50s Furniture For A Lovely Retro Ambience With Style

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50s furniture Chair footstool pink flower pattern

We immerse it 50s furniture in the world

In the 50s, the optimism and the futurism prevailed of the 20th century. This setting and art movement was felt also in the Interior.

Everything in the design was applied to the new. We looked at things that came to us. The people wanted to show the back then the past. The company wanted to enjoy a completely new and much better life than before.

All areas of life were dedicated in this development. Innovations ruled the world of cars, houses, furniture, tableware. The changes were radical and occurred much faster than in the past epochs.

Flash colours were also quite popular

50s furniture yellow Chair

Everything had to be rediscovered and renewed

50s furniture bring out this rapid development in the form of flexibility. You see light, flowing lines. They were just so meet the needs of modern man.

Feet turned outward

Consider just the feet of the 50s furniture. They are always to the outside shot. You are a distinctive characteristic of this style.

They symbolise the typical striving forward

50s furniture blue armchair sofas modern interpretation

The time of exaggerations

The 50’s were a time of exaggerations. This probably related with the incessant need to make progress. They wanted to produce even more and more.

The real practical need has promoted this process still further and further. After the second world war, people wanted the world economy as quickly as possible to rebuild.

In the kitchen, round, metal bar stools were particularly said

50er50er years furniture kitchen Setup blue white round metal bar stool

The advertising

To make real economic progress, consumers had to buy more. At this time advertising gained so much importance, like never before. You had to make the ordinary people to spend more money. It persuaded consumers to buy larger as well as smaller things for the budget in greater quantities.

The development of a Coca Cola product for babies happened probably precisely at this time.

Simple style

The mass production brought the simple, almost too simple style with it. It is typical for the 50s furniture. The many geometric shapes can be explained by the futuristic trend.

The gentle forms of nature is as good as not to see

50s furniture sofa armchair upholstered marked Knoll

Decoration with rural elements

The decoration furniture provides a balance to the sober style of the 50s. Graphics and pictures from this period include many natural elements.

Rustic ornaments and pink accents were preferred by many housewives

50s furniture kitchen pink ornaments

Transition from neutral to bold colors

At the beginning of the 50s, the neutrals dominate in the Interior. This change in the course of time. The Flash nuances prevail to the end of the Decade. As we all know, they experience a total flowering period at the turn of the 60s. Red and yellow are particularly popular. Pink and turquoise also. Black is widely used. It makes seem the interiors still charaktervoller.

In the 50s, many new materials were used such as formica. The current trends were mostly in the United States and spread quickly worldwide.

More hues, which are today found in retro furnishings are orange and Apple green

50s furniture living room ideas upholstered seating furniture

Style in www.modestfurniture.com we have found these lovely lounge chair retro

50s furniture cocktail chairs leather Orange Modestfurniture

Send 50s furniture reinterpreted by IKEA

50s furniture IKEA design modern interpretation

Even the TV looked like at that time as a piece of furniture

50s furniture retro TV

The arc lamp is the compulsory supplement to a retro sofa

50s furniture retro leather sofa Chair blue beige

Simple retro wood furniture and open brick wall for a harmonious contrast

50s furniture pattern sofa chair stool open brick wall

Noble 50s furnishings for your home office

50s furniture Desk Chair authentic

Intended for the piece of furniture you’re looking for

50s furniture Chair sideboard items

50s furniture are also very suitable for the purists between you

50s furniture living room furniture chairs of round stool

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