51 Alternatives For Space-saving And Free Kitchen Facilities

Kitchen utensils from used and seemingly useless items

We have already several times discussed the theme “creative craft ideas and home decor”, but it has just no end, therefore we want to keep doing it today:

Homemade decoration is simply the best, especially if it can be practical and functional. Today we again creative ideas, which have both originality and functionality. The task that we made us, is connected to a large and unnecessary expenditure of money. On the contrary, it is entirely free and can help all of us to create a clear structure in our (often) small kitchen. How best to use from a room, want to be learned and we add you to the first suggestions.

So easy to fold your kitchen

kitchen handle of wood

Not very attractive items can be awakened to new life

kitchen handle glass wood chandelier

Each dealer advertises with its kitchen, which can be but never the best one for us, because everyone just has his individual wishes and needs. As is with many creative Affairs, counts the result that heißt-like us according to our needs and preferences the existing furniture and accessories combine with each other at the end.

If you have more Horseshoe for good luck, such holder may arise

kitchen handle wood Horseshoe

2 horizontal wooden planks and chopping a couple of screws save money and space

kitchen handle themselves make diy

kitchen kitchen furniture together timbered

kitchen cups chop wardrobe

Let me begin with the start into the day! One of the first things everyone does in the morning is to make coffee and enjoy the alone.

For all those who feel already addressed, alternative solutions offered, how to complement your kitchen and improve in accordance with the morning needs and rituals. It should take maybe just take a look in the garage, the basement or the attic. There, you will definitely find a lot of (seemingly) unnützlichen objects, which can be your dream kitchen right will finally come true.

Determine a permanent place for your coffee bar

kitchen kitchen furniture basket

You can purchase rustic shelves Not too cheap on eBay

kitchen handle holzbrett2

At IKEA, you will find everything to exactly this idea to implement

kitchen handle of wood ikea coffee-bar

Give your creativity free rein

kitchen handle wood Board itself make honeycomb

A jewelry holder can be used as a cup holder

kitchen equipment kitchen equipment cups jewelry holder

Their coffee altar

kitchen handles kitchen cabinet

In this way, save space and find always your favorite Cup

kitchen glass room henkel use

kitchen of ikea collage

Shelves were last night CD

kitchen cups cd aufbewahrungcd

Old pieces can be awakened to new life and because of its sentimental value, they get a special place on the wall. We want to save space and make the kitchen and that includes every possible surface, specifically the walls.

Draw inspiration from our image gallery and think about what would be (new) coffee bar suitable for your. It is a sure something private to you!

In this sense – have fun and a good luck!

Getting ready for a spontaneous visit

handle kitchen

Matching Wall decoration for Avid coffee drinkers

kitchen handle wood coffee-bar

The best solution for your coffee cups

kitchen equipment Euro-pallets of small wood furniture

With a little imagination and color you charm the old items new

kitchen handle of wood coffee bar retro

pyramyde kitchen handle

kitchen handle pyramyde coffee cups

kitchens ikea kitchen equipment

kitchen equipment kitchen equipment cups coffee cups

kitchen kitchen furniture auseuropaletten

kitchen kitchen cups auhängen

Twice, think about whether something was really unhelpful

kitchen handle glass wood ornamentation

kitchen handle glass wood palette

You had not thought really that this old fashioned dressing room could be so handy

kitchen handle old wardrobe 80

And if the cups are too much, just art

kitchen handle glass decorative wood waterfall

kitchen handle holzbrett3

kitchen handle holzbrett8

kitchen handle of wood tree coffee bar

kitchen handle wood coffee bar saves space

kitchen handle of wood with hack

kitchen handle vintage holder

kitchen kitchen furniture from Europe Latvians small

Securely fastened, the brackets can carry even heavier vessels

kitchen equipment kitchen equipment cups pans

kitchen equipment kitchen equipment cups sentimental

kitchen Cup vertical

Do not go past the old rake!

kitchen cups tool

And a good spell completes your work

kitchen ideas kitchen cups

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