Additional Storage Space Creation – 15 Smart Tips For Your Storage

Editor   October 7, 2013   Comments Off on Additional Storage Space Creation – 15 Smart Tips For Your Storage

additional stowage space creation Neongelber bird bookshelves

Create additional storage space

Even if you are convinced there is no space left for your stuff, this is not necessarily true. Many overlooked storage opportunities hidden in your home. Today we a few smart ideas introduce you, how you can create additional storage space.

First, you see a sophisticated solution for open shelves above. Use doors, not so often used and frame them with built-in or free-standing bookcases. Attach shelves quietly through the door. Since items are to be kept, rarely used – like cake stand, for example.

How about an extra seat by the window?

additional stowage space creating striped cushion leather sofa

Larger Windows offer enough space for a bench and additional storage space. You can build a wall shelf to the window around, thereby creating a built-in look. In this way creates plenty of space for your books and on the seat you can put decorative pillows and soft upholstery.

Do you need more order for your jewelry?

additional stowage space work dressing table with accessories

Get help through a horizontal Board shelf mounted on the wall. So you have at the same time a parent Dresser for your accessories and a dressing table. Fix some hooks for the necklaces on the front and put a few boxes on the shelf to collect small items.

You can use such a similar wall shelf for your laptop, Tablet PC, or calendar. So you have your important last-minute E-mails or the weather report at hand until the last minute before work.

Delicate wall lamps provide sufficient light

additional stowage space creating floating shelf for lap top

Creative bulletin boards – concentrates magnetic and felt Board

additional stowage space creating pin boards with white frame

With message boards, it saves space, as above and below. They create vertical storage space and at the same time right in the room and in the head. With different materials, you can organize the whole budget on a large Bulletin Board and make even a part of playful for the children.

Attach shelves below the wall for more functionality

creation of additional stowage space Bulletin Board files bags

And so creative and clever it goes on. Narrow racks, memo boards, hidden compartments on the inside of the door, etc. see everything at and find out how you can create at home extra storage space in your.

Under the staircase, you can see over the additional storage space often

additional stowage space creating white dresser with marble surface

Why not a built-in open shelf under the spiral staircase?

extra storage works Hochfloriger under carpet

Hangers and mounting boxes are another smart solution

additional stowage space creating white wood railing wood

Towels and blankets can be appended quietly on aluminum rods

additional stowage space work cloths stand

On the inside of the cabinet doors hide unsuspected places

creation of additional stowage space cabinet door with inner pockets

The smaller Chamber is quickly becoming the Home Office

creation of additional stowage space black shelving system

IKEA history solutions for your laundry

creation of additional stowage space aluminium shelves

Vertical storage is at home in the bathroom

additional stowage space creating lime narrow shelf

Food perfectly mapped and hidden

creation of additional stowage space cupboard with shelves from light wood

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