5 Points At Home, Where Corrugated Iron Looks Wonderful

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living ideas wall with corrugated metal floor

Exceptional interior design ideas

Most of the time is the corrugated iron roofs, garages and garden sheds. Are so perceived the corrugated iron as a material, which is typical for outdoor use. But because the people are all the time looking for creative materials, which to they can express their personal style in the Interior, has proven to corrugated iron as an alternative of the dry boards.

Corrugated sheet shows flexibility in physical and aesthetic ways. Thus, you have many options for use inside: on the ceiling, on the walls, on the stairs and furniture. That to the beginning.

The material you can purchase with various finishes and sizes and can bring many styles in line. The possibilities are there diverse and range from rural to industrial.

Creative set with Tin

corrugated iron wall sofa cushion floor lamp furnishing ideas


Corrugated metal is usually in panels with a typical width between 60 and 100 centimeters and 2 meters long. Thus, it has to be the potential of a wonderful solution for the covering of walls.

The curls and Korrugationen occur in different profiles. The leaner arise among these if the waves are smaller and closer together. Here, the talk is of 3 to 0.6 centimeters.

The larger profile would then at 7 to 2 centimeters. The first measure is the Central distance between the shaft and the second – for the General height of the Panel.

Stainless steel is the most popular material for corrugated metal panels. However, some manufacturers prefer aluminum, copper or even aluminum alloy with corrosion protection.

Rustic bedroom

bedroom set up corrugated iron Rustiakler look

Older, recycled products are often made of sheet metal and can be found in local places where construction waste is collected.

The costs of the application of this material are much smaller than if one opts for drywall.

Horizontally installed panels

interior design ideas with corrugated iron panels

Horizontally installed panels have a contemporary and fancier look. The vertical orientation is conventional and thus created plates with cooler industrial embossing give a room the right amount of rural atmosphere and have some of the character of camps. In the field to dry the stuff from swimming, the vertical panels mimic the classic paneling.

Room-high corrugated metal panels

room integrating design ideas

This funny game room features ceiling-high corrugated metal panels in the whole area and the material is even integrated into the built-in database and the table base, so we kept the continuity.

The panels are able to hide imperfections in the swimming pool. Try it with the dry wall.

Living room design ideas

living room design ideas wall corrugated metal decorating

Consider it well, whether you will prefer new or recycled panels in use. The decision is based on the look that you are trying to achieve, and is determined by the project requirements.

The recycled panels usually have rust and a comfortable upper-class, which specifically provided for these characteristics. The advantage of buying the new panels is that you can buy them with a profile and a thickness, which is very suitable for the specific project.

Normally fix the panels to the wooden or metal wall uprights or fibreboard.

If you would install it on an existing dry wall, it must be secured to the wall at Spike holes.

Design corrugated metal ceiling

modern kitchen design corrugated metal ceiling kitchen island


Reflected on the brilliant, wavy surface and makes the Visual focus of the room from the ceiling light from the ceiling lights in the kitchen, dar.

Blanket made from galvanized steel sheets

bedroom interior design ideas for vaulted ceiling Tin

The texture of this two ceiling, made from galvanized steel sheets, ensures a great drama.

Staircase with corrugated iron panels

living ideas spiral staircase corrugated iron dining table decorating

The stairs

The corrugated metal panels are flexible enough to control the tight bends of the spiral stairs. Laura Kirkland from Bridger Steel says that a corrugated metal can be bent enough, to make a full circle from only a soft arcade. Everything is related to the thickness and profile of the construction. Show your plans the manufacturer to get the right plan for your projects.

The cabinets

Corrugated metal panels are conceived not only as wall paneling and ceiling surfaces. With their endurance and the ease of care, they provide a great kitchen surface. On the basis of the Cabinet surfaces, the difficulty is how to attach the edges of the material and edited. The TRIMs will show the exposed edges on this kitchen island. Kirkland realizes that the fasteners and trim are funny elements that you can select a to write a seamless or contrasting color to the metal through them.

Great decor in the kitchen

corrugated iron decor in the kitchen kitchen island pendant lighting

Corrugated iron decoration

kitchen design ideas decoration with corrugated iron

In the kitchen Department of that barracks, the wooden frame with metal clamps hold in place. Frameless doors are bound by a coded metal frame.

DIY head Board

bedroom interior design bed with corrugated steel headboard


Set no limits through the corrugated metal panels. You look wonderful on furniture, as you can see it on this quirky head Board.

Corrugated metal panels can be easily cut. It is recommended saw blades for this purpose. Ryan McNary from Elmwood reclaimed timber has determined that the recycled panels of the company are thin enough to be cut. They are also robust enough, in order to keep this framework.

Corrugated steel panels are available in many different finishes. Galvanized surfaces fire tend to shine. These panels are usually dull and rough, industrial look.

Living room design with corrugated iron panels

living room set up fireplace Chair table corrugated sheet

In the bathroom

cupboard storage corrugated iron wall

Not all new panels must look new. Some manufacturers can edit this so that they weathered look. The bathroom wall that you see here is the company, Bridger Steel and features new corrugated sheets. By the Turkey surface of society it has caused for a weathered look.


wall decoration design ideas wall painted

Painted surfaces are also very popular. Razvan Teodorescu on Steelogic metal system notes that the pre-painted steel panels and zinc-bearing does not necessarily need to be primed, before painting.

In the galvanized, this must be already!

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