5 Component Of The Renovation At Home, The Wrong Running Can

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component of the renovation at home living room red Cabinet carpet

Whether it’s a single room or the entire House, must one consider much of a future renovation, select and organize

The small projects have as many items on the list such as the big and same claim to material selection or deliveries. Of course everything in your renovation project can go wrong, but more than others in danger are some component.

Hereby we have to watch strictly a summary of points that you, within your renovation project.

Windows and exterior doorsComponent of the renovation at home

component of the renovation at home living room design modern elegant

The decision on the window can be one of the most difficult. The Windows are available in a variety of materials and colors, in different style and multiple protection options. Delivery times can vary quite much. You don’t get the vinyl window within 2 weeks and the delivery of wood-beamed or hardwood window can take 10 weeks.

Typically, the service provider builds the window in front of the interior work. And the external protection Windows and decorations can only after the installation of the window be, so, they could change the schedule at a delay critical.

Best practice: choose your window supplier, at the beginning of the process, find out about its delivery dates and order the window at him so that you get the window at least two to three weeks prior to the end date. Extra desires as pole size, temperature control, energy and so on can the process efficiency, output, frosted glass or extend.


component of the renovation at home dining area kitchen countertop sink

Like the Windows, the cabinets affect a number of service providers who work directly after their installation. Floor covering, Tile laying and countertop installation in the kitchen and the bathroom are connected. The appointment of cabinets requests the superposition of several designs, including deciding on the decor of the room, the functionality of the doors, drawers and equipment, wood and paint, strips. The service provider should take the extent also on the spot.

Expect a location plan and drawings of the cabinets, which represents the look with the real sizes, also known as shop drawings. They should approve it before starting.

Best practice: Decide on the type of wood and the General style of cabinets in advance. To hedge you plan a week in addition to delivery time.

Installation accessories

component of the renovation home showers elegant original innovative

The shops and online stores for installation accessories let us with the feeling that the right pointing acquisition is easy. And it is often the case, but some manufacturers have specific delivery times and limited availability.The shower faucet and bathtub are two elements of the preliminary installation work. You can within the first week of a bathroom renovation or take place in the first months of a larger project. The rest of the kit could be delivered later, but the other measures facilitates the timely decision on these two pieces. If you have a slab of stone or other hard material with sinks, you need also previously available have the kitchen sink and the faucet.

Best practice: Don’t wait for the last day to buy the installation accessories. Just one missing piece is enough to spoil things.


component of the renovation at home bathtub tile wall shower

Not only aesthetic aspects to consider when choosing the tiles. For the different materials are used also some tools and articles, can be with your architect and tile master will advise what you exactly need. Sometimes mistakes happen, and you get not the ordered tiles. The size and the color could not quite match seen in the store, those, especially for natural stone and slate. Even the fabrikfertigten tiles may differ.

Best practice: Take a pattern from the hardware store for protection, that you have received the correct tiles delivered.

Floor covering

component of the renovation to House wood plate columns ceiling

The thickness of the flooring material affects many things, including the rough carpentry work at the beginning of the project. If you want to make the ground level, then the floor covering is critical decision.

Many flooring materials such as wood and Marmoleum have delivery deadlines. Then they need more time to acclimatize and adjust to the temperature and humidity of the House. If you not waited off then can the flooring expand or shrink, resulting in holes or swelling. Usually four five days is enough, but some products need two weeks for acclimatization. The wooden elements are installed but different and there are different ordering Engen depending on whether you choose material carpet or a different surface.

Best practice: Choose the flooring prior to the start of the project so that your supplier can make the ground flat and the acclimatisation period is not a problem.

Elegant living room in grey color palette

component of the renovation at home living room gray color palette

Traditional interior design – white wall design, built-in shelvescomponent of the renovation home grey sofa red pillow white shelves cuddly grey sofa sets the accent and offers comfortable seating place feminine, comfortable bedroom, requiring walls are painted turquoisecomponent of the renovation at home bedroom blue colors warm, elegant atmosphere in the traditional living roomspacious living room modern elegant stone built-in fireplace

Component of the renovation at home dining area kitchen sink working plate

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