A Modern Staircase Can Completely Transform Your Home

Editor   April 15, 2014   Comments Off on A Modern Staircase Can Completely Transform Your Home

architecture art black white staircase

Modern stair creates architectural interest to home

What do you see first when you enter a House? The staircase. It is very important for the interior design. Still, there’s almost no time to plan the design of the staircase. Here, we give you 30 photos with interesting, contemporary examples of modern stairs, which can completely transform your interior design.

Give an interesting dash your corridor

floating colored decorations In the hallway stairs glass

Decide what form of stairs will best fit your design. In modern stairs construction materials are combined, according to the creative advantages, so that the term then applied to the supporting structure. Select a wooden staircase, steel stairs, glass stairs, stone-oder concrete steps in this regard.

Contemporary staircase with futuristic design

futuristic design staircase Rails

If you are clear with the material, you can take the next step and may determine the shape. A normal, straight staircase is traditionally and stable in the hallway. It brings no surprises and is a bit conservative. If you are fans of spiral stairs, you know likely have no central column. You have one or two cheeks, which keep the levels, as well as the railing, and assume static functions. The spiral staircases or stairs with a spiral shape are very popular in the modern stairs construction. You create an architectural interest and the effect of infinity. The spiral staircase has a central column, the steps are attached to the. The railing joins to the stages. The biggest advantage of this type of stairs is the low space requirement. A really great option for modern staircase is the so-called floating staircase. By glass as a load-bearing element or well hidden brackets you can create the impression when the stairs were floating. She is a contemporary design decision and very innovative and stylish. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself what kind of staircase best enroll into your home.

Wooden staircase with metal ornaments in the library

wooden staircase with metal ornaments library

Fashion art stairs

innovative way black step treads, wood stair

Ultra modern stairway design

modern interior design ideas stair Chair

Innovative Interior ideas

modern interior ideas in white staircase

Combine different materials

modern stairs different materials

Compilation of glass and metal

modern stairs decorative elements glass metal

Folded steel

modern stairs folded steel

Wooden staircase with glass wall as a privacy screen

modern staircase wooden glass wall as privacy

Stylish glass balustrade

modern stairs floor Plexiglas railing

Modern stair spiral

modern staircase black spiral form levels

Metal construction as a privacy screen

modern staircase black white metal construction privacy

Orange inspiration

Orange staircase contemporary levels

Unique design of staircase

staircase wooden spiral shape ideas

black white modern stairs spiral shape

Floating staircase in contrasting colors

floating modern staircase contrasting colors

Wooden board for decoration

floating modern stair decoration

Floating staircase in black with glass railings

floating black stairs glass railing pictures

Contemporary interior design

floating staircase In the corridor of black

Steps made of wood

stone stairway steps wood black

Glass stairs

staircase glass railings metal elements

Modern interior design ideas

staircase wooden glass railing pendants

Brilliant stages

staircase modern yellow black

Stone, wood and glass in great combination

staircase wood glass stone

Fresh color combination

staircase spiral Baloo white

Purple neon lighting

ultramodern staircase purple neon lighting wall

Illuminated steps look elegant

unique stairs white lighted stage railing

White spiral stairs with integrated lighting

white stairs spiral railing built-in lighting

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