9 Chic Sideboards & Chests Of Drawers For Living Room

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sideboards & chests for living room white surface

Have a chest of drawers at home?-interior design ideas for you

Did you know that you already have many interior design ideas for this Dresser? She can wonderfully as a shelf in the living, dining and game room or as a display case for your beautiful accessories.

Graduated establishment idea (the first image)

Start at one end of the sideboard with a high object. You can do this wrong hardly anything with a lamp. Fill the remaining space with a medium and a small object. Finally, you must reach a stepped appearance.

The lamp represents the highest object in the figure here, and the vases – the lower levels. If you have a relatively small chest of drawers, this arrangement will fill the entire room. If you have more space, the objects close to a border should be placed.

Chic sideboards & chests for living room

sideboards & chests for living room drawers

Start with matching objects. Lamps or jars work very well. Hang also works of art. Can be either one or several art problem. You should be centrally positioned best over the dresser.

Fill the surface of the sideboard with books, flower vases and small objects.

Artfully designed

sideboards & chests for living room interior design ideas modern

The useful issue surfaces, like for example the rotary table or bar counter are then appealing when they create the impression that they have been used recently. If you have a self-serve bar, a casual certified glass might look very beautiful, don’t you find?

As the two sides of a scale

sideboards & chests for living room table lamp

If you arrange objects at both ends of the sideboard, it has something of the character of an old scale. This is much to a Visual as to compensate physical however. In the picture here, all objects – the lamp, the books, the plant would look much “harder” If you would put them all side by side. Note how the lamp with the round lamp shade contributes their displacement from the Center to a Visual balance?

Direct TV (1)

sideboards & chests for living room solid wood painted

Because it has painted the wall in dark blue, you managed to pull away the attention from the TV and the chest of drawers. You can look the other way by hanging a significant sculpture.

Direct TV (2)

sideboards & chests for living room decorations branches vase

Fill the space around the TV with vases, candleholders and other objects with approximately the same height. Use the idea of setting up with the gradation of before, to arrange the objects at both ends. Then, fill the walls in a gallery style.

Furnishing idea for a layered look

sideboards & chests for living room picture frame white

The key to the sequence of the books is in the use of framed pieces of various sizes. First, you can reject the large pieces to the wall or hang and then per portion the smaller piece before. Changing portrait landscape format. If a small frame while lost looks, try to sit a stack of books. Provide for more interest by you sprinkle some tactile objects in between. Don’t worry if some of the objects remain hidden. The hidden sides of the objects belong.

Make room for a great work of art

sideboards & chests for living room wooden furniture carpet

You have a very high quality artwork on the credenza? Keep the arrangements on the surface finishing and low, so that they do not fall into a competitor with the great artwork. Try it with the appointment of three or more small piles or small-format books. You could place a few slender candle holders at one end.

Deal playfully with the proportions

sideboards & chests for living room table lamp flooring wood

Here is a wonderful furnishing idea for you: set on a small Kredenze an oversized lamp on. So, you can get a bold look pretty quickly and easily. Place a nice tray or a small vase of flowers between the lamps. Now you are done.

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