Apartment Design, Which May Different Appearance Let Your Interior Design

designer Wwerner Panton's furniture designer Chair cone

Apartment design by Werner Panton

Looking for a living idea, which will completely transform the apartment design in your home? You have a creative block? Then, take a well deserved break. Look at something really great. Brave dream what your home might look like, so you could fulfill a dream. You will see that if you would realize only a small part, or even a single aspect of it, then you will feel completely changed. You will have made a big step of inner satisfaction. If it’s not too intrusive, we would be like while dreaming this through our design examples from around the world at your. Today we bring the revolutionaries in this area in recent years, called Werner Panton.

Elegant Panton chairs that fall beautifully into the dining room

apartment design of white designer Verner Panton's Chair

The experiment as a way of life

He deals with the creation of new and interesting solutions for many years. They are connected with the individual elements as well as with the overall concept. The ideas are always fresh and original.

Retro Chair in colored shades

apartment design Werner Panton Chair inspirational

The boredom as the great fear

Who actually says that fears are a bad thing? No, you can’t say that does not so unilateral. Because actually it depends very much of the situation. Werner Panton fears just when designing housing most of the boredom. This is also the strongest force in his body of work. Every single living idea can exist only for themselves and could represent a starting point for a complete new system.

Stylish combination of black and Red

apartment design Panton Chair designer furniture

Experiments with different materials

Running away from the boredom has also helped that Werner Panton experimented also very much with different materials and substances. The dominance of Flash and bold nuances is definitely not be overlooked. There is always a character, futuristic space ultimately concluded.

These leather chairs are suitable for an industrial facilities of the room

elegant black leather chairs Werner Panton

Unusual design in brown leather

apartment design Werner Panton designer furniture

Elegant beige Chair with minimalist look

Werner Panton Chair elegant design beige

Absolutely innovative

If we would describe the apartment design ideas by Werner Panton, then we would seek out clearly following three: surrealism, modernism, psychologism. That may sound well not so unique. But this was clearly the case in the 60-ies and 70-IES, when everything had started. The experiment was successful and could leave indifferent no people. There were Flash sculptural furniture with a plentiful dose of sensuality and playfulness. For most people, this is a love at first sight.

In this sofa design is to find no boredom

apartment design living room great sofa Werner Panton

Living design in fresh blue

designer furniture blue Chair Werner Panton

Panton Chair

Panton Chair is a legendary piece of furniture which has been created by this designer. It was created in 1960.  It was formed from a single piece of plastic and was not only super original in appearance, but comfortable and welcoming. But it took seven years to a factory has found which involved with its production.

This yellow Chair can are also beautifully in the garden

apartment design Werner Panton Chair outdoor

Set up your child’s room with colored Panton chairs

apartment design Werner Panton Chair children's room

Cone Chair

Another legendary work, which also became an icon in his area, is cone Chair. It was designed on behalf of the restaurant Konigen on Funen in Denmark. The designer Chair is characterised by great original shape and dynamics. When he was exhibited in a display case in New York, the police had to ask, it’s fastest to take away. Attracted the attention of the driver was so much of it, that they forgot to follow the way and that could be dangerous at some point.

Chic design made of metal

cone Chair Werner Panton stylish design metal

Comfortable chairs in blue

apartment design ideas Werner Panton chairs blue

Experiments with the residential design

In the inner apartment design in General Werner Panton has conducted many successful experiments. He wanted to create a completely new and original design, in which you could feel at least comfortable. The geometry of the furniture is very “different”. In this way he achieved an own character for each individual living idea.

Magnificent combination of pink and black in this living room

designer furniture Werner Panter small pink Chair

Fresh combination of Orange and black

designer furniture Werner Panton Orange Chair black

The feeling which you get

How unique are the ideas of Werner Panton, there are also others with whom one could compare them. When his toppers, as it often is the case, that certain something is, which one can explain difficult rational. It involves the feeling which arouse his works in all of us. In this case, the home design ideas as a source of energy, vitality and desire new things are perceived. You want to achieve this also in your home? Then let yourself be sure as often as they come, through such examples fascinate!

Green Panton Chair

Panton comfortable innovative Chair green

Ravishing Chair enjoy the free time on the terrace on a

apartment design of yellow Panton Chair terrace

Fascinating table lamps by Werner Panton

table lamps Werner Panton failed