5 Tips And 18 Fresh Interior Design, The Summer Mood After Home On The Market

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fresh interior design lounge sofa colorful pillow attractive

5 tips and 17 fresh interior designs that bring home the summer mood

Summer is a season, which is always very impatiently expected. You will nevertheless always quickly and somehow unexpectedly. Most people feel the strong need to freshen up the decoration at home at this time. We help you to take the first steps in.

Today we want to present some color ideas, as well as a few playful accents you. Through this, you can reach the beach atmosphere, according to the yearning each summer.

Figure it out! But the big question is another: must be removed in the autumn the summer decoration, or you can hang them throughout the year? The decision is yours alone! Do we now look at our figure range?

The colours of the sea

Let’s start with our first summer tips. So the new paint of your entire interior is not necessarily meant. Check for example the blue accents in the room below. In this figure, the strength of the small comes blue details to the Geltung.Diese show up here in the form of pillows and the desk lamps.

You can decorate your room with the colors of the sea

fresh interior design Sea Blue accents white furnishings

In the case of a refreshment of room, the beach accents never faze jmanden. It is particularly useful in combination with the white trim and other details such as the framed picture of fish.

The blue green shading in the next figure is elegant and subtle, but still crisp enough

fresh interior design bathroom wall mirror ceiling lighting

Do you want to achieve a nautical effect? Below we see Navy blue wallpaper in combination with white paint.

Then put on the darker shades

fresh interior design stairs steps railing floor


In the sense of a nautical effect, nothing can go wrong if you also choose to strip in white and blue. They include a strong statement and are still undeniably classic. Below room can be a bedding in strips to West Elm design.

Comfortable bedroom – themed striped bedding

fresh interior design bedroom Strip Blau Weiß wood

But of course, you need to decide not only on white and Navy blue stripes. Rather the white color should be a priority for you and you can then replace the other. The blue shades of the pillows and the bed covers below are certainly not less than Beachy as the Dark Navy Blue nuances.

Airy white living room – blue-white striped cushions on the topic of the sea

fresh interior design Blau Weiß Chair table equipment

You should also consider the black and white combination to consider. As it is illustrated below, she is always elegant and classic.

Eclectic living room – light green curtains bring freshness and good mood

fresh interior design rug black white striped chimney

Tropical plants

Do you want more ideas for summer? Now we introduce another one. The strong-looking tropical leaves create always a pleasant exotic mood. In the women’s bathroom can be the best place, where you can pick them. You can either choose a plant in flower pot or use only a few branches cut off and leaves. The tropical accents also in the dining room have a wonderful effect. Sometimes the Green accents are the long-sought refresher.

Pale blue tiles in the bathroom – solid wash Cabinet

fresh interior design bathroom vanity drawers tiles

You find the beautiful contrast piece below magical?

Rustic furniture and elements that are reminiscent of the summer and the sea

fresh interior design lounge painting sea stripe carpet

An artistic applied design solution is shown in the next figure. Here, the beautiful effect is achieved through the green leaves in a vase with the same shading. This room is characterized by the great style and color of a tropical nature.

Homely, cosy living room furnishings – large corner sofa

fresh interior design living room corner sofa wall mirror

The mood of the beach

Who can resist even the allure of beach life? Coral, deep-sea areas, shellfish and other stuff can beautifully decorate a home. You can see that clearly in the figure below: a wonderful summer mood there bring the somewhat casual children towels on the shelves.

Diamond-shaped blue-and white tiles in the bathroom and simple wooden shelves

fresh interior design bathroom wood shelves tiles

Would you like even more Beach ideas?

Below, we have an image with tropical paintings of willow and rattan for you. You would like to challenge you to immerse yourself in the purity of the purity of the coast. You need just a touch of green and white to achieve a wonderful beach mood.

Solid rattan furniture in the living room with soft bright conditions

fresh interior design rattan furniture Chair pads flower pattern

We now move on to the next figure. Sometimes the little things can tell very much.

fresh interior design bathroom SOAP Lake salt this fits wonderfully to this sea salt SOAP in a pack of sea elements

The Botanical Art of conch shell theme is always beautiful. Below, these were attached in groups so that they give a stronger message together.

Bright, elegant living room Setup

fresh interior design living room table Chair comfortably

Furniture for the exterior design

Finally, we have left the piece with the strongest effect of beach. It’s about the transformation of the outdoor area.

Ultimately it connects towns of the world at most the summer enjoying the warm weather. Of course, one spends much time outside and enjoying the warm weather.

Exotic touch and touch of summer freshness

by shades of green landscape architecture

fresh interior design outdoor use wood flooring cushion

You can forget also the possibility for dining outdoors under no circumstances. You need a table with plenty of room for the guests you will invite.

Seating space – swing on the tree for more fun

fresh interior design garden design grass swing

We have now also a gift for you! This is picture iron-vane this beautiful, domestic harmony. As a broadcasting house owners can bring much pleasure and enjoyment from any exterior.  It’s about the lighting sphere. Hang it up and celebrate your long evenings with friends and family comfortably and snugly!

Romantic atmosphere of the outdoor area – chain of lights from light bulbs

fresh interior design garden design Lichterkette backyard

Compact House by the sea – relaxation corner for relaxing moments

interior design idea fresh summery Strip pads vegetables fruits

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