and functional kitchen

minimalist colors for kitchen cabinets equipment wood

Vintage appearance and many kitchen cabinets in white

shelves books colors for kitchen cabinets library gray plates

Combining different light sources here

window glass countertop kitchen cabinets colors marble surface

Traditional kitchen cabinets highlight the expensive porcelain

vintage retro setting up colors for kitchen cabinets sink porcelain plate

Built-in ceiling lamps and hanging lamps provide the bright atmosphere

wood flooring colors for kitchen cabinets marble countertops drop light/pendant

Many people roll their eyes when you tell them that white is a wonderful choice as the color for the kitchen cabinets. But the inspiring beautiful pictures here, I think very quickly change your opinion about. Here, white can serve as the perfect canvas for any accent color.

Painting the kitchen cabinets in this pure shade can design really coming into its own accent items. You can install almost any kind of rear wall to. If you can choose any accent color, white could be the perfect exit from the situation.

Bold and minimalist black

black colors for kitchen cabinets painted wood marble surface Kühn

Choose black colors for kitchen cabinets?

smooth black colors for kitchen cabinets fridge stove metalblack colors for kitchen cabinets ideal choice contemporary minimal area

Traditional lines and shapes, and the already known designer pendant luminaires

beautiful setting colors for kitchen cabinet designer lighting

Certainly not the first color that comes mind on kitchen cabinets is black. But the most natural and most universal choice in a modern facility is likely, especially if there shining and painted surfaces in use. Bringing together black and white cabinets within a single facility is a classic decision which will be never dissuade.

A brazen combination would be paired with a bold red nuance.

Black in the noble and urban. This is the best choice for people who love the minimalism in the kitchen.

Moulin Rouge style

black red colors for kitchen cabinets stunningly classic charm shine

Black and white color combination in the large kitchen area

combination black white colors for kitchen cabinets

Refreshing Green

household furniture green colors for kitchen cabinets small contemporary

Compact space shows visual interest

Vintage Grün charm household furniture colors for kitchen cabinets

Warm, welcoming environment

light colors for kitchen cabinets household furniture wooden dining table chairs

Beautifully designed kitchen – green elegance

green lemons budget kitchen cabinets furniture

Large kitchen area

painted colors for kitchen cabinets marble surface space heat

Do we now talk about a tendency which wonderfully inscribes itself in the season. You can realize that among other things also in the form of actions which make the kitchen more environmentally friendly. But why should not begin with the integration of some green cabinets. Exactly as blue, is green available in many shades, nuances and variations. Glue and dark olive green are preferred in modern, contemporary kitchens. A lighter and purer version can give your kitchen cabinets a ravishing, vintage look. Have you decided at the overall level for Brown? You could then complement this wonderful Green.

Kissed by the Sun charm in yellow

kitchen rear turquoise tiles bright yellow stool leaning kitchen countertop

Retro but effectively and forever

yellow fresh kitchen stool backrest sunflower colors for kitchen cabinets

Sunny yellow – colors for kitchen cabinets

furniture yellow wood kitchen budget ceiling rustic

The colours of nature seem to register always and in all environments seamlessly. Also within artificial bodies they work perfectly. This group includes both green and yellow. While green ensures more fresh, will have gleaming yellow and meets the entire kitchen with brilliant shine.

Yellow kitchen cabinets look even tearing down, combining it with a white kitchen surfaces made of stone or other organic materials. Various forms of yellow represent fantastic addition to green, red and black and the whole thing is running with an incomparable elegance. So, instead of using the neutral shade as a balancing colour, you could try this time with a bright shade of yellow.

Rustic charm – Persian rug adds an oriental touch

charm touch household furniture red Persian rug

Surrounded by stools kitchen countertop

kitchen cabinets retro modern at the same time

Contemporary kitchen equipment – compact space

kitchen cabinets tile murals household furniture

Glow and shine are here to see

contemporary kitchen cabinets painted red colors

Bright colors – feminine kitchen set

flooring stool wood countertop kitchen island

It is time to leave the area of the banal and run the kitchen in a livelier shade. Whether you want to prefer the deliberately low-key approach, or covered with bright colors, colored kitchen cabinet may be a wonderful choice. Not do we allow all boring kitchens in the past?

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