Absolute No-go Of The Renovation Of The House – 10 Things To Avoid

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absolute no. go of the renovation of kitchen furniture white shiny marble countertop

The renovation of the House absolute no-go

Before you start your renovation project, please read the following 10 things you should not do

Sooner or later many homeowners come to the time where the renovation of their House is “vital”. Maybe that is you already – they want to give your room more space, renew the materials or reach a new functionality. Before starting, you must consider some points but. We have collected some for you, so that you don’t make any mistakes.

Do not assume that you can meet any DIY project in your home:

The DIY projects are actually quite different. Before you decide to something concrete, consider whether you have the knowledge and experience for this. Some need more expertise than others. Maybe you don’t know how sure can cut off the power supply, to mix up the lights.

Not count on with your friends and family, if you need help, maybe’re not enough experienced:

To save money, many homeowners plan to their friends and family members to ask for help. But, that can lead to expensive mistakes, injuries and damage to important items in your home. Yes, these people could help the transfer of furniture and cleaning, but for home remodeling, you rely on experienced people. So, for the first time your friends ask how much experience they have.

All fresh and shiny after the renovation

absolute no. go of the renovation beautiful cupboards of Walnut

Never assume that your budget does not exceed your evaluations.

Sure you have done your homework and calculates your evaluation for the cost of materials, overhead and renovation items. You need to calculate with but also a reserve. Many projects meet unexpected obstacles. Work on the walls could lead to surprises when the installation of electricity, water or construction work.

Do not think that a weekend project takes only a weekend to complete:

As with the upper point, the time is another valuable resource, not under should be appreciated. Many TV show us shows how in the course of 2-3 projects must be made days, but then the work of many professionals in the background is hidden. So, you need to credit the time according to your experience, your craft and your help. If you should take a vacation for the renovation, then schedule more before the start and at the end to secure with one or two days.

A touch of romanticism with the large metal bed with filigree ornaments made of wrought iron

absolute no. go of the renovation of metal bed MI floral ornaments

Make sure project extra budget and costs involved in the planning of the Hausverbesserungs-.

Don’t miss the local requirements and regulations

The legal requirements should be considered depending on your country of residence. Especially if you make a pool outside, build basics or electricity and water plants. These employees should be informed maybe building supervision.

Take advantage of the power of pictures with your service providers

If you are a service provider for the renovation work, the communication and understanding with him are very important. The images that you find on the Internet or in magazines, are very helpful. The service provider must have a clear idea what the project should look like at the end – not rely on verbal descriptions and your facilities.

Antique Dresser and Sun wall mirror

absolute no. go of the renovation of massive beams from coarse wood Leopard pattern

Find the right images for your service provider, so that the desired result there is.

Make your safety is not at risk, so that the project will be carried out faster or cheaper

Maybe take it for granted, but the hospitals are full of injured people, who were able to prevent these incidents. Make sure scaffolding, ladder, and belt. If you are not familiar so that, then ask a professional for your project.

Do not start your project before you have not prepared anything

Before you tear down, you must be sure that all equipment, materials and supplies are available. If not, then you wait, otherwise your kitchen or bathroom could be for days not usable there.

Summer terrace with columns and lots of vegetation

absolute no. go of the renovation summer terrace with privacy

Not arouse up for a project, if it does not fit to your circumstances

Sure you have seen great kitchens in magazines, you should research but also how much the materials, cost and time cost. Maybe your family is disrupted for weeks, not being able to use the kitchen or the bathroom or to have blocked access to a room. Do your homework in advance so that you are prepared for everything.

Table lamps in the old-fashioned style and worktop in Walnut

absolute no. go of the renovation of classic table lamps from aluminum

Opt for the desired renovation and consult with a professional.

Do not assume, that your dream project is impossible

Many would believe that a renovation is impossible, if they have no idea of the necessary cost, effort, and resources. But you don’t abandon your dream you have to search for the first time. If you cannot afford the full project, or you currently have no ideas, take the time. Check with architects, interior designers, landscapers, and service providers. These professionals can your project perform so far and to such costs, that you have kept for incredible. Your home is a huge investment, take the time to research how to make it unique with a renovation project.

An aesthetic balance between stones, ceramic and wood

absolute no. go of the renovation white floor tiles stone plaque on the base and the wall

Metal gloss, warm lighting and red cherry wood cabinets

absolute no. go of the renovation of stylish pendant lamps shiny kitchen utensils

Smooth design with plenty of natural light by Andrus built-inabsolute no. go of the renovation of factory lamps in polished aluminium

Tasteful decor, seamless transition and elegant dark wooden staircase

absolute no. go of the renovation of elegant staircase from Walnut

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