53 Bunk Beds – Perfect For Covers Nursery, If You Space Saving To

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Bunk beds save space in the children’s room and make it come alive for

What family does not dream of an own apartment? At the same time it is forced to cope with small rooms to do this for many reasons. It follows logically that is there much trouble choosing ergonomic furniture. How does one in these circumstances so that the children in their rooms have enough space for play and learning?

The bunk bed is a functional solution, if there is little room in the nursery

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The designs are quite varied

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To meet this challenge, it must very often access to a high – or a bunk bed. The first variant is suitable when there is more than one child only child and the second – a. This time, let’s stick with the topic of bunk beds. According to what principles must choose well this, so that it writes a well in the atmosphere?


The first criterion, which derive in the selection of the bunk bed must allow, is the functionality. This goes far beyond putting one above the other two beds! The function of a bunk bed has much more to offer. In it are many other elements to integrate. In most cases, elements of the whole bunk bed model are also drawers, shelves or a desk. They fit wonderfully. Actually, you could have much more come up thanks to your imagination. The good function of a bunk bed can mean conversion ability. Sometimes you can take the two parts apart. You can then be made as two separate beds on the floor.

Bunk bed meets a multifunctional role in the children’s room with drawers and open shelves

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The bunk bed is still considered an unconventional solution. As such, it requires also a creative approach to the integration into the room. It is an accent much decoration, wallpaper and sticker. They also serve as complementary elements that can be not too heavily dominate the bunk bed in the room.


The second level of a bunk bed is relatively high when compared to the size of a child. For this reason, you must take necessarily serious security measures. The upper bed must necessarily have guards or other type of entanglement.

The security in the children’s plays a major role

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Simple design

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Typical models of bunk beds

Nowadays, there are many different types of bunk bedson the market. Only some of them prove virtually as a right. See E.g. variants, in which both beds are located perpendicular to each other. The great advantage is, that opens up space for other facilities under the top bunk. For example, a desk integrates wonderfully here.

Highly functional children bed

bunk beds nursery set up ideas drawers shelves

Modern bunk bed with ladder

bunk beds nursery set up ideas staircase

Unusual model, which makes the nursery all original

children bunk bed boys room design unusual bed green car

Stairs or ladder?

The models differ from bunk beds from each other even after the manner, how to reach the higher level. This can be done via a staircase or ladder. The latter takes up less space. The first offers the opportunity for the integration of drawers in the stairs.

The bunk bed should have a protective grille

bunk beds design nursery roof

Make the maid’s room with a bunk bed

bunk bed nursery set up ideas girls room design pink carpet

The small nursery needs compact and functional pieces of furniture

children bunk bed design ideas nursery white carpet

White bunk bed on a dark background

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Hidden second bed

In some children, you need a second bed only occasionally. This is necessary when there are guests. In this case it not worth to buy a bunk bed that takes up lots of space. There are a number of models, in which the lower bed like a drawer under the second is pulled out.

Hidden third bed

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We do not recommend to use this option, if you have two children as a permanent solution. The little ones should have been separate beds. This protects their privacy. You need him to feel happy and valuable.

Custom made beds

So that the bunk beds ideally suit your needs, you should consider made solutions also custom-made. Invest in it, first of all, ideally fit the pieces of furniture on the specifics of your room. Discuss with the designer, what are the possibilities for the long-term use of the beds. Construct them so that kids a few years comfortably in sleep!

Wooden bunk bed

bunk beds nursery set up ideas brick wall open shelving

Spice up white kids bed by colored bedding

bunk beds design white head colored bedding

Modern model in blue

bunk beds children's room design flower carpet yellow accents dark walls

As if you would have these beds one above the other

bunk beds nursery design wood flooring beautiful linen

Boys bed on two floors

bunk beds nursery design boy strips carpet

Living desk model

bunk beds nursery design orange yellow white walls bright floor unique floor lamp

The stairs are unique drawers

bunkbeds living ideas nursery Coler kids carpet drawers

bunk beds design stair treads Schublaen colored curtains

bunkbeds living ideas nursery small rooms set up

bunk bed nursery set up ideas white wall sticker wall

bunk bed nursery design blue carpet desk blue wall color

bunk bed nursery figures colored kids drawers Roman shade

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children bunk bed nursery set up ideas for kids of fancy Chair

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